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GET FAT, Lose It, Film It, Teach It …Edutainment Style

Let’s face it: the way to reach the masses is through entertainment…but that does not mean it can’t be educational and thought-provoking.

I’m not  kidding here, people.  I’ll show you how to lose 100 pounds eating buffet style, literally.  What I plan to do is crank my weight up to 300 pounds and lose it with methods that obviously debunk the typical calories-in, calories-out methodology. Hopefully if enough people see this, it will also put an end to dieting. Yes- an end! You read that right, I want to go on a tour around the world  documenting my weight loss, meeting people from my blog, exploring local obesity related items of interest and interview people that have incredible things to say or bring to the table. Word, I Might even kick it with a few jack asses that can’t help but put their foot in their mouths. I’ll be looking at the cultural obsession with weight loss, and articulating why I think they are going about it all wrong. I’ll interview people from all walks of life, working with them one-on-one and tracking progress over months. And no, you don’t need big muscles and a mohawk. This works for everyone.

I promise to make this as “in your face” as possible, an all out assault on the mind because I want to impart a lot of wisdom here. I aim to bring as much clear-cut proof as I possibly can in a fast-paced documentary of reasonable length. I am going for high quality material with animations to explain key ideas – not a hurry up and put a DVD out to have a product.  If you were to combine Super Size Me + an instructional workout video + the geekiest cutting edge science explained in laymen’s terms + 100 viral videos of epic funniness into the mix, it would not even equal what I have planned. Mine will be ten times more badass, I promise.

It Will Be Free…. for Humans 

Yes, to be completely upfront it would be cool to have it in theatres but I do not want a price placed on this at all. I want to make this available to the people; I want to make it completely free for download PirateBay-style! My goal is to free the world of diets – not capitalize on peoples’ misfortunes. Now if someone offers me a deal to put it in theatres I will make a stipulation that it will be also availble for free on the internet without any cost directly involved. I doubt many entrepreneurs out there are forward thinking enough to go for something like that, so most likely it will be made free in select theatres.  Theaters make money off of popcorn and drinks – not really from the films – so I might still be able to make this happen somehow. No matter how they see this feature length film, I feel strongly that people will recognize that I am paying it forward big time with this project and  I could have jacked ’em, Matrix-style with a price tag. In the end, if they value the experience after watching it free of charge, they will most certainly give back (or repay it forward however you see it). If a million people saw it and it significantly improved their lives, I’m certain I will easily crush my fund-raising goals. I base this on a long period of testing this no strings attached, ‘pay it forward’ practice with clients who give their trust to me and contribute when they get the results.

My Motives and Inspiration 

First off, I’m trying to do the free-world thing because I want to inspire people to think outside of our current monetary paradigm on a large scale as a cultural revolution, at least as an experiment through the eyes of the viewers allowing them to see what is possible when you remove money from the equation.

Secondly, obesity is a mofo. Growing up I struggled with my weight. I had family members struggle and even ended living their entire lives with the lowest possible quality of life because of morbid obesity. If I could go back in time and save myself from the struggle, I could have done so much more with those years. If I could go back in time and change the lives of some loved ones, I would- but I can’t. I can’t get those years back and  I wasted many trying to figure this out and I aim to save others from that struggle. I can’t remove the suffering caused by obesity on my family but I can perhaps save some people out there, for whom it is not too late.

 Get Involved

Anyone with unique filming skills, animation skills, sound design skills or  even knowledge or talents, etc., to contribute feel free to email getinvolved@chiefrok.com

I’m doing this people, and I’m inviting you to be a part of something truly epic.


P.S. If you haven’t already promoted the ransom note in some way.. DO IT NOW!

72 Responses to “FATASS TO BADASS”

  1. Corey says:

    Peter Joseph’s film, Zeitgeist was released in a similar fashion, and that went absolutely nuts. Curing obesity in a healthy and sustainable, not to mention fun way is like the holy grail of health, lol.

    The more I read up, the more I realize just how backwards a lot of the mainstream’s ideas are when it comes to this topic.

  2. John says:

    I haven’t been to a movie theater in ages…but I’d go for this. 🙂 How about an Unrated Directors Cut on Blu-Ray? Sign me up! Corey…I’ll check out that other video you mentioned. Thanks.

  3. Donna says:

    This sounds awesome Chief..wishing you the best!!

