I have your diet free obesity solution… 

Yep you got that right. I’ve conquered obesity and I did it in ways that go against most of what you have read, watched or tried.

1.) I never counted a single calorie… EVER!

2.) I eat as much as I want of all types of food… actually  going as far as piledriving buffets and still lost weight!   SEE HERE 

3.) I spent less than 20 minutes in the gym a week to go from FATass to BADass.

4.) Plus over the years, I’ve repeatedly taught people how to do the exact same thing!!!!

I have a “works every time” solution and I’m holding it for ransom! Well sort of…  I’m prepared to give it away for free actually. I don’t want  any money for myself, I have plenty. 🙂 I was originally going to publish my book, and I figure the answer to obesity is worth millions. However, I would rather give this information away for free and I believe it should always be free…after all, it is priceless.  Call me crazy or naive to think I can fix the world but whatever I’m doing it anyway.


What I’m Hoarding

My secrets to fat loss and dedicated, steady work on my blog to teach all of the little details to the world.

These are by far the most requested posts I have in my pipeline.

1.) Why We Get Fat: the CHIEFROK obesity model. This is an easy to understand walkthrough of what causes obesity, why obesity happens and why everyone has it wrong with the carb fearing, fat fearing and calorie fearing approaches. You will see yourself and your struggles in this post and even your pets if they are obese. It’ll all make sense after I promise. This will allow you to understand the science behind getting fat in simple to understand language and why little tricks like low carb diets work in the short term but fail in the long haul.

2.) How I got to a 300 pound bench press: No need for explanations,  A lot of the guys out there have been waiting for this one.

3.) The secrets to losing  fat while eating a high calorie diet: I’ll be breaking down the science behind it in an easy to understand way.

4.) My Step by Step Walk Through: I’ll be document my own transformation in depth with pictures, videos, meals and training logs. This will be the most entertaining fat loss diary you have ever read.

5.) The Body Weight Set Point Series: Many have speculated, none have totally nailed it. I could probably rake in millions from a book about this stuff alone. I’ll give it away but I won’t give it away easy. This is the epic of all epic posts, this is the piece of the puzzle you need to stop yo-yo dieting for good. This is my pièce de résistance, my coup de grâce, my master piece.

This is what separates me from everybody out there, every blogger, trainer and nerdy guy with a pocket protector, white coat and little special letters after his name.


“Why are you hoarding?,” you might ask. Sure I could just post it up but what’s the fun in that??? (Insert evil mastermind laugh here)

1.) I want people to value this like they would if they paid for it.

2.) I don’t want someone to scam everyone and make money off of it because its obscure and not available to the largest number of people possible. This is the only way to put and end to fad diets for good. Knowledge has been restricted in order to profit off of people. I want it to remain free.

3.) I want my methods tested to the fullest and I don’t have any peers left to review it.

4.) I want to see my non profit succeed and a larger number of readers might help with that.


MY GOALS With This Ransom Note  

 (More on my personal goals here)

300 comments on any blog post, 1000 shares for this post, 250 new subscribers to the blog.

I’m big on setting goals. It’s what motivates me. I will unlock each of these 5 items in succession when my goals are met if they are not picking up steam and gathering momentum in the timeframes I have in mind, I will go back to being lazy on my blog, sell my book and donate the proceeds to RokSolid. Who knows I may just get lost on one of my crazy adventures, and be too busy to publish it. Motivate me a little by helping spread the word!

Are you sick of dieting? Well just help me with a small favor and I will give all of you your sanity back! For life 🙂 Promise


ONE small favor .. ok fine,  five small favors …

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5.) Read about the documentary  Fatass to Badass 


GO! NOW! DO SOMETHING AMAZING!   and be  a part of the solution. 


383 Responses to “THE RANSOM NOTE”

  1. Graham says:

    Ran out of space to reply on the comment above.

    I’m definitly moving towards less frequent eating, but I’m not at the stage where I’m eating loads in one go, (probably 1500 – 2000 calories in my main meals at the absolute highest, around 1000 at the lowest, don’t count them though so I can’t say for sure.) I was a bit concerned about that, but I think I just need to try more types of food and let my appetite dictate what I eat instead of worrying that I don’t seem to be eating much. Like I said, I’m not very hungry, so clearly I am eating the right amount.

    I was always worried about how much warm up should I do. I was the happiest when I was just getting straight into the exercises, starting with a light set and gradually adding weight. Good to hear others share a similar mentality with no ill affects. I figure that a good healthy body without many posture imbalances would more or less be good to go most of the time anyway.

    When I tried lifting weights just after coming out of dieting, I still wasn’t eating much at the time. My body just seemed to shut down, I was sleeping terribly (took about 6-8 hours to fall asleep,) waking up late in the evening and feeling like I needed to be in bed, eventually I could barely lift a weight once (just too tired mentally and physically), let alone do a set, and there was no way I could complete a whole session. You definitely need food to work out, and I think you need to be in good metabolic health to get anything out of it. I’m certain that most of the people on the internet that lift weights complaining of bad genetics are just underfed.

    60 pounds weight regain out of 188 isn’t much at all, you should be well pleased with that, especially if it’s leveled off. I lost about 60 pounds dieting (I wasn’t that fat to start with, just a bit pudgy,) and I’ve gained about 70-75 since I stopped dieting. It seems to have leveled off now, and most of me is leaner than when I was at my lowest weight, except for the hips and face, which is where I was expecting to gain it anyway.

    What did you do with the weight lifting after the initial stage?

    • John says:

      Ah yes…well I am on the next stage now…I am trying to find Chief as I am ready to move on, but we’ll see. So for the next phase, the schedule is:

      Monday – high volume weights
      Tuesday – 4 minute sprint (for me, a stationary bike)
      Wednesay – 6-10 minute bodyweight workout
      Thursday – The 4 minute sprint again
      Friday – The slow burn weight workout from Phase 1

      The T and Thurs sprints speak for themselves…more or less a HIIT workout but you can do anything…running, rowing, even basetball

      The W bodyweight workout is 1 set of the following exercises done at normal speed for 8 reps each:
      1. Elevated push ups
      2. Squats (working up to 1-legged squats)
      3. Arm dips
      4. Handstand pushups
      5. Chin ups
      6. Forget the name…sorry will get it!
      7. Forget the name…sorry will get it!

      I mix up the order each week. After a month or so I worked up to two sets of these.

      As for the Monday workout, it’s the opposite of the Friday slow burn workout. On that workout you want to life the heaviest weight you can slowly for 6 reps…for Monday it’s lifitng a much lighter weight for many sets. The premise is you choose one upper body and one lower body workout from a list and for each you do a light weight for 7 sets of 7 reps. The choices are:

      Upper body – Dumbell rows, military press, benchpress
      Lower body – deadlifts and squats

      Each week you pick something different so you are not doing the same ones back to back on Mondays.

      • Graham says:

        Cool, lots of different work outs. I want to start sprinting but I can’t be bothered to run outside. I think I’ll try step ups or running on the spot and see if they work well. I think I’ll ease into things with a very simple bodyweight workout every other day just before I eat. Pull Ups, Press Ups and Squats for a couple of sets. Thanks for the info man, very useful stuff there. How has your body composition been affected by these changes?

        • John says:

          Well I can defintely see and feel muscle gain for sure…no doubt. However, as noted with the weight gain it has come with some fat, moreso in the stomach area. Feel a lot stronger. Before I was thinner but felt like a good wind could knock me over… 🙂

          • Graham says:

            Yeah, I’m there too. The weight definitely goes on around the stomach, mainly the hip and lower belly area. That was what happened to all the participants in the Ancel Keys Starvation study before it started coming off, so I take it as a good thing overall. Only problem for me is that I’m not exercising except for a few bodyweight exercises here and there, and the heavier I get, the less strong I seem, haha. Well done on the strength and muscle gains.

            • John says:

              Thanks for the info…didn’t know that in the Keys study. I guess I was starving myself. 🙁 Same trouble spots as you for sure. Funny this last week in particular I feel like I’ve gotten “heavier” out of the blue.

              • Graham says:

                The perception of being heavier flicks on and off doesn’t it. All part of diet/starvation recovery I think, I know for a fact that being underfed for a long time plays with your perception, especially of yourself. Read the Ancel Keys Starvation Study, it pretty much sums it all up, the weight loss, the bad moods and obsession with food, the weight regain (especially around the middle), good moods coming back, then muscle tone/mass regain, and finally weight loss. Really interesting read.

                • John says:

                  How long did the weght regain period take on average before it started coming off?

                • Bob Dean Metal Dude says:

                  my love handles area son of a bitch…my butt is strong and good (no homo) but my pants don’t stay up cuz my shit is flat on the acccount of my back fat and love handles leveling it off. Fat or not, eating way more has saved my life. Very great conversations you guys have been having on this post and others. I try to read it all, I have this and Matts blog on RSS but TIME and my ENERGY is always a factor..I think I’ve mentioned I’ve been eating a little cleaner now but still a lot, always try to get lots of carbs, and hopefully I’ll try to remain stress free as I can, eat good, and the warmer seasons now will make me even healthier. I certainly feel better already with the warmth. Workin outside..the cold will getcha down to a point its hard to beat it.

                  • Graham says:

                    Nothing wrong with an awesome strong butt. And if eating more meant feeling all these positive things but getting fat as well, I’d take being fat any day over undernourished and skinny. Funny how all the good stuff goes together though, I’ll be laughing my head off about it all when the weight starts coming off, it’s still in the process of tapering off at the moment, but it’s slowed down a hell of a lot, I’m only at 214ish now (think I was at 212 about 3 weeks ago), looks like I probably won’t be getting to 220, haha.

                    I think love handles are heavily influenced by your insulin sensitivity (the more sensitive, the less love handle fat.) I don’t have too many sources to go on, but that’s pretty much the only thing I can find when I look for info on it, and the last time I was at 200 pounds I was pretty much all love handles even though I wasn’t very fat. I think mainly it means keep trying to eat more, less frequently and it’ll improve (Chief’s one meal a day idea probably makes it optimal), but obviously I’m no expert so don’t take it as written in stone. It seems to make sense though, just keep eating to appetite and it will definitely improve over the long term.

                    Looking at some pictures of “genetic freaks” (I don’t believe in that concept the way most people mean it) on some bodybuilding websites and looking at their eating habits, the whole intuitive eating equals less fat around the middle idea seems more concrete, as most people that diet and get really anal about macro ratios and cardio and all that shit tend to still have the wide waist (love handle fat) even if they’re really lean. There’s one example I’ve been looking at though, and he eats more or less to appetite, drinks like hell, sleeps very little and builds and maintains muscle and strength very easily while exercising infrequently, and he stays 8 pack lean all year round. He also has a very relaxed outlook on life, which probably makes all the difference. The thing I took from that is that there isn’t a definitive factor in obesity, and there certainly isn’t when it comes to getting lean or muscular (though they all undoubtedly play a part.) I was looking for other examples of this physique and lifestyle and I came across a bunch of pictures of hunter gatherers and a description of their lifestyle, (I’d post the links but Chief’s not here to moderate the posts so they probably won’t show up, just google hunter gatherers,) and I noticed they were more or less 8 pack lean as well. I’m starting to realise there is some actual evidence behind the eat to appetite and decrease stress to increase health and body composition ideas we have here, the closest thing to it other than that that I saw was Ancel Keys Starvation Study, which I think everyone should read, it really made the point about what dieting does to you.

                    Glad to hear your doing better man. What exactly do you mean by eating cleaner anyway (everyone seem’s to have a different definition), because lately I’ve started to not crave chocolate as much and started craving more fat (practically cut my calorie intake in half when I first ate some, I just didn’t want much chocolate afterwards), I’m pretty much just loading milk up with double cream and it tastes fucking epic. I wonder if we’re at a similar stage?

                    • Bob Dean Metal Dude says:

                      I know that one of the factors as to why my process is taking a long time is because I abused my body for so many years. Shit, the self conscious feeling started when I was in elementary school. But really experimenting with diet started in my teens.

                      There is a lot of frantic stuff going on at work and has been for months because of lack of workers and construction going on simultaneously as we’re open. I work hard, and often don’t get enough sleep. It freakin blows, and having a girl friend and other responsibilities on top of it prevents me from catching up like I should.

                      I have seriously been able to sleep for a massive amount of time when I get the chance though. I use cannabis from time to time, and I’ll get home from work on a saturday at noon, do chores for a couple hours, eat somethin, smoke a little, and sleep all damn day, then sleep all damn night, and I could even wake up for a little bit, do a few things, smoke a lil more and pass out until the evening of sunday. Is that healthy? Am I confusing my body by doing that? I don’t know, but it just seems if I get the chance I should do it. My chick obviously thinks that’s strange, and I know that me wanting to rest as often as I can bothers her sometimes.

