1001 Ways You Can Help Me Change The World

I have a goal to raise 1 million dollars for a nonprofit project. Here are some of the way you can help me.  Feel free to share your ideas and links to some of the crazy things you have done in support of this revolution. I’ll be awarding exclusive and very personal prizes to the epic ones.

1.) Donate …NOW  I know you have  at lest one dolla dolla succka !

2.) Add me on Facebook

3.) Tweet something about the ransom note or my blog in general.

4.) Add me to twitter.

5.) Add my foundation on Facebook

6.) Bumrush every blog you know and shamelessly promote the ransom note in the comment section, I’m kidding make it interesting and engaging.

7.) Challenge every single trainer and obesity expert you know to debunk my methods ( do it now, I’ve been waiting.)

8.) make a youtube video about this blog or the ransom note.

9.) write a blog post of your own to tell your readers about this. If you don’t have a blog but follow someone else’s convince him or her to do a post.

10.) Get directly involved with these projects : getinvolved@chiefrok.com

11.) Turn to everyone in your office and say you need to check this shit out now, son!

12.) Get your friends and family involved with conversation about the Roksolid project or at minimum about how they can achieve Defatassification with a buffet.

13.) Write a personal message ( not just a lazy ass forwarded email ) directly to your friends though email or Facebook because your status updates are now censored.

14.) I’ll be working on a poster to print off coming soon…

 I’ll add some more as I think them up….  


16 Responses to “1001 Ways You Can Help Me Change The World”

  1. FranzW says:

    Dont have much to spare as a student but I donated the bit I had left on my unused paypal account 😉

  2. FranzW says:

    oh and I got an idea… perhaps if you make a poster about your blog people could print it out and put it up in their community 🙂

  3. John says:

    Nice Franz…as Chief said, it will come back to you. I am going to log into my old Primal Blueprint online account and challenge everyone wiith this blog.

  4. Sue says:

    I’m not on fb because I read their privacy policy – I read all that stuff and it is UN-believable what we give away. I only do it when I have no option. Slight digression – credit card applications say they keep your info – your personal info – even after you close your account, ‘for as long as they see fit’. It’s theirs. And as we all know, you live forever on fb, you can check out anytime you like but you can never leave. As far as I know (haven’t checked lately) they all say that. Every company you give your info to. Was told by a private investigator fb’s the 1st place they go and often they find everything they need there!!
    SO, seeing as I am in a rant mood, let me try rein myself in and say I will do No. 9 big time for you Chief, I keep all my material, I don’t have my own blog but you can put it on yours (gives you a break from writing too) I have LOTS to say (don’t get me started or at least not today if you have things to do!) it’s early days but when it comes together, I’ll write you a book if you want. Seriously. Okay I’ll stop now.

  5. Mystery says:

    Awesome, I’m going to do something.

  6. Mike D says:

    So, funny story. This past monday I decided to donate some buckz. I do not have an internet connection at home, I drive to mcdonalds and sit in their parking lot while using their internet (this was at 11pm, right before I usually settle down for bed). Welllllll right after I donate I decide to turn my car on to leave (I always turn my car off because I generally sit there for a good hour) and no dice. Try it again. Nothing. I have been recently experimenting with just wearing socks when out in public as I hatehate shoes, and i also hatehate pants so i was wearing shorts (swim trunks actually lol) and a hoody, AND it was 33degrees out and starting to snow. I eventually had to walk 4 miles in my socks to get to my apartment at 2am, then wake up at 6am to walk back to my car to get it towed and get a rid to work.

    So if this is what you meant by donations result in 100 fold returns, I’ll pass :p

    • CHIEF says:

      woah, rough story. It will eventually come back to you. 🙂
      I often walk outside barefoot. I even do experiments shopping to see if people notice, they never do.

      • Mike D says:

        honestly the worst part was the 2 days of being carted around by my work buddies (my job requires me to travel several miles to different grocery stores such as walmart and kmart). i bought them dinner and shit as a, “gee, you’re awesome!”. thank goodness I’ve almost gotten my body back to constant furnace mode, so it really wasn’t so bad physically. It was the first time I decided to go out shoe-less during the cold to find out how feet react. It was only supposed to be very light, just gearing myself up for an extended walk I was planning on taking a night or two later. In the end it was cool because I found out pretty quick that as long as you are walking or jogging your feet stay toasty enough to not lose feeling.

        I’ve found that people don’t notice if i’m wearing socks during the day or night, but I’ve had people damn near screaming at me saying what an asshole i am for not wearing shoes, what if you step on something and cut your foot you’ll definitely sue, etc… during later hours, like past supper time. usually the worst i get is people staring at my feet if they do notice. i’ve been kicked out of one restaurant for being barefoot. they cited health code violations, which is absolute bs of course.

        wait a second, yourepeating it’ll come back just sprung something to mind; do you believe in karma? how about a “god”?

  7. Rationalis Cogitandi says:

    You are hilarious, Chief. But not in a good way. Rather in a pitiful, repugnant, sort of way.

    Your ego is incredible: There is nothing unique or particularly insightful about your so-called “methods”. Richard Nikoley is right: You are just another con artist!

    To the idiots following this blog, listen well. If you really want to change the world, don’t listen to this pseudo-scientific quack. Rather, spend some time learning how to reason and think for yourselves and stop following egotistical, wannabe demi-gods.

    • CHIEF says:

      Thank you kind sir,

      “To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.”Elbert Hubbard

      “If I sought to answer all the criticisms that cross my desk, my secretaries would have little time for anything other than such correspondence in the course of the day, and I would have no time for constructive work.” Martin Luther king

      I will say this: If I was trying to con people, I should probably start by no longer investing twice as much money per year than this site generates in donations. Your comment as a whole was hilarious in a good way because after all laughter is good medicine so it’s always in a good way.

      Why do I or anyone else who reads this blog, care what Richard Nokely thinks ? I don’t blame him if he said that, cuz low carb-ing can make ya kinda cranky and prone to errors in judgment. For all I know you are actually him, posting here, looking for google traffic.

      Thank you for taking the time to express your opinion, actively discuss and find solutions to problems we face as humanity. your contribution will certainly help us all.

    • mike d says:

      Fuck off, buddy. I wouldn’t be here if chief was wasting my time. I’ve found more success in life following his suggestions (and matt stone of 180 degree health) than anyone else I’ve ever read. What he has offered so far really shouldn’t be mind blowing, SHOULD be common sense, but that’s how fucked general society has become.

      I mean, you certainly are free to think he is a con artist, but no con artist I know actually offers information for free that works.

  8. Mike D says:

    Hey guys! I decided to get some conversation going on a couple forums today about this blog, and man am I out of touch with the current world of diets. I’ve come to two conclusions; in order to maximize intelligent conversation I need to focus on forums where people are open to new ideas AND I get the feeling people are not as concerned about being fat as they once were. All the old sites and blogs that used to be buzzing with activity are no longer even a third as busy. Mark’s Daily Apple has extremely low activity, Matt Stone’s place is all but dead, and even Whole Health Source is extremely slow at best. My personal goal today was hitting up 3 sites, and I could only find 2 worth posting on that didn’t charge money (WeightWatchers in particular. Smart move on their part). Any suggestions on places we could attract people to here who would not only benefit but be open?



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