  4. Andrea says:

    Chief, I also wish you the best. I think your film has pretty huge potential. Huge potential to destroy the big biz diet industry!

  5. Linda says:

    Very cool, Chief! Good luck to you.

  6. Zach says:

    This is probably the only way you will get most peoples attention. No amount of blog posts will ever change a person who does not want to be changed but seeing is believing.

  7. mitzi says:

    I totally agree with all the previous comments! If you can show people how to dump the fat while actually eating normal food in realistic amounts, this project will “sell” itself. Can’t wait until I can share your movie with all my friends who are struggling! Yay, Chief!!

    • CHIEF says:

      Thank you Mitzi, Like you pointed out I could have an easier time selling this as a product through the usual methods of marketing and it would do very well but I like challenges and I tend to do things in a very different way than most People. How else would I have discovered so many elusive things.Who else would try to lose weight at a buffet but me loll
      I could have reached the ransom note goals just emailing my list of music fans but I like a challenge and it will force me to be creative and resourceful. In the end it will be a much better result.

    • Mike D says:

      I’m not so sure it’ll be that easy. I’ve seen some pretty awesome documentaries that people just gloss over because it’s “too radical”.

  8. Zach says:

    So Chief, whats the timeline for this movie? Are you already in production and gaining/losing weight or has this yet to be started? How long do you think it will take to gain 100lbs and how long to lose it?

  9. Matt Stone says:

    It’s not just about freeing up time, energy, and life lost while being obese either. It’s equally tragic to be on some magical diet or insane exercise regimen, controlling everything you eat, planning your social life around your diet, alienating friends and family, and spending your life feeling exhausted, cold, hungry, and allowing thoughts about what you are eating to eclipse all the meaningful things you could be thinking about and doing.

    Yeah, I’m definitely in. The most popular similar documentary right now is about juice-fasting for several months at a time and jogging. You could film a documentary with your phone and it would still come out better than that!

  10. Sue says:

    I’m sorry you can’t get them back, your family members. The movie is a seriously good idea.

    • CHIEF says:

      Don’t be sorry, you had nothing to do with it. I do thank you for the consideration though. While I don’t think we can put the blame on any one person, It’s obvious to me that their is way too many people taking advantage of those dealing with obesity. I helped go through an uncle’s possessions after death and 90 % of it was diet books and fad weight loss systems. Imagine leaving behind nothing but a reminder that you struggled so desperately and were scammed repeatedly. that’s why I want this to be free and that’s why I want it to be big.

      • John says:

        Man that’s too bad Chief. Funny I have quite the collection as well. The books serve as a history of my dieting the last couple of years. Same with the Kindle. F that stuff man.

        • CHIEF says:

          It is too bad, Really. By the time I had a rudimentary thing going that worked and a pretty good understanding he had completely given up on trying, wouldn’t listen and was taking some crazy advice from his doctor involving pills and lost weight really fast but looked terrible and passed away not long after.

          • Graham says:

            It’s tragic, I really hope you accomplish what you’re after with this. I expect it to do a big blow to the whole “health food” and “healthy lifestyle” mentality that causes people nothing but stress with no results to show for it. Best of luck Chief, I look forward to your widespread success, it can only mean good things for people.

            • CHIEF says:

              Thank you Graham, I’ve been very exited with everything and already it has been very successful in my eyes so far. Change is what I am after not quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies.

      • Rob says:

        Dude, that is sad. Sorry homey.

        To the credit of my mostly overweight family, they haven’t spent as much time as the average overweight person fighting against themselves to get it off. They definitely have an unrestrained eating pattern, but very little physical movement and the rest of their lives’ architecture isn’t in place to get over the hump. Maybe this documentary will help ’em, though I’m not sure they want to help themselves.

      • Chrissy says:

        Wow, that could be me. I was just looking at my kindle and realizing that about 98% of what is on there are books about food and weight loss. How sad it is indeed.

  11. Justin says:

    Yes! I’ve been waiting for this! I really hope you include some Chinese buffets. Not only are they delicious, but they seem to be much more common as far as buffets go, especially in smaller towns. I’d love to see a monster plate of General Tso.

    • CHIEF says:

      General Toa chicken is one of my favorites and it will make the plate at least once it always does.

    • John says:

      Dude, I am so on board with that stuff. It goes under different names depending on the place..Tso, Gao.. Strangely, at our local mall food court they have the best…it’s called Tangerine Chicken there. That’s stuff is legit.