                      I said sweetie I have goals and I’m working towards something, and work is chaotic and I only have so much energy so just let me do what I need to do and I’ll be the best lover that I can be. I promise that in the future I will have more energy and won’t have to nap and go to bed as early (LOL if I do get to bed early) I think bigger people need more sleep, and me being Six five and a half at close to 300 pounds, dis nigga needs his shut eye.

                      Disclamer: Lack of energy (which usually just means I’m not as goofy or enthusiastic) has nothing to do with my sexual performance. I could be dead tired but if you arouse me I’ll put that pus** in a comatose LOLOLOLOL

                      Anyhow..Eating cleaner..well, it just means I try not to mix sugar and fat as much together at the same time, it means I try to avoid foods with a thousand ingredients and shit that has pufa additives and silly shit. It means instead of being lazy n tired and trying to load up on carbs by getting JoJo’s from my local convenient (fried tater wedges from the delli) I will cut up my own potatoes and fry them in coconut oil or bake them. It means if I get fast food I don’t get fried shit, o condiments with any fat. So I’ll use mustard and ketchup and thats about it. If I make it at home sometimes I’ll use sour cream if I feel like it. So I stick to saturated fats, much lower pufa (I certainly am not smashing store bought donuts and what have you like I first was in recovery back two christmases ago) It means I try to add salt to my water all the time and I’m also not pounding pop like I was. I became unafraid of the large quantities of sugar coming into recovery as I avoided EVERYTHING but water for years (and I’d chug it and dilute myself like no tomorrow, water and lack of enough carbs super accelerated hair loss beginning at age of 18 but I had no idea what I was doing to my body) But I think I got a little carried about and decided not to drink pop anymore, but if I’m craving a sweet drink I’ll have some 100 percent juice shit instead. Like Grape, Cranberry, Pomegranatea and what have you. I eat mexican stuff too. I eat taco bell when I don’t have time to cook or I’m exhausted and I don’t feel any guilt. I’ll get smart stuff ya know, refried beans, sour cream, rice, chicken, steak beef, yada yada, those things aren’t gonna kill me even if its fast food and I bet I could live off of it if I really need to do even if it has a lot of additives which I’m unsure of and I won’t go looking either!

                      I feel like I still have a ways to go as far as recovery and hopefully I will be able to better manage my bodies needs in the future but ones things for sure, I’m way fucking healthier, have much more energy, can take a hit much better from anything (hang overs (i barely drink anymore), lack of sleep, acne heals fast as shit etc… Somethings tells me you’re much closer to your goals than I am John.

                      I was working with Chief as you guys know a while back, but that stopped. Emails became sporadic and then it all out stopped. I wouldn’t say its ALL my fault but it mostly was. I wasn’t ready honestly. In keeping logs of a lot of stuff and feeling the mandatory need to communicate everyday was actually making the stress worse believe it or not. I just need to keep eating and shut the fuck up. I don’t need anything else yet.

                      I’m so glad my toes have been able to stay much much warmer now even in stressful conditions. One thing that was really bothering me was taking my temperature. It would fuckin piss me off if it was low and that would make it worse. and having wind burn (and cold burn I guess) on my face in the winter everyday I came home, well, I didn’t realize what was going on and that super warm flushed face (beet red) feeling was bothering me and I thought something was really wrong. It’s interesting to note that I don’t think It’s ever been as bad as this year. Is it because my blood is warmer and therefore more intense in my face? I also thought it had something to do with nicotine which it still might but who knows.

                      Anyhow…I’m glad I had some time to share with yall. I can’t think of anything else on the moment. God bless you, or Joe Pesci bless you all. Good luck ladies and gentlemen. It’s a hell of a journey to get in tune with your body especially in this day and age.

                      We’re constantly working against ourselves in every way its fucking insane….

                    • mike d says:

                      bob, when you say the emails became less frequent, is it because you didnt respond as quickly, or because he stopped responding as quickly? or both?

  2. Bob Dean Metal Dude says:

    I meant Graham not John sorry LOL But I’m also talking to everybody here too =) Mike D in da hizouse.

    • Graham says:

      Hell of a lot of info there, epic fucking post man. How old are you now? If you’ve been abusing your body since you were really young it will take a while (if you were self concious about your body as a kid then you’ve got a lot of years of stress to overcome), it seems to take a comparable amount of time to recover. It’s like the body is trying to catch up on the time spent undernourished and overstressed. It doesn’t necessarily mean that recovery is dead linear to the amount of time spent unhealthy though, just listen to your body and keep healing.

      Sounds like your working your fucking ass off all the time, lack of sleep will really fuck with you in that circumstance, it’s bad enough for me when I don’t sleep well, and I barely do anything. I had very few obligations to people to begin with, but when I started getting much stress from the little I did I cut it all right out (that really fucking helped me, the healthier I get, the more stress I can take. I’m not recoiling in horror if I have a gig to do anymore, definite progress, though I still need to address certain things so I can actually enjoy them again.) I’m not suggesting that as an idea by the way, but any stress you can cut down on will help a lot.

      As for cannabis, I’m not a drug user so I can’t really comment from experience, but if it was the one thing allowing me to rest and recover I’d take it in a fucking heartbeat, no question. Is it an ideal situation? Of course not. Ideally you should be able to trust your body to get the sleep it needs, and if your’re relying on any substance to be able to function better (outside of food of course) then there are always going to be downsides, (even with, or should I say especially with conventional medicine like sleeping pills.) But we’re not dealing with ideal, you’re just trying to get some sleep, and I think not sleeping while under that level of stress with your body already not functioning optimally is a drastically worse option. Personally I’d take the drugs to stay functional, but I’d try to address why I needed to take them, (just to be clear, I don’t mean that just because it’s drugs, I don’t think they’re inherently good or bad. I’d be wary of having to take any substance to achieve something that should be intuitive.) For you, it’s probably just too much stress interfering with your sleeping patterns.

      As for your girlfriend, if your stressed out about these things affecting her it’ll be more stress for you. Obviously a relationship has a fair amount of give and take in it, but if you need the rest that much it won’t help anyone to ignore it. It sounds like you’ve been honest and to the point about it with her which is probably the best you can do about it for now.

      If your sex drive is good, especially if it is when your tired as well, that’s a good sign. I’d take that as a definite marker of improved hormone levels, your definitely on the right track.

      The food sounds pretty good, I took me a fair while to get used to the idea of not giving a shit about what food I was eating (which is really funny, because I managed to lose as much weight as I did because I stuffed my face full of junk food once every 3-5 days, I loved telling people that part, the faces they made, lol) and how much of it and just eat to appetite (for the first time I can remember, I’m starting to put food down and leave it till later because I’m just not hungry for it.) There are a lot more mental issues with eating to appetite than physical ones for most people, and I think most of it comes from this idea (one that I think is bat shit fucking crazy compared to most crazy ideas about food and health) that some foods are inherently healthy and some are not. The healthy or unhealthy qualities of food only have any bearing if the person eating them will get healthier or unhealthier when eating it. Why does the food come first, we’re concerned about getting people healthy, not food. There is some merit to watching out for PUFA’s and things like that, probably a fair amount, but for the most part I think the mental stress you get when you start to worry about those things far out ways any benefits you get from avoiding them if you’re craving the foods they’re in. Long term, if you let your body make the decisions about what you eat and how much, I don’t think many people would suffer that badly. Eventually your body will stop craving the foods with all the crap in it, once it’s got what it needs from it though. Most people never get to that stage, most panic the second they stop dieting and start eating the junk food they’re craving and they figure they’re going to balloon up (it doesn’t help that the first step of recovery tends to be weight gain, but it really is the mentality towards health that’s wrong and not the recovery process.)

      I can well imagine it being really stressful having to take temps and all that sort of thing. To me it sounds like weighing yourself to try and see if you’re healthy yet, if your in the state where you have to worry about that stuff, your probably only going to get more stressed from it. Temp will tell you more about your metabolic health though, it’s no where near as bad as relying on the scale. I can imagine it would of been very stressful working with Chief (just to clarify, not a shot at him, it would apply to working with any coach) because of having to contact him every day. If your paying attention to technical bits of info like body temp and keeping logs of things (vital info for a coach over the internet to be able to tell if you’re improving), you’re not really paying attention to your body, and that really is the point of all this stuff, get rid of the mental chains and get in line with what you actually need.

      If everything is improving (health, energy levels, body temp, sex drive blah blah blah) then you’re definitely on the right track man. It’s really hard for most people to improve their health because most associate it with weight, and everything I’ve seen about the subject tells me that weight loss comes last when the extra fat is no longer needed as a defence mechanism. Just keep doing what you’re doing and try to cut down the stress as best as you can, that sounds like a big issue.

      I think you’re probably right about me being closer to my goals than you are, probably next to most people. I didn’t have too much stress or health issues to worry about when I started looking at health and fitness, mainly I only had mental issues about the way I handled the stress I got and the way I handled my approach to life (this is still a big work in progress), but in fairness I was only in my late teens, and due to certain events and stresses in my mid teens my sense of self hadn’t developed very well by that point. I got a bit pudgy (not very fat overall, but a very noticeable belly, love handles and chubby face, typical starvation/stress response) by the time I was 15/16 and it’s taken me till now (I’m 22 now) to figure out why. If I had just addressed the mental things and not worried about the weight it would of come off naturally, but seeing as the information easily available about fat seems to purely focus on being too lazy and eating too much, I dieted instead (granted it was one that utilised junk food days, they made a drastic difference to my health when compared to someone who diets without them. I think they’re the main reason my fat gain after coming off the diet has been as small as it is even though I have gained lots of weight.) Still, everything I’ve done so far has made me address who I was, who I am, and who I want to be and I wouldn’t trade that experience and knowledge for anything. The greatest thing in the world you can have is knowing who you are. After that, everything else is simple to solve. My weight seems to be holding at 212-215ish at the moment, my weight gain has certainly slowed a lot but that’s really not the focus anymore. Once I’ve got certain mental things addressed (did a gig tonight and I had an epiphany in the middle of it and realised why I don’t enjoy my life very much) the fat will come off. I’ve gotten my body to the point where it isn’t fighting me all the time, which means I can clearly look at the mental and emotional reasons for my problems with a perception that isn’t biased by starvation or a mentality that isn’t mine. We’ll get there man, slowly but surely we’ll all get there in the end.

      • Bob Dean Metal Dude says:

        Hey your post was big as shit too! I’m 23. Forgive me but let’s hear that epiphany brother and what gig u talkin bout!

        Don’t get me wrong buddy. I’m a great sleeper, cannabis or not. But what the cannabis can do is make it easier to stay asleep. It’s like, when you wake up in the morning, or in the middle of the night, and you’re still tired but if you get too much light in your eyes OR you have a SPECIFIC thought pop in your head that triggers you to wake up and go into deeper thinking it’ll take a good while to fall back asleep if you attempt to do so. If I wake up still tired and I’m like shit I know I need more sleep but my brain is startin to fire up, I’ll just smoke a lil, helps me relax and go back into the ownage. This is typically more in the morning when its getting light out and also my bodies natural time clock is kickin in too. I can wake up in the middle of the night (I don’t wake up in the middle of the night neeear as much as before =) and go back to sleep pretty damn easy though.

        Yeah I don’t let the PUFA thing stress me out. Really, it’s like pork now. Kind of easy to avoid. It’s repulsive. Like reading hydrogenated soybean oil as the first ingredient in a lot of dips and stuff especially fast food. That’s god damn disgusting. Like that garlic sauce stuff that comes with pizza’s sometimes. I used to LOOOVE that shit, and I know it tastes amazing, but I would never eat that now unless I made it myself or I found an alternative product with good ingredients. There are plenty of great tasting things to eat that doesn’t have PUFAS but it does cut out the majority of mainstream snacks for sure. I’ll have candie bars and shit If I’m really craving something. Nutrageous’s and Reeses type candies bars are the BEST to me. and I’ll eat that if I want.

        I had no desire for cereal through the whole winter and now I’m craving it again, and I’m lactose intolerant now. That’s why I’m awake now. Got some bowel troubles…I had this all the time as as a kid and was fucking miserable and didn’t know why rofl. (not including my heartburn and migraines etc… as a kid) I must say the cramps and pain is much less intense now. A lot of these paleo dudes and stuff say its the gluten and what have you that damage the villi (wait is that for the lungs? shit I get those confused) and cause problems with intestinal sensitivity and lactase enzyme production. I think it probably would be smart for me to avoid gluten but I’m not going to. I rely too much of it, and if I start avoiding it I’ll surely have trouble getting enough calories and it’ll cause more stress than if I just eat the stuff I think.

