I have put a lot of work into community driven projects over the years and I developed a few nonprofit projects of my own as well. I decided to group them all under one foundation to make it easier to promote the ideas, share some of the operational costs and production efforts, and to streamline function. I call this The ROKSOLID Foundation. These are my solutions to issues that I’m really passionate about and that I feel I can do something about when I look out my window. Unlike other such funds I will be posting for all to see online where every penny goes on this project. I hope this synopsis helps put what I’m doing into perspective.

Here is a quick synopsis of what ROKSOLID is all about.



Problem : Native youth on reservations rate poorly in physical fitness, academic achievement and general success in life as well as having High rates of obesity, diabetes, bullying and suicide. This is mostly due to a lack of understanding on the part of those in charge and a lack of tools available to the youth.

CHIEFROK SOLUTION : Build a gym, show the youth how to use it effectively, set up activities that build up life skills and give them the tools to achieve goals.

Thus far I have had tremendous success keeping at risk youth on track that otherwise would become another statistic. They significantly improve their grades, graduate and go on to higher education all of this without opening a math, science or history book. This is accomplished with pushups, dead lifts, community service projects, traditional skills and self defence drills. This is sort of like what a local boys and girls club would be to off-rez youth but with a uniquely Native perspective that engages them directly and builds self-esteem.



2.) The Fatass to Badass Project 

Problem : Obesity has become an epidemic that is seemingly impossible to overcome.

Companies and people with financial interest capitalize off of people’s misfortune and create misinformation on how to solve the obesity issue which in the end is actually very simple with the proper knowledge and tools.

CHIEFROK SOLUTION : Get fat on purpose and document buffet pounding high calorie weight loss to inspire others to see past the misinformation.

I have committed to making a documentary to show the world that counting calories is pointless. After getting fat on purpose, I will travel the world feasting to my heart’s content at buffets, losing weight and exposing the truth about obesity and how people can change their lives.

READ MORE ABOUT Fatass To Baddass HERE *


3.) Food For Thoughts 

Problem : Many children do not eat well simply because they are below the poverty line  and this has been associated with poor educational achievement and poor health.

CHIEFROK SOLUTION : Build a shit load of greenhouses !!!

This will empower local communities by having an ongoing replenishable food bank that does not rely on charity but hard work and self-sufficiency. Some areas affected by rural poverty are isolated from transportation and the cost of fresh vegetables is so high ( celery can go for 7$ where as it may be around 1$ in urban areas.) This leads to processed foods making up 99% of their diet. People are surprised when diabetes is running rampant in these areas and children in many of these places are going to school hungry expected to perform as well or be as healthy as the median. Simple solutions for simple problems.

READ MORE ABOUT Food For Thoughts HERE *
*(link is not yet active Elaboration post is coming in the next few days)


4.) Project Rebuild

Problem : Whether it is a ghetto, trailer park, bario, reservation or slum.…. whatever you call it,  it sucks to live there as a kid but it should’t have to.

CHIEFROK SOLUTION : Build some stuff to make it NOT suck !

The first project I have in mind is a park/water park/obstacle course which will be a multi use facility and green space where currently there is nothing.

Until we get to a point of truly sharing and having the best possible way of life for all members of society, I want to implement strategies and tools to improve the overall quality of life in impoverished areas. Currently  in many of these places, there are no adequate facilities for children to play. As a first foray into this, I want to build a park and obstacle course to inspire communities to do the same in their area.  When kids can learn exercise is fun and outdoor activities are important, it has a lifelong change in their mindset and lifestyle. I plan on putting my own sweat into this project donating my time and construction skills.

*(link is not yet active Elaboration post is coming in the next few days)

5.) The Highway of Hope 

: Women go missing and have been murdered along a stretch of highway known as the Highway Of Tears because they have no other option than hitchhiking.  You can read my post about The Highway Of Tears HERE to understand what these women are going through.

CHIEFROK SOLUTION : Just get a bus route going you dumbass politiciansTranslation : Let’s Establish affordable, reliable public transportation in rural British Columbia. The government has invested  millions in an attempt to solve the crimes but nothing has been put in place to increase the safety of those at risk. Things people in an urban setting take for granted such as a public transportation could make all the difference in this rural area.

READ MORE ABOUT The Highway Of Hope Project HERE *
*(link is not yet active Elaboration post is coming in the next few days)


6.) Civ 2.0

Problem : Civilization is uncivilized.  The matrix has a grip on everyone in the world affecting every part of our well-being and forces us to work against each other for survival’s sake compromising who we are every step of the way.

CHIEFROK SOLUTION : Reboot society

I will be forging an open source redesign of civilization as we know it. Revamp everything with the best knowledge we have available to us today instead of further building on top of what we already have and by default expanding a dysfunctional model. Starting with one self-sufficient community to experiment, adjust and perfect, a template will emerge so anyone, anywhere  can accomplish the same thing if they desire. In my mind all of the above issues (addressed with projects 1-5 ) would be eliminated in this type of society. What kind of world/collective culture could we create if nobody had  to slave away at a 9 to 5, doing something they do not enjoy simply to maintain existence? I’m sure If they could pursue their passions and contribute in whatever meaningful and unique ways they can, they would contribute much more than ” Do you want fries with that ? “

*(link is not yet active Elaboration post is coming in the next few days)



  1. Bob Dean metal dude says:

    I think it’s a really good idea that you consolidated all of your most important goals into one Foundation and idea. This is kinda funny to me, but check out what I heard of last night listening to a podcast.

    Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Foundation/Organization for kids

  2. Mike D says:

    Civ 2.0 and the documentary i am very interested in. sounds like you’ve already started/are preparing for the documentary. how far is Civ 2.0 down the pipeline?

    • chief says:

      as far as Civ 2.0 Ive finished all the testing, planning, research and preliminary design stuff and I’ve sort of been doing it myself in a tester stage for a while with a few close peoples. I’m going to “abandon” that house and I break ground in spring on the first “finalized” official prototype structure for the community. I’m still looking for more skilled people to collaborate with. I’ll be documenting this from start to finish. anyone that reads this and has a unique skill of any kind email to get involved.

      I’m fully prepared for the Documentary but launch time all depends on how much we raise for the rok solid thing. My plan is to release the Doc for free but ask people to donate to the cause if they enjoyed it be the cost of a dvd or a ddvd rental or even ten cents whatever and that way it should generate more for the other goals.

      • Mike D says:

        how long did it take you to gain the, what, 90 lbs you gained for the movie? Lose it? I’m assuming your strategy to gain it is the same as before (lose sleep, wake up early, eat at weird times, have a poor mental state, etc…).

        • Mike D says:

          just found your old post on “how to get fat”, so that answers that. still curious as to how long it takes you. i would imagine a good 6 months.

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