      • John says:

        This is what I don’t miss…from some poor soul on Sisson’s site:

        “Protein, Carbs, Dietary Fat. Calculate your caloric needs for the day. Divide that into the desired amounts of Protein, carbs, fat. Fat has 9 calories per gram, carbs and protein 4. If you train add 500 calories daily for that alone.”

        • John says:

          ..and this…

          “A human being does not require a single gram of dietary carbohydrate and can obtain every necessary micronutrient from whole-carcass animal consumption.”

          • CHIEF says:

            This is completely true, you can survive eating an entire animal, there are carbs in it though a bit and secondly no intelligent people did that on a consistent basis, maybe and this is a big maybe during harsh times. Why they hell would you want to?

            • John says:

              Survive, yes…I was thinking more flourish. You can surive on shoe leather if you had too…HAHA.

            • John says:

              BTW the lady who wrote that says shes eats like this daily…from bone marrow out.

              • CHIEF says:

                woah a lady said that ? does she know what a true paleo girl looks like ? not what many girls would like to look like…

                • John says:

                  Yeah no kidding…according to Sisson Grok and his lady friend looked like triathletes who could run marathons and life crazy weight.

                  • CHIEF says:

                    only if they were athletes raised on sugar before they got into the delorean and drove 88 miles an hour!

                    • John says:

                      Funny there is a subset of Paleo (I forget the name) that is even more extreme…not only do you eat only Paleo, but base don your ancestary. So being Irish/Scottish, I could only eat Paleo-approved foods from Ireland and Scotland that I might somehow be better adapted to since that’s “where I come from.”

                    • Zach says:

                      I can actually kind of dig that. It makes sense that foods our direct ancestors ate would be handled better. It actually makes a lot more sense then paleo.

                      But fuck it, i like Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican and other good eats. Im mainly German and there is no way im scarfing bratwurst and sourkrout all day long.

                    • CHIEF says:

                      lol, yea it made sense to me at first when I still believed the thrifty gene hypothesis as the reason why natives had higher rates of diabetes but when i looked closely around me at people who were mixed to a great degree the rates didn’t vary, still a shit load of mixed people had diabetes. I’m more on the “humans are 99% similar” tip. After all you can not change your genes so addressing things based on genes is a losing battle.

  12. FranzW says:

    Pretty excited about this!

    PS a little while back my dad asked me about this metabolism stuff I was so into, and he wanted to know if I could give him some information to read. He is a clinical psycholgist and focusses on eating disorders. So I send him some articles from here and 180 :).

    • CHIEF says:

      oooowee that would be an excellent person to have on board in the discussions when we start getting into the mind.

      • FranzW says:

        My dad is awesome. He’s also an antropologist, specializing in native americans ;).
        It’s great to discuss these things with him. He is very smart and REALLY knows how to deal with stress mentally. I plan on picking his brain in the future and seeing how he can apply his system on me personally. He says he gives lessons in living.

        However, I dont think he’ll be up for disussing things here in the comment section. He’s very busy and overstressed. He doesn’t have much energy anymore because of a genetic disease that really damaged his liver. And he can only slowly decrease his workload because a lot of patients still need his help and will die (anorexia) if he drops them.

        • CHIEF says:

          I’d be happy to meet with him in person if he has insights that can improve on this thing or even he would like to be interviewed for the documentary. People with a lot of experience in things tend to have a lot of knowledge not available in books due to the way information gets distributed at this point.

          • FranzW says:

            Mentally he is definately the strongest person I know. He had ferritin levels almost 200 times higher than recommended. The doc never saw a person with levels that high and was amazed that he could still function, let alone work as much as he did.

            When he’s retired he will write more books. His life work on native americans, and one about his system. Hopefully his knowledge won’t get lost. Doc says his liver is a ticking time bomb. A lot of damage and iron deposits there.

            I’m sure he would like to talk to you. Especially if I tell him that you’re one my greatest heroes 😉
            If your travels bring you to the Netherlands you’re more than welcome to visit us!

            • CHIEF says:

              I am certainly intrigued by your description of him and Europe was on my list for this year so that would be cool for sure he might enlighten me on all sorts of things.

            • Cody says:

              High Ferritin levels? That’s genetic, right? I read something about it being much more common in European males and had to do with a genetic mutation that helped with plague survival?

              Does he donate blood?