        It’s like Matt Stone says, you start losing weight sure, but it’s because so many things we eat contains wheat that you just aren’t consuming as many calories anymore. And we must never forget that if we grew up on high calorie shit then we sort of have to maintain that. I’m a big mofo and I can’t just eat whole foods all the time and meet my requirements that’s impossible, especially with labor. I can remember when I was sixteen in my kitchen at 7 pm and I was eating an apple and I felt like fucking shit. I was so stumped as to why I felt so shitty. I’m eating tuna, apples, oatmeal, drinking lots of water why do I feel like I want to pass out?? WHHHHHY Very obvious now. THANK FUCKING GOD hahaha

        • Graham says:

          Yeah, I had lots to say after reading your post. There was a lot of stuff that I left out and didn’t write down because it’s hard to express in words without really going to town and trying to get it all out. Maybe I should start my own blog? That might help, the more I post on here, the more I enjoy writing and getting my thoughts out of my head. I wouldn’t really have much to say, but maybe just having more voices against the mental/emotional restrictions our society is based around would help improve things for people. I’ll get to the epiphany later, there’s a fucking hell of a lot of background info and emotional context I have to set up for it to make sense. I’m a musician, and I pretty much just do pub type gigs at the moment and it’s been a sort of spiritual experience for me (not a pleasant one,) and the more stress I get from it the more I become aware of and get to know the deeper parts of my personality and my conciousness and what I’m really after in life.

          I know what you mean about the sleep. Not long ago, before I started to really feel better I’d sit around my house in a fatigue induced daze incapable of doing anything, and when I led down to go to bed my brain would fire up instantly and wouldn’t shut off and let me sleep for 6-8 hours, (it was mostly very stupid ideas flying around my head when this happened, I wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about health and fitness and calorie restriction and things like that, I couldn’t stop it happening, it was really fucking weird.) If I didn’t know that what I was doing was gradually healing me, I’d of been tempted to take anything that could help.

          Sounds like you’re doing really well on the food front. If you’re not craving that stuff I’d say your body is probably not just crying out for any form of calories anymore and is looking for genuine nutrition. If you’re weight is stable, you’re at a really good stage. I came back from another gig today (the first gig I’ve had in a long time that I’d actually call fun, fucking tiring but really fun. I reckon that’s because I’m starting to change quite drastically as a person, the dietary changes and things that I’ve experienced recently are an extension of the new mentality becoming natural to me.) My mum had cooked lamb and pork (separate dishes) and I tried both, and something about the pork tasted strange to me today, normally I wolf it down. It wasn’t incredibly appealing, it was good, but the lamb had it beat by a mile.

          Sounds like you had a rough childhood man, what the fuck were you eating? I’ve never had problems with stuff like lactose intolerance or anything like that, or even heartburn (my Dad and older brother used to heartburn all the fucking time and we ate similar stuff,) but I’ve found that calories are fucking vital to my well being, granted not as much the past few weeks, but I only really started improving my health by throwing an extra 2000 calories worth of chocolate biscuits into my daily intake. That made a drastic difference to my ability to function. You’re probably better off with the calories, just listen to you’re body. If you’re giving it stuff it really can’t handle it’ll let you know.

          I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to get all the calories they need on whole foods alone, the problem is worse for big guys (I’m pretty big, I struggle enough, but my older brother is 6’8 and around 300 pounds, and until he started drinking double cream he really struggled to get the calories in.) Most times I’ve had a bite of an apple I’ve felt almost ill afterwards and I can’t make it more than one bit. They make me really hungry too. They’ve got loads of water in them and fuck all calories and nutrition based on my own experience, for the most part I’d rather go hungry than have an apple.

          Food is so cut apart now days, various bits have been taken out of everything (typically the things that make you healthy) and fuck knows what has been put in them (typically things that make you ill.) The madness has to end, I hope Chief is doing well with the fatass to badass documentary, there are no where near enough studies of food and weight outside of the dogma of calories in vs calories out. No one has ever gone all the way with overfeeding or eating to appetite, I really don’t understand that. Before you get to financial interest biasing things people are assuming they know what makes you fat and doing studies starting with an assumption that they already know everything. The Vermont prison study sums this up. That’s the closest to a genuine overfeeding study I can find on the internet and it’s not even an overfeeding study, (that’s the only reason why they were able to do it I think, morally you just wouldn’t be allowed to overfeed people based on the information available in our society.) From what I’ve read they were trying to make the prisoners fat so they could monitor changes in fat cell count, they just assumed overfeeding the prisoners would make them easily gain weight, and it didn’t, and some of them were eating 10000 calories a day. No one has ever tested to see if overfeeding makes someone genuinely obese (it doesn’t) and that’s the first thing people assume about food and weight, it’s not even up for debate, and to top it off it’s fucking bullshit. I’ll have to experiment on myself and document it in the future when I’ve got the rest of this puzzle together, just to make sure there’s more than just Chief’s stuff to go on, alone in a sea of bullshit fighting against the tide.

          You seem to be doing really well overall man. I’ll get to the epiphany in a later post, like I said, there is a hell of a lot of seemingly unrelated information that makes the whole thing make sense, and without it what I write will just look like the ramblings of a mad man. I’ll get to it later on.

          • mike d says:

            depends on your levels of stress. for the longest time white bread, and cold cereals, and white sugar were a lot of what i craved. then one week it randomly switched over to that stuff tasting awful to me, and whole foods started tasting a lot better. now that i moved halfway accross the world my body has asked for all that super processed stuff again, but the past couple days my body has been wanting whole foods more and processed stuff has been losing its luster. it seems the more stress out, the shittier our digestion, so we need easy to break down foods to get to the point where we can properly break down more traditional foods.

            • Graham says:

              Yeah, I think you’re right, stress has a major impact on our ability to process food. It makes sense that you would crave the really refined stuff during those times, then after the stress goes away everything goes back to normal and we want to eat more whole foods. How’s the move been man? Settled in yet?

            • mike d says:

              rough haha. its been a week and yea, im starting to get comfortable with this environment. im really stressed out about this whole teaching job thing (thats basically the only job for a westerner here) as ive never taught before and ive heard conflicting stories as to how available jobs really are. with anything its about persistence, so i should be ok. this really was an “all in” gamble; bought a one way ticket, only have 3-4 months of expenses saved up, quit a fulltime job that payed $14.5usd an hour that i really really would rather work at mcdonalds than take back. culture shock is obviously affecting me, but the only thing that really bothers me is the fact that i cant communicate well with anyone. using this has really helped push me to learn some amount of chinese every day. a friend of mine said he would study 5 words a day, 5 days a week. saturday he would take off, then retest himself on sunday over the previous weeks words. learning chinese is going to be a long process, but its crazy how much faster you remember things when you want to/are somewhat forced to. as long as i am able to take care of the whole job thing, ill be fine as im really enjoying learning the culture and language.

              the 12 hour time shift has had a hell of an effect on my body. this morning was the first time i woke up feeling close to what i would call refreshed. appetite has been shit until recently, as i mentioned. generally i feel depressed for the first few hours being awake, too. also getting better.

              you should post your epiphany you said you had. love hearing ya’lls view on this because every time i talk about it to pretty much everyone i know the conversation just ends up with them calling me an idiot or giving me strange looks. wonder why haha.

              • Graham says:

                You’ll get a job eventually, like you say, just be persistent. As for the language, it’ll take time, but it’s amazing how quick people learn when they have to. The only time I’m able to learn lots of info in one go is last minute when the pressure is on, it’s like a window opens up and the information can go in. It’ll take time, that’s all there is to it with moving to a different culture. In 6 months you’ll feel right at home.

                As for the epiphany, it’ll sound more crazy than it is without taking time to post all the background info about myself, but it’s an important step for me in my development, so I’ll try bullet point it, hopefully you’ll all get something out of it that helps you.

                I’m a musician because that’s the most fun way I can imagine spending my life and as a by-product making a living, and I’ve spent the past few years figuring out how music affects people. Music is a really easy way to express yourself and people get a lot of energy out of that because they express themselves by listening to it. Some bands play stadiums instead of pubs and clubs because they connect better to people for various reasons, it’d take too long to go into. The biggest examples of this I could name you are the rock bands from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, because plain and simply, they were very comfortable expressing themselves in everything they did (probably because they used every mind altering substance known to man and were as a result incapable of restricting themselves like normal people, though not all of them drank and did drugs) there were downsides of course, but there is always stress involved with any form of expression of self because there are always things that we attract into our lives based on who we are, you can’t get away from what stresses you have by ignoring them, it only becomes more prominent until it breaks you down.

                I realised why I wasn’t enjoying my life after a lot of gigs over a few years spent really analysing why I was doing them, why they were good when they were good, and why they were bad when they were bad. I did this because I got to the end of my teens after playing with my dad in a band for a few years and I had taken on a lot of his personality traits. He is a very stressed out human being and he creates stress in everything he does, craves it to a fair degree, he will probably keep doing so until that stress breaks the parts of his personality that attract the stress (it happened to me several times, very fucking rough to go through.) He also has a very strong will which means he has a high tolerance for stress, which means things get incredibly bad for him and those close to him (me and my family.) Eventually I ended up emulating this behaviour and after long enough like it with the stress that put in me, I felt like there was no point to anything any more and I’d lost any sense of who I was and what I wanted. There was no fun or motivation in my life, I felt like I was more or less waiting for death. I’d become just like my dad. This is not who I am at the core, and it’s certainly not who I want to be, and I felt the stress of that lie all around me wherever I went until I had some sort of a personality breakdown where I realised what had happened to me, and why life felt empty. It was roughly at the start of this hollow existence that health and fitness cropped up, I really started to realise the reality of health and fitness and discovered some of the things that Chief goes on about when I had my personality breakdowns (very different from mental breakdowns, it was more to do with not being able to continue pretending to be someone I’m not.)

                I’ve been doing gigs when I don’t enjoy gigging because of some outside pressure that I have to make money (though really it’s more of a spiritual journey for me to learn more about myself), and I have to make money to survive (true to a certain point) and to be able enjoy my life, because in life money is the key to happiness (the biggest fucking lie I’ve ever heard), and I have to go out of my way to struggle to get any money because I despise the idea of getting a 9 to 5 job and everything that it represents, (funny that you’re told you need a job to make money when most people living 9 to 5 are always just short of the amount they really need, doesn’t matter how much they earn, they are always just out of reach of it. It took me a long time to figure out why this is generally the case and I had to get really deep and spiritual to find a way of wording why it’s the norm to be poor, even if you’re earning a lot.)

                Things culminated for me on Saturday because I did another gig that I didn’t want to do after voicing that I didn’t want to do them, for a while I was really fucking myself doing gigs, it was that stressful to me, and what with the weight loss and all the stuff that goes with that, I was in no state to be able to take any stress. Things have been better recently because I’ve spent the past 10/11 months eating to appetite and healing my body, I’m also more in tune with how the human body copes with stress because of this process and now when I have stresses, (like gigs I don’t want to do) I don’t shut down in response anymore, it just tires me out a lot, (not ideal, but it is a workable system.)

                On Saturday I was doing another gig putting all my energy into forcing a “good” gig for everyone (mainly the audience). By “good”, I mean what most people say they want from a night out because of the restrictions our civilization puts on people (our civilisation does not respect the individual at all.) They typically say they want “nice” music that isn’t too heavy (I’m certain just because I have hair that people are scared that I’m going to play Death Metal all night, and when we play pop bands like Coldplay and the Killers, they’re still uncomfortable with the idea we’re a metal band, even after we’ve finished playing, the problem doesn’t resolve itself, which means you just cannot win and have a “good” gig, everyone loses, they’re the most comfortable when we play stuff like AC DC and 80’s rock funny enough,) and they don’t want it too loud. I could write books about the volume issue alone but I’ll sum it up as quickly as I can. People like loud music. End of story. I don’t care who they are or what they say they like, when people go out to listen to music as part of an event it has to be loud. To put this in perspective, 90db for 8 hours is the volume and time frame where hearing loss starts to take effect. Most pubs without the jukebox on are already close to being that loud, then you have the jukebox play and a band on top of that that’s even louder. I’m pretty certain that in most cases, hearing damage (not necessarily major damage though) happens after being in a pub for about 4 hours, (most people that go to pubs are in them quite regularly for a lot longer.) Me and my brother’s are the only people you will find wearing earplugs in a pub, (I take mine everywhere there’s lots of people, it’s probably going to be loud if there’s people and I like being prepared. I still got fucking tinnitus from stress alone after gigging and dieting for about 3 months, lol, I’m sure it’ll go eventually when I genuinely get rid of the stress causing it.) The problem is, when you turn music up to dangerous volumes, people start to respond very differently from when you play music quietly. In short, they start to enjoy themselves. If you’ve ever been to a stadium gig, or hell, just seen a live band, you will know that it feels very different from listening to the same songs on your mp3 player, or the radio, or on your computer at a quiet volume. So aside from the fact that people don’t take notice of loud music when it’s loud because they’re physically in a state where they’re having fun, the human ear compresses at higher volumes and people won’t think that bands are loud at all. I’ve seen people screaming into each others ears at half a foot away trying to talk when most local bands play without any problem with the noise, and when me a my brother’s play we can talk to each other clearly from across the stage (about 6 ft most of the time) while playing with earplugs in, and we’ve had people say they want to be able to hear each other talk. The volume difference is tremendous between us and any other band I’ve seen. The problem with this is that the energy most bands give off when they play, the fun most people will physically be forced to feel as a result of volume, doesn’t exist when we play. We are the only band that I’ve seen get told off for volume (being too loud.) And because we’re doing music that I don’t enjoy in the circumstances I’m playing it (I have no problem playing pop music, only when I’m not allowed to play anything else) and I’m just trying to have “good” gigs, I’m listening to people and complying when they say turn it down (the brain will rationalize the lack of energy from the low volume into faults on my part which is not nice, but it is understandable, the people listening are just not getting the energy they usually get, most audience members will also think that they like “proper” things, I blame society for this, like not having a band play too loud, when what they really are after is the state that high volume puts you in, these paradoxes don’t cause grief to most people because they just aren’t aware of them. They will say one thing and feel pissed off when you comply, they won’t really have any idea if you’re doing what they asked or not, they will just feel bad, at you.)

                Once I’ve got the volume down low enough, any time I put my hands on my guitar I get funny looks, any noise is too much. You can imagine how that makes me feel as a musician trying to play. (If you’re at home in a low energy environment listening to music, you don’t want it loud, you want to hear it, but you’re not after the ‘let’s get pissed and enjoy ourselves’ vibe. I think it’s unacceptable for an audience in a pub to expect from a band that they only put that tiny level of energy into a performance, when they’re going to blame us for not being very good afterwards, when the issue is you just won’t let us/me play.) I’ve literally switched my amp off several times because of this problem in the past, and once when I did that the lady in charge (it was at the Moonraker’s in Swindon, I owe her at least a very angry fucking lecture, she was so stupid it stopped me in my tracks and I still haven’t recovered from the paradox of that behaviour,) told us that we weren’t getting paid. She was complaining before we started that we had to make sure to keep the noise down, and after every song when we started she complained, (eventually she asked the audience if they thought we were too loud and out of about 50 people 3 people put their hands up, I’ve never seen anyone look as self righteous as she did at that point, she seemed to really think she proved her point.) She threatened not to pay us when I turned my amp off, I’m certain she perceived us getting louder when I did that, she certainly didn’t see me switch it off and threaten our pay as a result of that. The audience kept making jokes to me during the break about her not letting us turn it up, it was one of the few times people have said that they actually wanted some volume to be able to dance and get drunk too, it must have been that quiet, I couldn’t hear anything from my amp when it was on, and I was only half a foot away.

                What I’m trying to sum up is, if you do what people ask (it’s normally not what they want, there are a lot of layers to people’s behaviour that come out depending on what you’re doing) in an environment that they’re looking for fun/energy from, they can only fuck it up for themselves and diminish they’re own good time (this is why people go to concerts to enjoy themselves and don’t just sit and listen to the record at home, the band provides you with a completely different vibe just because they’re there creating music, playing in that moment, and most people are not capable of generating the energy that people call fun, by themselves without outside stimulus), and the discomfort and animosity they feel at the end of the night towards myself and my bandmates (pretty much just me a lot of the time, I started turning my guitar up a little because you can’t play rock guitar (or pop guitar, as a lot of the pop songs we do have that type of playing) properly without compressing the speakers so that certain frequencies come out better and make it sound good, some things you try to play just don’t come out at a quiet volume, but I don’t have the sheer volume available on just my guitar amp to overcome the problem people are feeling, so I can’t just have mine loud Eddie Van Halen style and fix the issue) will be rationalised by the brain into technical faults on my part, a lot of the time it’s simple things like, they were too loud (not possible I assure you,) they weren’t very good, (rarer but understandable when it does happen, there is nothing wrong with our playing though, one gig we did was hinting at being acts of public sex with various groups of the audience at one point, it was that enjoyable for the audience there that they lost themselves in the flow of the evening, as you should in a gig with that level of energy, kind of like a rock band in a stadium) or just not getting booked back, and I’ve seen bands empty places out and get booked back at the same place 6 months later, the quality of audience response, or even how much money a pub makes has nothing to do with a band getting booked. All in all it’s made me come to the conclusion that I must be attracting these things into my life so I can learn from them, and the more stressed I get from these things the more answers I come up with. On Saturday it was just another gig pretending that we’re a “nice” “pleasant” band that play bad pop music that people pretend they like, and it was one time too many and something snapped at the back of my mind and I realised it in very simple terms what was wrong. I almost heard a voice at the back of my mind (not literally) say, this is the worst thing you can do with your life, you should be in an actual rock band playing high energy music that you enjoy that people will enjoy without me having to trick them into pretending they’re enjoying themselves with things like being “good” or “nice” or “pleasant” or any boring, conforming, mentally restricting, life crushing, low paying hell hole of an existence that I won’t possibly be able to convince people is a quiet band when I haven’t even got my fucking amp turned on. Fuck that shit, I wanna enjoy my life, and if I’m doing that, other people will be more capable of enjoying their lives too , I won’t just be perpetuating their misery back at them. I finally got stressed enough to feel the absence of the real me in my life, and it has consequences for me, the people I care about that are affected by my presence in their lives, and complete strangers who are just trying to enjoy a night out, but have no chance because I was busy trying to pretend to be something I’m not. I’m not surprised my band gets booked as infrequently as it does in spite of the fact that most nights we have the best responses I’ve seen from an audience in my area (I’m really not boasting or being arrogant, but we do have a very different type of response to other bands, I’d say it’s better, but that’s my preference, other band’s probably have the type of response that they think is better.)

                Through my medium of choice (music) I’ve started to unravel from my perspective at least, why people fuck themselves up with stress, why they work jobs they hate for money that doesn’t pay their bills, why stress is an inconsequential factor in the role of health and well being when you ask any doctor for advice, why hunger seems to be what people seek out when trying to become healthy and god knows what else, things are becoming obvious the more I vent and express how I feel to the world around me. This blog has done me loads of good just because I can put these things into words, and on top of that, the people coming to this site are not the type of people I’ve spent the last few years avoiding because it stresses me out too much. It’s people looking for genuine answers when the world as it stands has given them the same old shit, just like me. I hope that somewhere in this mess of a post you find some information that helps you in your own journey.

                The epiphany was I should stop pretending to be something I’m not, I need to find out who I really am, not who I think I should pretend to be to get along with the world around me, and I should actually express myself by living my life my way and fuck anyone and anything that would try to take it away from me.

                Like I said at the start, it seems completely crazy and unrelated from what we’re doing here (parts of the post itself will seem unrelated from each other,) but the way the stresses I’ve mentioned in this post affect me, (they’re only a few, but they are some of the most prominent ones from a very prominent part of my life, music, I’m still struggling to believe that people more or less want more volume when they say turn it down, when we’ve turned the whole band up shitloads, the problem goes away and the audience comes alive, lol, you’d think seeing as I know how to get the response I want I’d be doing it, but no, it’s the entire situation that stresses me good response or not,) it’d be stupid not to go into some detail with these things because by looking at the world like this, I’ve started to find answers to my problems, and I figure some of you might look at your lives after reading and start to twig things that affect you, and maybe learn to deal with them.

                Anyway, I hope this helps, ask me anything you want I’d be happy to ramble more, lol.

                • mike d says:

                  Interesting thing about loud music; I dislike most bands and music in general and have not really enjoyed myself at most concerts I’ve gone to. I personally dislike very loud music largely because it hurts my ears. I don’t mind playing a song I happen to like at the moment loud/er. Although I definitely agree with you that when I hear a song live, especially if it is something I happen to enjoy, it does affect me differently. In the past, I enjoyed music most when I was stressed/depressed. Lately I’ve gone back to not really caring too much about music.

                  No, none of that really songs “crazy” or unrelated. It just sounds like you’re making progress towards a relaxed state of mind and body haha! A person shouldn’t have to put up with much, if any, stress daily, and when you’re trying to minimize this things can “click” one day as you are giving your self time to take remove yourself from the stressful situation into a low or zero stress situation. By doing so you are going from an emotional state where you are prone to doing what you FEEL, to a state where you can analyse things on the fly and make decisions based on what you THINK.

                  Moving to taiwan I’ve noticed it’s easier to find a girl who is calm, smart, fun, and funny without being all sorts of ridiculous like they tend to be in America. Not that they don’t feel sadness and anger, but they are more balanced due to being in a more consistently relaxed state. there are definitely crazies here, though, just far less common.

                  about money, i personally am not a fan of it as well, mainly because i have to do things i don’t normally want to in order to obtain it. i’ve done a little bit of farming in my day and don’t mind it because it allowed me to forget about all the societal bullshit. i haven’t decided if that is a lifestyle i would be OK with adopting permanently, though. so, it has it’s trade offs. i’m still in a “minimalist” phase, removing everything that doesn’t mean something to me, or add value to my life. living in an apartment without a bed, couch, one spoon, one fork, one knife, and a plate (although these days I typically eat out). so, i’ve begun the swing around to balancing out what i want with what society expects to my advantage. i actually find it fun using people’s expectations to my advantage for job interviews and the like. i have gotten expenses down to pretty much just; cell phone (typically prepaid, although in taiwan getting a contract phone is roughly $35 a month for unlimited everything), apartment (the cheaper the better), food, and transportation (i prefer living in an area that I can use public transportation, but owning an old car is also acceptable. in those instances I have experimented with living in my car. longest I’ve gone is 5 days and it’s really not that bad, although it does have it’s challenges). I shop at thrift stores first when I buy clothes, but am unafraid to spend full price for clothing I like. I only keep a weeks worth of clothes and it is all high quality and is something most people would generally glance at and go, “Oooh I like that” (this is me using what other people think to my advantage. I personally could give two shits about how I’m dressed as long as my clothes are clean, but it’s hard to get a job with a pair of shorts and flip flops, dress shirt or not haha).

                  A part of me is jealous of you! You are working a non traditional job as your main source of income (or so it sounds), one that allows you to sleep a lot and eat when you please. My long term goal is to be involved with movies and the stand up comedy scene. Do you really have as much personal freedom as it sounds or are there more challenges than what I’m aware of?

                  • Graham says:

                    I’m too tired to read through it all properly at the moment, (I’ll get to it later) but I caught the last question so I’ll answer that. I still live at home with my parents at the moment (I’m 22). When I decide to move I intend on making sure that I’m not moving out just because I’m “supposed to”, but because I feel it would actually benefit me to do so, and I plan on making sure I can buy my own place, (I’ll be addressing the money issue eventually, I don’t have much at the moment but I have enough for what I need right now, and I believe more money will flow in when I address certain limitations I have on myself that I hinted at in the previous post.) For now, there isn’t a massive amount of benefit that I would get out of putting myself through the crap required to move out and have/rent my own place. But as for food and sleep and leisure time, I pretty much do have as much personal freedom as it sounds, though it’s not all fun and games. I seem to be seeking out more stress so I can figure out why I attract it in the first place, and from there realise how to get rid of the core issue attracting it, (not a pleasant process but I think it’s a vital one for me to get where I want in life, we all go through it through the nature of being alive, I’m just actively pursuing it.) Like I said in the last post, there are lots of things that piss me off in my life, but knowing the solution doesn’t make the problem disappear. A lot of things in music that piss me off would disappear if I just cranked the shit out of all of the instruments, but it’s the situation that causes me subconscious stress, not the paradoxes of human behaviour or the actions themselves, the stress would still remain. My life is perfect for who I am at the moment, it will change and evolve as I do.

                    I should mention it, there was one point where I tried being on the job centre for about 6 months where I had double the income. I actively seemed to have less money available even though I spent none of it on myself. Things in the world around me would crop up (parents having bills that would conveniently cost as much as I had, I’m not saying at all that they “conveniently” needed my money, but bills did crop up on occasion out of thin air where they needed to borrow money, it become unbearably stressful to me having money and it being a burden rather than a freedom, and when I got rid of the money, the bills stopped appearing) my reality seems to balance itself out no matter what I actively try to do, it’s why I started looking inwards to try and address these things, unlike most people who look outwards and think that going to university or getting a well paying job will fix their problems and bring them happiness, though that can work.

                    In summary, I more or less have as much personal freedom as it sounds, but there are challenges affecting me that I’m not aware of yet, let alone all the ones I’m actively trying to address. It all makes more sense as I grow and my perception gets wider though. If you want to be involved in films and comedy, start pursuing it now, use the changes in your life to feed your growth as an individual. I hope things are going well for you, I’ll read the rest of your post properly later on.