              Maybe people weren’t so wrong when they used leeches? Regular blood letting would help mega high iron levels…

              • Cody says:

                Hey Franz, I was looking over this page of Ray Peat quotes on Aspirin and noticed something interesting:


                “Aspirin protects against iron toxicity, clot formation, and reduces lipid peroxidation while blocking prostaglandin formation. Aspirin and other antiinflammatory drugs, taken for arthritis, have been clearly associated with a reduced incidence of Alzheimer’s disease. Aspirin reduces the formation of prostaglandins from arachidonic acid.”

                Notice that first part? Maybe your dad would benefit from Aspirin?

  13. FranzW says:

    Chief, this is a little off topic but you and Matt seem to disagree on meal timing, feating, snacking etc.

    You recommend feasting once a day and only snack when you’re really hungry.
    Matt recommend eating more and drinking less when you’re cold and to eat less and drink when you’re warm. He seems to have no problem with 3 meals a day and some snacks in between.

    Did you read his ‘book eat for heat’? If so, what do you think of this approach?

    • CHIEF says:

      Hi Franz, Nothing is too off topic for me, its all information. I have not yet read matt’s book yet but I have a feeling it will have a lot of the same views I do just that it is a different path to the same destination. I will be reading it later this week and I’ll let you know what I think. We definitely agree on cellular energy, metabolism and fluid concentration, pork and a bunch of other stuff based on comments he has made in the past.

  14. Zach says:

    Hey just had an idea. Will you be tracking calories at all for this? I think if you could pull off fat gain on less calories then the fat loss, that would blow the calorie in v out hypothosis out of the water.

    • CHIEF says:

      I have tracked calories in the past and I can assure you I can easily eat less calories to gain than to lose. Did it repeatedly. It seems contradictory at first but I’ll eventually post something on it when more of the principles are laid out because otherwise it will seem like ramblings of a madman. it takes a lot of time to fuck with calorie counting and i don’t know if i want to count calories for a project about not counting calories lol

      • Zach says:

        Yea haha, not for the whole documentory but maybe a sample week of both phases. It would certainly add credibility. It will show that fat gains is much more about stress then food.

        • CHIEF says:

          It’s about a lot more than food but yea thats a good idea, i should do one typical meal from both sides of the fence.

          • Sue says:

            I agree about calories for this reason: we may not be interested in them or see them as relevant, but mainstream they are still huge. It’s still calories in, calories out everywhere you look, everyone you talk to – so if it’s at least addressed, it’s an opportunity to hook up with millions of people who might otherwise pass. Even if all you do is show the insanity of it and then move on!

            • CHIEF says:

              the insanity will just be the first 30 mins, the insanity is not enough there must be a solution. 🙂

              • nola says:

                I would absolutely love for calories not to matter!

                But for me, amongst all the diets I have tried, it always seems to boil down to calories;
                ie, I eat less calories, I lose weight, I eat more calories, I gain weight.

                It is not the answer though, because eating less calories leads to metabolic slow down and eventual weight regain. So in the end, it is not successful.

                But! – I have never found a way to lose weight without cutting calories and going into a hungry zone to some degree.

                Is there a way to make calories not count??

                • CHIEF says:

                  I will show you the path, They do not matter for any humans and Im pretty damn sure looking at all the deer I have seen, they don’t matter for them or any other animal either.

                  • nola says:

                    Thanks- I will be looking out!

                    I want to get out of the prison of having to count calories and restrict food in order to maintain any kind of average weight.

  15. Graham says:

    Hey Chief, are you recording the part where you’re gaining the fat. I think that would be incredibly interesting to see, possibly more so than the fat loss part. To show people that the type of lifestyle they have almost guarantees obesity, I think would be enlightening to say the least.

    • CHIEF says:

      It’s long, slow and rather boring plus I’d have to call it badass to fatass to badass again lol. All in all that part would just confuse the shit out of people and It’ll already be hard enough.

      • CHIEF says:

        I do plan on showing people the factors in thier life that contribute and how thier lifestyle is to blame only doing it through me would not be very entertaining.

        • Graham says:

          Fair enough man, thought I’d check though. Looking forward to it, really looking forward to seeing how you train as well. I’m struggling with mine, though I’ve had some results. I’d like to see your mentality towards training, it might help mine.

  16. Karl says:

    That is awesome. Could you give us any tips on how you gonna apply the “loosing weight” after you have gained it. Why does it work even if you eat “more calories” ?

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