                    • mike d says:

                      yes, most things that people claim “they have no control over” i have found to be bullshit. a large percentage of time its their own doing they just dont realize. everything you do or allow in your life attractes more of that. got shitty friends? maybe the people who you like have personality traits you are only attracted to because of your own stress related issues? i have heard of a study that found there were 3 types of women, each more emotionally volitile, and the types of men they tend to be attracted to. the outgoing girls like outgoing guys, the more self concious girls wanted a “nice guy” who would make them feel good, and the “crazy” ones (what your average person would call super emotional, irrational) like “bad boys” (dudes who are unpredictable and dont listen to anyone, but are still confident. these dudes also have the potential to be controlling and manipulative).

                      its nice to hear you realize this, at least a version of it. it was a big step in my mentality to having lower stress levels as well as general happiness level in my life.

                  • Graham says:

                    High volume physically puts someone’s body in a state when there, for want of less clinical terms, are more ‘feel good’ hormones flowing through them. The Who when they played back in the 60’s and 70’s could sometimes play to a very bad standard, but volume alone would make people have the time of their lives, sheer physical release from the tensions an average concert goer will have. Like you, I don’t enjoy live music that much, (unless I’m playing, and even then, lol) it would detract from what I’m doing to get in to that state, I’m still attracting too much stress to really let go, For now, I prefer to observe how I respond to things, and it does limit your perception a lot being in that state, especially if you’re relying on it to keep balance in your life.

                    I agree with the idea that daily stress should be non existent, or pretty close to it. Personally I’ve been trying to attract enough stress from what I’m doing so that it’s obvious why I’m attracting it, so I can deal with the core problem. The best way I’ve found to do this, is to cut my interactions with the world down to almost nothing and see what was left. As more energy goes through me I can see the stress manifest itself again and I can see how I’m causing it. I’ve always been good at perceiving the world around me and coming to logical conclusions about it, but logic can only cover so much. When your emotional state doesn’t run with it, intuitively as it should, you end trying to be something your not. Things get very out of whack when running on thought alone, it doesn’t have anywhere near as much power as emotion does. When the 2 run smoothly together, good things happen, (like health.)

                    The culture is probably very different in Taiwan. When you have the level of personal repression we have in the UK and America, behaviour becomes (at least compared to the idea of what “normal” behaviour is) very erratic. It’s not logical, but it’s the body trying to keep balance, and the more off balance it is, the more intense the response.

                    I hate the idea of money. Fucking hate it. It can be worked to your advantage, but more often than not it’s a mental chain made real. If I’m going to earn money I plan on never having to worry about it again. It’s one of the reasons I chose music as a my job (don’t like calling it that), it’s possible to make a lot of money as a by product of creative self expression, (though most of the bands that appear to have made it have the same problem most 9 to 5ers have just with bigger numbers. They can live the lifestyle but they will never own the house.) In my opinion money should flow effortlessly as an extension of who you are, (and it does, just most people have major issues with money, so they don’t have much) it shouldn’t be a chore. When you get in tune with yourself you can easily use the world around you to your advantage, that’s the thing I haven’t quite got the hang of yet, getting there though.

                    Today one of my band’s got a gig cancelled and they wouldn’t tell me why, so after talking to the lady in charge of the bookings who said the owner told her to cancel us, I went to the pub to have a word with him but he wasn’t there. The bar lady called the women in charge of the bookings that I talked to earlier, and after letting her talk for long enough (nothing she said about why we were cancelled made any sense at all, (this confirmed a lot of my ideas about the way people work, the thought process is the last in the chain after emotion and just the gut feeling you get from things,)) she finally cracked and came out with the truth, the owner just doesn’t like my band, which is funny, I’m certain he left after we showed up, long before we started playing the only time we’ve played his pub, he certainly wasn’t there when the bar lady said she’d been told to cut our pay during the break. The point is I actually managed to get the information I wanted, normally the option isn’t there to get what I want to know, I can only speculate (I’m normally dead fucking right as well.) Just knowing who you are and being aware of it gives you an incredible sway in the world around you. Minimalism is a good way of finding out more about yourself, it sounds like your doing something similar to what I’ve done (I never made my possessions minimal though, my ability to interact with them dropped off instead, haha. I haven’t been able to enjoy computer games properly for years.) It really helps you get rid of what you think you want, and get more in touch with what you really need.

    • mike d says:

      sorry, been meaning to post. a couple comments are still awaiting moderation because i used a different email. been super busy with the move to taiwan to comments here. in the middle of looking for a job and learning a whole other culture. learning chinese is also in its early stages.

      quick comment on pot and basically every other drug ive tried; not worth it, always causes stress. however, there has definitely been a correlation between my general stress levels and my desire to do drink or smoke pot. right now im at a point were i am generally repelled. drinking booze is still something i enjoy, but i drink maybe once every couple months.

      one caveat with pot is there is definitely something to it that 100% reduces stress. ive tried smoking pure thc with awful effects, and as soon as i smoke pure cbd ill know for sure. but overall, pot is a no go. if you have strong cravings for any substance, my opinion is to do it, embrace it to its fullest if fighting it causes lots of stress in the short term.

      • Bob Dean Metal Dude says:

        abso-fucking-lutely the effects of any isolated substance from that of cannabis will have much different effects than when done altogether (in sweet harmony…rofl). Unfortunately I’ve tried spice (k2, synthetic thc shit) and ya…without Cannabidiol and other anti anxiety, anti inflammtory etc…components, that shit can totally fuck you up. I went to neptune on that shit, and I’ve closed my curtains from it too. I can see why there are a lot of hospital stories with the spice. However, if strictly just thc, I think its the extreme paranoia of the person that creates this situation.

        Maybe it can cause schizophrenia in people with a predisposition for it in using weed strains that have low levels of CBD like the stuff they call “skunk” that is not actually the official strain but something with a very high CBD level and very low CBD. I’m aware that there’s an argument about the ratios between thc and cbd amongst other chemicals and how this might be harmful in general. Referring to cognitive function, memory, and whatever else. I like me some bud.

        Obviously everyone has a different opinion, and everybody chooses different lifestyle paths and what have you. Weed and its strains have a very wide spectrum of feelings it can give with all of the different levels of all the different cannabinoids within it. It’s become quite apparent that high CBD strains are favorable and as science progressives we will be able to further delve into what specific chemicals trigger what things in the body and what ratios and perhaps how many and what types of chemicals are best together. God damn these sentences are too long rofl. Lemme throw some of these in here to help ;;;; there now its all proper LAWLZ

        I ate too many brownies one time and the movie Despicable Me started to freak me out and I had to turn it off HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

        • mike d says:

          in my opinion paranoia is just one manifestation of stress. even when i smoked high quality, “regular bud”, after about 3 days i start to be unable to fall asleep until 6-7 am and im horribly irritable. and this is even after months of not smoking than taking a good hit or two. it takes about a week for me to feel back to normal. now, in general i take this as a sign that i still have a little ways to go with improving my health, but ive gotten to the point with that where the hair on my head is growing back (i havent lost a ton of hair, but its definitely noticable), so yea.

          funny thing is pot is a large part of why i got into this health shit. there was a period of half a year where i would go through an eighth every couple days (which i was suuuuper sensitive to the effects of pot at the time so this was a shitload to me. even a hit or two was enough to give me hallucinations haha so much fun). i started having panic attacks and had trouble falling asleep, and when i decided to stop entirely it got waaaay worse. i would go months without smoking with little change in the severity of my anxieousness. 4 years and 70lbs later i feel much, much better.

  3. Zach says:

    So what you guys think happened to Chief? He just couldnt handle the pressure or we didnt meet his expectations or what?

    • Graham says:

      Dunno, I’ve never met Chief but he’s obviously a very hard working dude with a lot on his plate, especially if he’s making rezfit a real priority. In the past I think he’s left the blog for a while because it was extra stress he didn’t need, (I think it was mainly people telling him he needed to pull his finger out and get on with it, when he’s already posted awesome info and for free on top of that, fucking unbelievable if you ask me.) He’ll be back eventually, unless he actually found that Sasquatch thing he was on about. Biggest thing we can do is just keep conversing, we haven’t even got to the 300 comments on any blog post yet, nearly there on this one though.

    • mike d says:

      yea, im slightly concerned as i have posts still awaiting moderation, but im sure he will swing around sometime this year haha. if not, well, i hope it means it is because he was finishing the movie. something awesome. if he ever did do a screening of the movie i would definitely do what i can to physically be at the theater he chose to show it at.

  4. John says:

    So…where is Chief? Good question. I have been under Chief’s instruction for over a year now, and while we have had lulls in communication, etc., this is the longest. I can’t get a reply at his personal email either. He IS definitely busy and I am sure he’s out and about doing stuff. Part of me wonders if his disappearance is a test of sorts to see if this can assume a life of it’s own…maybe he is waiting for some comment threshold. Who knows.

    In the interim, we can help each other. I am happy to dish out everything Chief as taught me (I started this already but certainly it’s the tip of the ice berg).

    @Bob…CORRECT in that you assement about keeping logs, etc., ads to the stress. I’ve been keeping a food and exercise log for over a year now and frankly, I’m sick of it. Funny today I was thinking of just saying F It and stop it entirely. I see the value…I mean if I had people I was working with I would want it…but still. 🙂

    I bought a domain name and will have my own site up soon (linked to this one) so I can do what I can to help.

    • John says:

      I should note…recently Chief was assigning me people to mentor likehe did to me (and still is). Happy to help anyone on here based on what I know!

      • mike d says:

        john, do you mind if i ask you a couple questions that has been burning in my brain?

        • John says:

          Sure! Ask away! Hopefully I can answer.

          FYI, looking at my emailsi I last heard from Chief on 2/23/13. He said in the email he was super busy.

          • mike d says:

            also, what has mentoring been like for you?

            • John says:

              The mentoring has been great, but you definitely need to be self director as Chief’s availability it hit and run. We were on the verge of Phase III for me and I am dying to know what it is as the routine I am in now is getting a tad stale but still working. I have hundreds of emails from Chief full of info I’d love to share…just not sure how.

    • Bob Dean Metal Dude says:

      The value is there, let the information float into the abyss and stop writing it down. Who knows, maybe you’ll notice something you otherwise wouldn’t have and maybe get better faster and be more intuitive idk…

      It would be an absolute shame if I didn’t share with the world my experiences with health fitness and fat loss etc…IF I reach my goals and understand all of this stuff. I will have no choice but to have a website, blog, whatever. and hell, when I start, maybe i’ll go deeper than what I initially anticipate.

      I got a bag full of health food shit I used to collect when I was younger cuz I planned on sharing it with other people once I reached my goals, and funny enough if I reach my goals now I’ll be sharing it because it’s the shit that led me to my doom.

      Different tea brand cut outs, a jar of EVCO, vitamin bottles etc…rofl

      So ya, I’d imagine it would make me feel pretty good, and do some people a lot of good to share, so it’s like 99% sure I will. But this could be a year of more from now when I do it but that amount of time can go by pretty quick. If Chief is almost finished with that documentary of working hard it that’s so exciting!

      Who’s Bob, and what is pot? ^_^

  5. mike d says:

    sweet, thanks! i’m not sure how he reveals information to people he helps, so if you don’t have any answers that were straight from chief, i’d love to hear your take on any of these questions.

    also, glad to know chief is still alive haha.

    1. how do you specifically go about getting liquid calories? do you drink a glass with every plate or, with everything else he suggests, just wait until your body tells you to? i used to drink a glass of pop with every plate, but i found that some times i don’t need liquid calories at all. i’ve also noticed that the type of drink matters a lot. sometimes i love love love grape juice after a meal (i’m talking a half gallon) despite chief saying to not intentionally mix high levels of fructose with fat, other days i’ll eat 3-4 loaded ass plates of food at my local buffet and drink maybe one glass of pop. i’m only asking this because he mentioned he had a specific method he goes about getting in liquid calories.

    2. in general, how important is exercise? i’ve noticed that if i completely avoid it, i don’t feel quiiite as well as when i do something that makes me sweat some once or twice a week. my energy levels noticeably went up and my sleep became a little better (i have a terrible time sleeping “normally”. it’s not unheard of for me to fall asleep at 5am and wake up at 4pm) and things like sex drive seemed to have improved a bit. i know he has mentioned high weight low reps as his preferred form of exercise but haven’t found a good reason to do it as i really dislike pretty much any form of exercise barring “playing”.

    3. did you get to the point where you have begun to lose weight? i’m just generally curious about what he means by “eating specific foods”, or “avoiding certain foods” when he is in weight loss mode. is this weight loss triggered automatically and it just happens that the body tends to crave as well as avoid certain foods, and that he has identified them? i’m personally continuing to gain weight, which i’m OK with because the way i feel has been massively improved in the past year plus, but it would be nice to know how far along the journey to complete recovery. i noticed recently that hair that has receded has begun to grow back, which i can only assume to be a very positive sign that the end of near.

    4. has he ever mentioned to you his stance on pot haha? i’m only asking because Bob was talking about it.

    Thanks again!

    • John says:

      I can answer some of these. 🙂 I will do this today…I apologize for the delay!

    • mike d says:

      haha no, ive definitely adopted is the whole “hey ill do this tomorrow. whoops, its been 7 days”, aswell.

      • John says:

        I am not disappearing…my older daughter got really sick with some 24 hour + bug…like constant vomiting, etc. Haven’t been sleeping much the last few days and haven’t been on this site as a result.

      • mike d says:

        sorry, i should have clarified more. i meant when something more important comes up, its easy for me to move things around on the fly, regardless of my initial intentions, based on what i consider important. i would not list this site as super important at the moment to any of us, so i just assumed something higher up on your priority list came up (and clearly did).

    • John says:

      I’ll tackle these one at a time…in odd order…#4…no he never talked to me about pot. I’ve never used it so it never came up. Overall, I would say Chief isn’t judgmental and would have no issue with someone who wasn’t abusing it. How it relates to health and fitness…I have no idea. 🙂

    • John says:

      Ok number 1…when I was doing Paleo, I NEVER drank my calories and lived only on water. Never had an issue with it…was always a big water drinker. Now I don’t care about that. I still drink mostly water, but have found that (1) I barely drink anything during the day…maybe 1-2 standard cups of water…and (2) I drink mostly at dinner, which is my one meal. You need water for digestion, so that is where I drink the most if it. I have soda with my meals 1-2 times a week (love the Dew!)…lately I’ve been drawn to Cranberry juice. If you look at his how I eat blog, you’ll see he pounds the soda too. I think when you are coming off what I and others were doing, you need to work back up to it.

    • John says:

      Number 2…exercise…the answer here is only workout when you want to…and do what you want, not what you think you have to. Sounds vague I know, but ideally you want to avoid cardio and focus on weights and bodyweight exercises. Never workout to lose weight or burn calories…that’s a useless battle. You should workout for strength and the metabolic changes (positive of course) it generates. This might sound odd but after doing just cardio for so long it was interesting working with Chief and hitting the weights. It felt so different and I remember telling Chief it felt “manly.” It also shot the old sex drive way north. Honestly, in your case, I’d avoid doing anything you don’t like. When healed properly you’ll have the urge to do things, then you do them. Yes, you will crave some form of exercise at some point I bet. Hope that helps…ask away!

      • Graham says:

        Funny how all the knowledge and advice we have seems to clearly indicate you should do whatever you feel like. It seems too easy doesn’t it. I’ve got a couple of questions. My weight seems to have roughly stabilized but I’m not yet craving any exercise, although I mentally have wanted to get back into it for a couple of weeks, but the will isn’t quite there yet. I’m also not quite sure of what food I want to eat yet, I was expecting once my weight stabilized my appetite would get more specific but as of yet it hasn’t, I seem to get very vague cravings like something with fat in it, or chocolate but nothing more specific than that.

        I know I just have to wait until things start to change for the better, but I wouldn’t mind hearing your experience (or anyone else’s) on this. It seems like I’ve been sat on my couch doing nothing for the past few years, (which is pretty much true other than semi-regular gigs, which take me ages to recover from, I sleep about twice as long everynight for a week than I normally do after a gig, just in time for the next one to start the process again, lol. I’m a right fuck up, haha.)

        Anyway, in your experience, when did the awareness of what food you wanted to eat become specific and when did you start to crave more exercise?

        • John says:

          Good question. It took about a year actually before I started to just know what I wanted. Coming off starvation I went through a lot of cravings…for example I was all about pizza and cookies for the longest time…and it makes sense that I’d crave carb-heavy, calorie-dense itens like that. Then I went through a phase where I really didn’t know what I wanted…even on cheat nights I couldn’t make up my mind what it was I wanted. I use to get pretty frustrated with it.

          That lasted a while…then a few months ago I really entered this Fuck It phase with things…for me, this has been the hidden benefit of Chief not being around. Being on my own for so long I sarted to loosen up a bit, Not feeling like I am “following a plan” has made the food thing a lot easier. It just kinda happened…I feel like sometihng and have it. Note that this doesn’t always work. I am married, two kids…we ffollow a routine and more often than not I am eating something planned days in advance than intinutive on the fly like Chief recommends. This is just how it is for me. Still works though…even if I am not 100% on board with dinner I’ll grab other stuff I feel like on the side.

          Will tackle exercise next…

          • Graham says:

            I’m pleased to hear you went through a stage where you didn’t know what you wanted to either either. After coming off dieting I more or less craved lots of carbs too (mainly chocolate) and recently when I started experimenting with increasing my fat intake my appetite seems to have dropped and I don’t know what I want to eat anymore, my seems pretty stable too. When I was dieting and I had cheat days I didn’t know what to eat either, it’s like my digestion shut down and I didn’t know what to eat at all.

            I think people really underestimate what Chief is getting at with the stress posts and how much that impacts what we’re doing, it’s so easy to glance over that but it’s vital to what we’re trying to do. Even if you can’t get everything your body is telling you, like you said, it still works even without it being 100% on board. People seem to think of health as an on/off switch and it isn’t. If your staying relaxed and more or less getting what you need, the results will be there. I need to start working on loosening up a bit more, I’ve spent too much time thinking about food as a solution to my health issues and I could do with finally letting go of that idea. It’s just food. The benefit is in not worrying about what stage I’m at and just eating what I enjoy without any mental association whatsoever.

            • mike d says:

              if you dont know what you want, hit the buffet as often as you can afford it. seriously, do it. after a while you begin to figure out what your body wants because you are always in an environment where you have lots available to you.

            • Bob Dean Metal Dude says:

              You guys are saying so much slow down!!! It’s all awesome information thanks a lot for sharing.

              Anyone know the feeling where you’ve gone too long without food and then you really cant decide what to eat? It almost seems like you’ll get sick if you eat. And those real strong pangs with it.

              Obviously I hardly ever get these, I would be working totally against myself! =)

              As far as exercising, just go buy some wife beaters and wear them. Then look at yourself in the mirror. You’ll be like damn I’d look sexual if I had a bigger deltoids biceps triceps traps pecs lats abs obliques yada yada yada or watch yourself bang in the mirror and be like wow if only I had….HAHAHAHAHA just kidding…but seriously, the wife beaters will work.. =)

              • Bob Dean Metal Dude says:

                And one more thing. When Chief comes back, he should make a section just for people to post their meals. And I’ve suggested this on Matt’s site, but I like websites that have members that can instant message each other. In a chatroom altogether or private messaging. It’s awesome.

                I’m also still looking forward to Chiefs secret new design of some sort that’s suppose to be much better than blog comments or forums too. Really curious about what it could be…

                Anyhow, since there isn’t a section about food. I’ll just share what I had today just because I feel like it. I had tap water, spring water, tap mixed with mortons salt, brisk raspberry iced tea, three provolone sandwiches with mustard (tiny bits of low fat turkey I ran out of lunch meat, and no I’m not afraid of fat, just dont really like messin with the non ruminant especially factory farmed shit Id certainly eat all the fat on a wild one) 2 burritio supremes from taco bell without sour cream, and for my biggest meal I made 2 big cans of vegetarian bushes baked beans (I drain off the top sauce in the can) mixed with salt, a lot of provolone cheese, and beef stew cuts that I just cooked up with some seasoned salt. I also put some of those oyster crackers with my bean mix. It’s somethin kinda medium quick. I am eating late, but it’s fine. My feet have stayed warm and I’ve ate enough to hold me over.

                Oh! and my girl friend gave me a peanut butter cookie when I went and visited her at the deli =)

                • Bob Dean Metal Dude says:

                  Shit I added some coconut oil to my beans too. I try to squeeze that shit into whatever I can. Lots of benefits of course too much of anything is a bad thing. Definitely helps my white ass adapt to the sun. in my body, and put on the outside =)

                  Customers give weird looks when a big mans arms are glistening like a chicks ass in a porno. I had to say it hahaha, but damn I love a lathered..ahem, pardon me. Good day all.

                • John says:

                  Dude…peanut butter cookies. NOW you are talking. I could down dozen with some milk.

        • John says:

          When I started with Chief I took a few weeks off from exercise so I was pretty motivated to get back into it. That being said, sure I get burnt out sometimes…or don’t look forward to a workout. Sometimes I don’t take my own advice and I work through it…other times I just don’t do it if I know I won’t give 100%. It’s natural to get bored or want a change…when I get like this, I’ll take a week off. By then it’s run it’s course and I am motivated to get back into a routine…and often the rest had made my strength even better. When I come back from vacation, for example, I find my lifting is better.

          Exercise is becoming a challenge lately as Chief was ready to put me into a new set of routines before he took off, so I’ve been doing the same things for a long time.

          • Bob Dean Metal Dude says:

            You can make your own routines I know damn well you’re equipped for that! Just do what Mark Sisson does lol. Sprints, push ups, pull ups, chin ups, planks, Frisbee, swine hunting, squats and digesting large amounts of swiss chard, hearts of romaine, mustard greens, kale, spinach etc…

  6. anonymous says:

    Can’t wait!

  7. Graham says:

    Mike d
    People certainly have no concious control over their lives (it’s debatable to a point, but basically you can’t just sit and imagine things into existence, although that is more or less how it happens.) Each of us attracts our own version of reality, it’s can’t be incorrect, good things and bad things don’t matter, your still attracting them. The problem is that normally people are so out of tune with what their bodies and the world around them are telling them that they feel completely powerless and like life is just “unfair”, it is when you make it.

    The easiest way to see what’s causing you grief in life is look at yourself and your body, if your storing fat, (especially around the middle,) there are obviously stresses you’re not addressing, it’s all in there. It can take a lot of deep thought to figure out how things are stressing you when looking at it this way though. Another way is to look at your immediate surroundings. Like you said, if you’ve got shit friends, there’s something in there that you are drawn too, for whatever reason, maybe you’re like it too, maybe you’re trying to learn from that stress so you can get it out of your life.

    I think women struggle more in some ways, there tends to be a lot more sexual repression and social prejudice, (mostly from other women.) I’m not sure how much of that is genetic and how much is social issues but I think it’s why we hear stories of very crazy behaviour from women. Though men definitely have their problems too, I don’t really hear as many stories of crazy behaviour from men. I’m certain the sexual repression alone could account for that problem, (like I said above, the stronger the lack of ability to express oneself, the more wild and uncontrollable the behaviour to becomes balance things out.) A lot of stories I’ve read about false rape accusations have been purely because the woman making the claim doesn’t want to feel ‘slutty’ (an imagined concept, based on the idea that sex is ‘dirty’, this idea needs to die!)

    I realised this stuff when I was about 18, I started doing chi kung (sort of like tai chi, it literally means energy exercise,) and it more or less physically moves the stress and energy around your body and brings the stress to the surface so you can get rid of it (places where stress is stored in the body start to ache, old injuries for example.) This started me off looking at the world in a very different way. Eventually I started to feel how everything is interconnected, it stopped being just a theory, and as I get healthier, more information about the world around me becomes apparent. This was a massive step in my development as a person, not just for dealing with stress. And yeah, my version of it will be different than yours, we’re different people, we’ll attract and interpret different ideas and truths into our lives.

  8. Graham says:


    Now Chief has to reappear, we filled in one of his goals.

  9. Zach says:

    I dont know, i thought we did a stellar job of trying to make his goals happen. We are only a few loyal readers though and its up to him to build his empire, not us.

    I feel he let us down and also let himself down, maybe he doesnt feel that way, who knows. He sure did make a bunch of unfulfilled promises though.

    No biggy i guess. I have made amazing progress on a Peat diet and have leaned out significantly. I guess i really just liked this blog a lot for the realness of Chief and his thoughts, much like Matt Stone.

    • Graham says:

      If you’re making progress man, that’s the only thing that matters. I’m definitely interested in what else he’s aware of that he’s yet to post, but it is down to him to post it when he feels he can, we can’t control that, I wouldn’t worry about it. There’s a lot of info here that although it may only be the tip of the iceberg, they are really fundamental concepts that most people really could do with learning.

      I hope Chief reappears some when, I’d love to discuss more things with him, but for now he ain’t here and I still like posting on this blog because like minded people are here that are finding their own way to their goals, which really is the point of this whole health and fitness thing. I certainly wouldn’t want to have to rely on someone to spoon feed me every piece of information I needed, there are lots of things we have to figure out for ourselves.

      We’ve reached the 300 comments goal, and I’ve liked his facebook page and I think I’ve subscribed to this blog. I’ve done everything I can to help coax him back here, but if he still isn’t here then too bad, I’m certainly not going to worry about it. He’ll crop up when he has the time or feels it’s relevant to him, he definitely has other important things on his plate, and I hope they’re going well for him.

      What sort of progress have you made anyway? I’d like to hear about that.

      • Bob Dean Metal Dude says:

        Wonderful post Graham. I think Zach is right about some of it. Chief went a little over his head too soon, but it didn’t phase me. I donated, and I kinda really was excited to actually see him in person, cuz he said he was gonna come give me my jerky. But at the same time, I also knew that it might not happen. I still love the guy. Even if this whole thing is or was a “scam” the information is legit and free.

        I have a couple buddies that are always LATE as hell. I still love ’em…and if they say a half hour I say four hours. No biggy. Just gotta be aware. So when Chief says next month, it might be 6 months. That’s fine, he’s busy helping people in person, and no can be mad at that.

      • Zach says:

        Long story. Went from completely fucked up thyroid/hormones on low carb primal. Tried the Matt Stone way for a long time which helped a lot, then got on bored with a more Peatish diet of fruit, fruit juice, sugar, potatoes, beef, eggs and dairy. I have since tweaked that to about a 60/30/10 Carb/protein/fat and am doing awesome. Dropped about 25lbs from 213 to like 188 right now. Going for 180ish but dont really care, more worried about strength.

        I got a journal going over at MarksDailyApple forums if you want to check out what i eat and how i workout, just started it like a week ago though so only a few entries.. My name is Zach there too. After i went there to spam for Chief, i stuck around and have convinced many people that carbs are not the devil. Not bad!

        • Graham says:

          Quite a lot of weight loss man, was that on a calorie deficit? I’m sitting at about 213 now, (I think I’m starting to lose weight, not sure yet though, we’ll see in a couple of weeks.) I’m gonna have to look at the paleo stuff and see if there’s anything worth me taking a look at. I’d never do a diet or anything like that again, but I might get some food ideas. My brother bought some almonds and I couldn’t fucking believe it but I actually liked them. I have a slight mental aversion to fruit and veg and stuff like that mainly because that’s all people say when I talk about health and fitness (found some nutrition charts the other day and compared them to a snickers bar my favourite chocolate bar, my stomach was right, fruit and veg are fucking empty, snickers won with somewhere between 80-200 times more nutrition I think on most vitamins and minerals, veg won about 3 out of 50 and you find them in most foods and can’t really digest them well from veg anyway,) and that’s why I wasn’t keen on trying stuff like nuts, but they were fucking good, I’ll admit it, haha.

          I’ll check out the journal later on, fair play on kicking low carbs persistent ass on a paleo forum, not an easy feat at all. Good job on the progress man.

        • mike d says:

          now, is that ratio just what you naturally gravitate towards? i stopped tracking shit like that a long time ago and have no idea where im at. you do have me curious, though. i have noticed that especially greasy food has not been tasting that great to me for a couple months now, much like it did when i was younger. its mostly about the starch carbs.

          • Zach says:

            Graham, no not a calorie deficit, just a adjustment in macro ratios, way more sugar, way less fat. Fat dropped fast after i figured what worked for me.

            Mike, yea those ratios give me the most energy and least amount of inflammation. I dont traxk calories, just stick to certain foods and a loose eating schedule.

            • Bob Dean Metal Dude says:

              HMMMMMMMM So it’s like carbs make you fat until your body’s metabolism and hormones are working correctly and then they’re the driving force in creating a lean body. And with adding the super cortisol crushing carbs (sugar) you can get even leaner if done correctly and other ratios and nutrients and stress levels yada yada are in order. SHLACK which is my goofy way of saying slick.

              Proud of you Zachagawea rofl

              • Graham says:

                I reckon that the human body can become incredibly lean (I’m talking 8pack and ab veins lean) and stay there long term if it’s functioning optimally. The biggest thing as far as I’m aware is getting the hormone levels up and the stress levels down so that the extra body fat just isn’t necessary. I think this comes from being in tune with your body and actually responding to the signals it sends you, and dealing with stress in a healthy manner, (of course the ideal thing would be not to get any stress, which can be done, but it needs a very different mindset than what most people tend towards.) It really can’t be complicated, if it was it wouldn’t happen to the “genetic freaks” that we hear about, and if it’s possible for them to be that lean without effort, then obviously there is something going on that makes it possible, it ain’t just magic.

            • Graham says:

              Cool good to hear man, where’s the fat loss coming from? What fat gain I’ve had has mostly gone on around the middle, which is awesome because I know exactly where I am in the grand scheme of things because of it, and I’m wondering if that weight comes of first or if it’s just gonna come off from all over and then eventually come off the hips.

              • Zach says:

                From all over. Its different for everyone and has more to do with hormones then anything.

                • Graham says:

                  Yeah, I think I’ve said it on this blog before, but I think hormone balance dictates the shape of your body, meaning mainly where your body stores and holds onto fat. It’s why some people struggle even when starving themselves to get the fat off of their waist. It comes off naturally when everything gets in line.

        • John says:

          Marks Daily Apple!!??!?!!?!? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…. 🙂

          Just kidding. I started there ages ago and that’s what messed me up.

    • mike d says:

      it sounded like chief underestimated the amount of effort a blog needs to gain and keep momentum. personally, i think the fact that even the 4 of us or so that has tried to keep some sort of community going is pretty good for such a short amount of time of actual effort. plus, it doesnt help that his audience is a bunch of more or less unhealthy people haha. up until recently its been a challenge for me to just function in society let alone try to help a guy build up his blog, no matter how much i want to return the favor for sharing what seems to be the last stop in terms of anyone’s potential journey for robust, long term health.

      in my opinion he did not make any promises he did not keep. although i still feel something will probably happen for hitting 300 comments on this post, if you re-read it he says “within the time frame i have in mind”, otherwise he is going to go back to being blog lazy. he certainly did not hit his goals within that timeframe, and he certainly did go back to being lazy haha.

      • Graham says:

        Just the fact that this is a blog where you can talk about health and fitness ideas without some sort of dogma behind it is a relief for me. I like being able to converse with like minded people that are on a similar page to myself and are looking at the whole picture of health and life in general. I quite like 180degreehealth but I haven’t really felt the drive to comment much on there because there is still a lot of what I’d call starvation induced obsessiveness with food and micromanaging everything, there’s nothing wrong with that (it’s a natural reaction to the mentality we have as a culture,) but I don’t relate to the general mindset of the people there even though on the surface they’re on the same page I am.

        Chief will show eventually, it’s just a shame that in the mean time we can’t talk to him about his ideas, it’d be nice to have more than 4 or 5 people conversing on this blog, lol.

        • Bob Dean Metal Dude says:

          Ya..I love 180 as well and have for years. It saved my life. I used to be able to keep up with the posts and comments too. I can’t now. No way no how. And it’s interesting to see how I’ve changed and seeing my past self in others that comment. EAT GOD DAMN IT. I don’t know why, but when I first started Rarrfing and what not, I was eating lots of fat. Even though I low carbed and what not, my body was still craving a lot of fat. Or was it? Maybe sometimes our cravings can go out of wack in that regard. I certainly had enough fat prior to rarrfing to last a lifetime. But I couldn’t get enough ice cream. I ate the shit out of it. And lots of pizza with extra cheese. And donuts too. Now, I don’t crave fat NEEEEARLY as much. Too much sour cream on a burrito for example and it gets yucky for me. Ice cream, I don’t eat it at all. I was also eating lots of cereal too. I went the whole winter without craving cereal, milk, or ice cream. (Cheese? HA Don’t go a day without it.) Now I’m lactose intolerant as fuck again. God I had cereal and got the worse cramps ever. and I broke out and got 6 pimples just like that…so idk if I’m gonna slowly build my tolerance up again or so fuck milk it gives me pimples and cramps and cheese is just fine. I wish Almond milk was good for you cuz I’d be eating my cereal with that. I wouldn’t think drinking liquid pufa’s like that could be healthy rofl.

          • Graham says:

            Most people on 180degreehealth seem to be or at least recently were heavy dieters, and there is still a lot of obsessiveness with food as a result of that, for that reason I don’t feel much like getting in on the discussions there. I’d rather talk about making improvements in health and mood, not how many PUFA’s are in our modern diet, (that does suck balls though,) and over there there is still (at least from what I’ve read in the comments,) a fear of food to some degree. I really love what Matt Stone has done though, he’s got a hell of a lot of info on there and it makes for a very good read. (I’d just like to point out that I’m not trying to criticize the readers or anything like that, I just don’t relate to that mentality anymore, I didn’t really relate to it when dieting either.)

            As for craving fat, all I know is that when I stopped dieting my body was craving calories, end of story. I preferred chocolate by a mile but I more or less just ate what was around. Maybe the human body gets good at burning certain types of foods and your body was just easily capable of digesting the fat easily. There is definitely more filling stuff in fat than in most junk foods, I don’t remember getting full when I was refeeding, just filling my stomach as much as I could and still feeling a bit hungry. I’ve started to feel almost genuinely full now that I’ve started including more things like double cream in my diet. If you were still capable of easily digesting fat when you finished dieting I wouldn’t be surprised at all if you craved more of that than carb based food.

            As for the milk issue, if you’ve got the energy build your tolerance back up, if not don’t worry about it. I only have milk because it makes double cream taste good, (my brother just drinks it straight out of the container, he’s started building some muscle since he starting eating more fat.)

          • mike d says:

            from my understanding the shittier things are in your body the more fat your body has to burn in order to get the calories it needs. when things are running well, carbs are the preferred source. i know for the longest time starting i went zero carb i couldnt eat a lot of carbs without getting sick of them. i could eat quite a bit of sugar before needing fat.

      • John says:

        I’ll fire off another email to him asking for an update…he must be checking the blog. I do know he often goes off into the wilderness and sometimes has no internet or cell service for long periods of time.

        • Graham says:

          Can’t blame him, the second I figure out where I can emulate that in the UK, I’ll be disappearing. I could really do with that isolation, even if only for a short while.

        • mike d says:

          actually this leaves me curious as to the effect sleeping in the woods for a week or so at a time would have on ones stress levels. as long as food was plentiful, would everyone benefit equally? i know the few times ive slept in the woods id feel refreshed and generally in a better mood. also one of the few times id consistently wake up at 7:00am haha.

  10. Bob Dean Metal Dude says:

    I have a question for anybody that wants to answer.

    There are things I would love to know about but I always forget to look them up! I read a lot, I do, but gosh theres just so much to learn I overload myself and miss the simple stuff sometimes.

    FOR EXAMPLE. I’m gonna look this up a little bit, but I’ll ask yall anyway. What is the deal with Benching and the rotator cuff. Or sit ups and back problems. Why are the so many different recommendations. Chief recommends sit ups (crunches) whatever…Might that be bad? I heard using a swiss ball was better…

    Anyhow…For some reason I love the feeling of having sore pumped arms and chest. I would like to start workin me chest out. Push ups are cool, but I get much more motivation and excitement out of benching. I have NO CLUE where I stand…and I’m wondering, is it safe? I can’t afford injury in the least…which sucks cuz I’d love to learn some martial arts some day…

    • Zach says:

      Benching is safe, just tuck your elbows close to your body and dont let them flare out. Make sure to work the upper back just as much to stay balanced. Personally handstand presses got my chest and tris bigger then anything else. Weighted dips as well.

      I dont think crunches are a good idea. Spinal flexion under load puts a ton of pressure on the lower back. Hanging leg raises and planks would be safer options. Heavy single arm kettlebell swings, windmills and knees to elbows really hit my abs hard as well.

    • Graham says:

      From what I’ve seen on bench pressing, it’s mainly the guys who do nothing but bench and cause a strength imbalance by not making the back stronger as well. If you’re training everything well you shouldn’t have any issues.

      There are lots of different recommendations for things because everyone is built differently and has had a different experience as a result. Just bench and see how you respond, injuries don’t happen overnight. Even if you did get problems you can always stop when they first start to appear.

  11. Bob Dean Metal Dude says:

    Thank you so much for all of the information dudes! There is an exercise that is like skull crushers, but its a little different and you go behind the head. It’s for lats. Anyone know what it is? I wonder if I did that with dumbbells (in the hammer curl position) if it’d be good. I am limited in exercises because of my wrists bein messed up…Can’t twist my palms towards me that much.

    Like I’ve said before, when I first started working as a metal recycler I was 200 pounds. It was terrible. That’s when I was close to passing out every day. And really, the motivation to rarrf and to try a new approach was forced upon me because I had no choice I was freakin dyin lol. I don’t know what the fuck I was thinkin. I was trying all kinds of stupid shit. At one point, I was drinking coconut milk with vitamin C powder mixed with it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA am I fucking RETARDED/PSYCHOTIC. I was drinkin the vitamin C because at the time I was smoking a lot of cigarettes and the milk so the freakin ketones would give me fuckin energy and stop my tummy from growling rofl.

    Anyway…right before I started work, for the first time in my life I was able to do pull ups. I had finally gotten down in weight enough to be able to do it. Then shortly thereafter I sprained my right. Year later sprained my left, braces everyday. In no way do I want pity or anything like that. Nor am I tryin to be a drama queen haha. Just tryin to tell ma story folks. But I was so motivated to start gettin me lats goin and stuff at the time. Gotta wait for that motivation to come back and just get them strong with other methods.

    • Zach says:

      Lat pullover. Do them laying and try to go heavy, this was a oldschool strongman staple. I think the record is like 300lbs while in a neck bridge!

  12. John says:


    I can tell you that Chief may be back soon.

  13. Bob Dean Metal Dude says:

    what if that was the only back exercise that I did besides whenever it gets used doing something else and work? think that’d be okay?

    • Graham says:

      I’d try a one armed dumbbell row if I was you, get a grip on it that doesn’t cause grief in your wrists and see if that works. You should be able to get a pretty good workout using just pull overs and rows, you could probably make just one of them work.

      • Bob Dean Metal Dude says:

        Thanks so much for your help Graham and Zach! I am considering implementing some routines soon. Just gotta wait for that sweet spot, been busy and kinda tired chu know whata mean? It was ridiculous…I was trying to start a chainsaw that hasn’t been used in years (even though its basically brand new, and the bar oil leaks already HA) and a few times, as I pulled, my left lat had this weird sensation and basically tensed or somethin and I couldn’t really control it and it just seemed like it held tension while my arm slowly would come back to the starting position. So I’d pull the string all the way out, then my muscle would go ERRGG and my arm would slowly come back to saw. Got it started though..even though the mostly plastic piece of crap seemed like it was almost gonna break by trying to start it.

        Anyway..enough about the stupid ass chainsaw! =P Hurray for Chief!

        I bet one of you has seen that bodybuilder on youtube goes by the name of scooby. He recommends leaning face first onto an inclined bench and doing rows towards the hips that way. Much better for the back and allows you to focus on form better. But I think you’d have to have a certain bench to have space hmm..

        • Graham says:

          No problem man, if I was you to begin with I’d fuck around with a light weight and try to see what you’re capable of, and see how you can hit your back best without straining your wrists, though as long as you can hit your back in an exercise without worrying about your wrists too much, just adding weight over time will hit your back well enough. Sounds strange with the lat tension, dunno what to make of that. Maybe it’s just a bit under activated, like when you use your hamstrings when they’re not firing properly and you end up pulling them.

          I should really start exercising again. I’m gonna start with Pull Ups, Press Ups and Squats just before I eat. I’ll do 2 sets of as many reps as I can just before my main meal every other day, (can’t do many at all, they’re hard as shit at 213, and I wasn’t very good at them to start with at 140, haha.) Pull Ups are especially hard, I don’t have a pull up bar, I have a ladder and I need to wrap a towel around it so I don’t kill my hands. Could do with a bench as well, if I want to bench press I have to do a floor press and if I want to do pec flyes in future I won’t be able to get full range of motion. I just want to increase my options so when I want to do more exercise in future, I can. For now bodyweight exercises will do fine, maybe a bit of dead lifting as well.

  14. Bob Dean Metal Dude says:

    ya you could just make it a goal to be fit as fuck with your own body weight. Be like that dude Damien Walters. Ever seen him on youtube? There are many like him but he’s really good, a gymnastico fantastico magnifico show he gives. Dudes bad ass.

  15. Bob Dean Metal Dude says:

    Those thug work outs on youtube can be motivating. Or watching Brock Lesnar train hahaha. But seriously, black dudes at a playground ain’t no fuckin joke.

    • Graham says:

      Yeah, I’m gonna start with bodyweight exercises, just get up to speed on some press ups, pull ups, and squats. I’ll start with some easy variations of push ups and pull ups because I’m too heavy to be able to do them well, my strength has not gone up with the increased weight. Any other exercise suggestions will be much appreciated, some heavy deadlifting would probably complete the list for now though.

      • Bob Dean Metal Dude says:

        what about some frog squats?

        • John says:

          What are frog squats? To Google!!!!

          • Bob Dean Metal Dude says:

            I see there are a lot of different types as far as videos go. Women seem to do this more, but it’s a serious burner. Don’t know if that’s a good thing, some say the burn is bad, but whatever…The one where you squat all the way down, then only lift your thighs to where you’re parallel with the floor is what I’m familiar with.

            • Graham says:

              Sounds pretty brutal if done a lot, I was thinking more along the lines of brute strength building though, I think alternating dead lifting and front squats is what I’ll do for now, but I will look into those frog squats for a future bodyweight routine.

              My weight has stayed between 215-218, but recently my waist has gone down by about an inch, it’s down to about 33-34 around the smallest point now, I seem to have finally turned that corner, or at least lost a little bit of fat (I’m starting to get veins appearing in my upper arms as well, so I assume I’m getting leaner all over.) Things are getting very interesting, this is the first time my waist has measured lower since I started eating to appetite.

              • Bob Dean Metal Dude says:

                tire and sludge hammer?

              • mike d says:

                that’s awesome. sounds like you are close to being healed, or whatever you want to collectively consider what we are all attempting to do. Have you been feeling better lately? What’s your sleep patterns like? Eating patterns? Has this coincided with your effort to increase variety?

                Bob, how have things been doing with you? feeling better, slowly, all the time, or have things just kind of leveled off?

                drinking more water has reaally helped me. i’ve begun to lose bodyfat. ive also been falling asleep consistently around 12am, versus 3am at the earliest.

                • Graham says:

                  I think the best I can say is that things are varying in the right direction. Stresses that I haven’t quite fixed yet I’m aware of now. I’m becoming more aware of what foods I like and don’t like and I’m becoming very aware of when stress starts affecting me as it’s happening. I’ve just spent the week staying at my nan’s house, and because it’s taken me out of my usual routine, my sleep started to improve after a few days. My nan and granddad have lots of food as well, (they’ve been feeding me up, haha) and today before I came home my energy levels were starting to go up, which doesn’t happen often when I’m at home. My weight hasn’t gone down yet, but my waist is staying at the new width, it’s not much of a difference but it’s a definite start.

                  At the start of the week, due to stress I wasn’t able to eat much at all. I got a footlong meatball sub and I had to sleep for 12 hours before even trying to eat any, and I only got through half of it then, (I threw up about 5 times later on in the day as well, I wasn’t ill either, I think it was just stress.) All in all, I’m learning not to take stress for no reason, I definitely take more than I make. I’m gonna stop buying the cheapest version of foods that I want as well, I’m gonna try buying the food that I really want in the shop, and see how that affects my waistline. The main thing I’m looking to improve is my mood, and energy levels, hopefully other things like sleep and digestion will improve as well.

                  Way to go losing some bodyfat, glad to hear things are going well man. What else have you been doing that seems to have made a difference?

                  • mike d says:

                    conciously, its literally just been drinking more water. since moving to taiwan there are a lot of factor that could have aided in me in whatever progress ive made, but until i started drinking more water (especially at night), my problems were at there worst. my weight was 230 and looked bloated, i couldnt fall asleep until sunrise no matter how few hours sleep i had gotten the night before, and my energy levels were still pretty low although still much better than months ago. ive since dropped about 10lbs (and seem to still be losing very slowly), my energy levels are much better, and falling asleep around midnight is no longer a rare occurance.

                    like ive mentioned before, small things like an 8 year wart on the bottom of my foot disappearing within the span of a week, hair that had receded a bit and thinned is growing back (which is very impressive to me), and other smaller positive changes.

                    bob, damn dude. if she were my mom, i would have stopped talking to her a long time ago, or forced her to try whatever diet thing i was on in an attempt to get the ball rolling towards improvement. im sure she can recover if she were to focus on that. one of my long term goals is to provide solutions to people with serious problems such as her because no one should live like that.

                    • mike d says:

                      so its hard for me to hear stories like yours without reaching towards the phone and trying to do something.

                • Bob Dean Metal Dude says:

                  I am maintaining now. Not gaining anymore, and my waistline has stayed the same for a couple months or so now. I have stresses that need to be taken care of, but it’s really difficult.

                  I know I’m on the right track just like everyone else here. I live with my brother, and my mother. She is handicapped. Mentally, and physically. I have witnessed the gradual decline of her mobility, cognitive abilities, happiness, and everything else in between as I’ve gotten older. She is now basically a child with a fucking license.

                  She backed up into my girlfriends car the other day. She’s hit every single girlfriends car I’ve ever had. She can’t see good, and doesn’t have enough thought processes to even think there’d be someone behind her. She has a wound that’s two years old and won’t heal. She’s 50. Big. She makes messes of all kinds, including in the bathroom. I just came home to something horrific.

                  Me my brother and her all own the house together. I want to stay because it’s cheap. But she’s gonna end up forcing me to leave even though I’ll still have to take care of it. I believe my belly hips and sometimes cold feet are attributed to my mother and the environment I live in. It’s fucking hopeless. Nobody, not me, or anyone else in my family have had answers to this dilemma. It’s like I have no choice but to watch her slowly decline in every way.

                  Pharmaceuticals and psychiatry can ruin lives. Guess I was just venting. Stress free? I’m far from it, but sure as shit much better off knowing what we all know. I don’t want pity of course, and a lot of it I’m numb to anymore. But I just recognize it’s affecting my energy, moods, and fat levels.

                  • Graham says:

                    I’m really sorry to hear about that man. It’s brutal watching things happen that affect you, that you have no control over. I’ve never had to deal with something that bad but I know what it’s like to live in a house where you feel like the life is being sucked out of you, (after spending the week at my nan’s and then coming back home I’ve only just realised that I didn’t feel incredibly uncomfortable in bed when I woke up in the morning when I was there, and I do at home.) No matter how hard I’ve tried I can’t stop feeling depressed, lethargic and bitchy about everything that’s going on while I’m living in my house. I remain optimistic that it can change though, I have to haha, it’s all I’ve got at the moment.

                    The idea of just dropping the stress is fucking complicated, and it just isn’t as simple as just dropping it. If it were, none of us would be here with health and weight problems we’d like addressed. I’ll tell you though, looking at reasons why I store lots of fat around the middle (despite being pretty lean everywhere else, though not as lean as I could be, not by a mile) the fat becomes the least of my concerns, it really is just a symptom, recently I stopped caring about it and it barely registers as a goal now, I know it will go when it isn’t needed. That’s probably why it went down slightly as well.

                    I plain and simply don’t trust medicine or conventional wisdom and advise. I’m not saying there aren’t benefits there (they’re really good with acute problems that need surgery,) but most of them are to help balance up problems that shouldn’t exist in the first place, brought on by our lifestyle. Look at hunter gatherer culture, (the real stuff from before agriculture, not how it is after interacting with civilization.) That was a fucking eye opener for me, the main killers like cancer and cardiovascular disease that plague our society were unheard of then, (they were almost unheard of 50 years ago before saturated fat was made inconvenient to get a hold of in decent amounts in fairness.) The difference in the strength and health of people in our society when compared to theirs doesn’t even come close, (and it isn’t down to a laborious life as most would assume, they were actually pretty fucking sedentary people for the most part.) It’s amazing what minimal stress and abundant food can do, it’s unheard of as a solution because it doesn’t happen in our society (that’s probably why no one has looked into it for answers, like feeding overweight people more food to combat obesity,) those that are closest to it make up the genetic freaks I’ve seen all over the internet, it’s no wonder some people get completely anal about every facet of training on these bodybuilding websites, (to cultlike levels of dedication sometimes, they get angry when people do something different) and fail to see any results, and then get mad when someone comes along eating what they want, lifts weights every now and then and makes good consistent progress.

                    I’m glad to hear your weight has stabilized, that’s a major fucking milestone for anyone to get to. All we can do is continue to make small changes to get our health in the right direction we want it to go in, the healthier we get, the better we’ll be at handling stress any way. Again, I’m really sorry to hear about your family, I hope things improve in whatever way they can for you, (and if you need to rant, that’s what blogs are for, haha, you’re in the right place.)

                    • Bob Dean Metal Dude says:

                      Thanks for your kind words Graham. We’re all on the right track =) Sure u don’t have mold in your house? I feel like anytime I ever go somewhere else (like some middle class clean, warm and smellin good place, i always feel better. That’s most likely because my house isn’t clean warm and smellin good (I manage what I can stand, my room is always great =) ) but my house is old, and the roof leaked for some years back. I could just be constantly getting subclinically ill. I forgot to mention that at the time of writing that yesterday I was nebulizing colloidal silver (shit seriously works btw) because I came down with something.

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