Having a hard time Deciding how much to donate to the ROKSOLID Foundation?

Let me make it easy on you.  Just pick one of the incentive below that tickles your fancy and press the shiny claim button!!!



Yes I promise to never spam you, its that simple your money or your life sucka. As highly improbable as this may sound, if ever I fail to reach my goals and decide to declare vengeance on the world as a super villain, I promise to remove your email from my glorious spam-bot as a token of my appreciation. More importantly you know you have helped me do something amazing with so little. What are you going to do with 99 cents anyway, Almost have enough for something ?




UNLIMTED POWER !!!! YES… YES … ok well sort of unlimited power for this blog. VOTING POWER,  For 5 bucks you can become an official voter in the various things we are working on. This includes things such as : what post should be worked on next, ideas to implement, what sort of food smashing challenges I should do, what kinds of crazy things I should do in a youtube video and the list goes on! It’s a one time donation that gets you unlimited power …well unlimited because there is no limit to the amount things we are going to be voting on, so Rok The Vote Homboy!



OH! So your ready to step into the big leagues huh? Enter The magic 8 ball package!  Yes, I’ll be your own personal magic 8 ball, I will answer whatever you want to ask me. I usually get about 20 questions a day from people who are not my clients, just people that somehow get my email and ask me tough question about all sorts of stuff and being the nice guy I am I give them really good answers. I will stop doing this at once! From now on I’ll send them a link to this page telling them to give to a good cause first and then I will graciously answer.   You also get the no spam from me and the unlimited power package included.

To give you an idea of what sort of questions are we talking about here : Anything goes, just look at these three examples.

EXAMPLE 1.)  QUESTION :  Do carbs make you fat  ?

 ANSWER:  No! Just Eat The Food!  Trust me they are all completely wrong about carbs, I eat em in spades. Go ahead and eat em post workout for a bonus effect. It’s not about the fat or the carbs or the protein or the calories for that mater, if your body wants to make fat it will make you eat whatever it needs to make you fat. focus on having a body that does not want to be fat. Consciously avoiding carbs or calories may make it more difficult for your body to create fat but it is certainly not a solution, it only creates a body more interested in creating fat. Dieting in all of its forms is one of the best ways to create an obese body in the long term.

EXAMPLE  2.)   QUESTION :  Can I has cheeseburger ?

 ANSWER:  yes you can has cheeseburger, I just had 4.

EXAMPLE  3.)  QUESTION : Will I ever be a badass like you ?

 ANSWER : My sources say no but the  outlook is good if you continue to read my blog.




I had to go ultra matrix style with a “29.95 $” somewhere. It’s the exact price my competitors might charge for the answer to obesity but I want that to be free because in the end it’s priceless. Shirts on the other hand require fabric, thread and take time to stitch up, painstakingly illustrate, and delicately sniff  for quality assurance purposes.  My elves will be working around the clock on these babies because I put 6.4 ounces of pure baddassery into each one of them!

Contribute 29.95 YOU GET

1- The ultra-limited lifetime spam protection plan

2- Unlimited Power !

3- My personal 8 ball question answering service

4-Your choice of one of the dope t-shirts I designed.  I have many in the works you get first dibs.


examples of shirts will be HERE ( link is coming shortly I’m trying mang’ you know how I roll) I designed the 2 above btw claim em’ Now !



 I won’t even joke around, this is the best jerky in the world. I know this because It’s My family recipe ! This is completely natural/organic and cruelty free.  People drop 30 bucks on a bag of this stuff but I’m going to give you a double dose of the most BADASS JERKY ON THE PLANET!  not one but  2 bags suckka!!   Nuff said…

Contribute $60, YOU GET 

1- The Limited lifetime spam protection plan.

2- Unlimited Power !

3- My personal 8 ball question answering service.

4- Your choice of one of the dope t shirts I designed.

5- 2 bags of The Most Badass Jerky in the World ! 2 Damn it!





What’s in the mystery box ? You’ ll just have to get it to find out.

Contribute $99.99, YOU GET 

1- The Limited lifetime spam protection plan.

2- Unlimited Power !

3- My personal 8 ball question answering service.

4- Your choice of one of the dope t shirts I designed.

5- 2 packs of The Most Badass Jerky in the World.

6- The Mystery Box… . .



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22 Responses to “ROKBOOSTER”

  1. FranzW says:

    haha this is awesome. If you can ship the beef jerky to The Netherlands I might be tempted to donate more in the future!

  2. Zach says:

    Didnt see this post when i donated, i will have to scrounge another 3 bucks so i can ask you ridiculous questions!

    • John says:

      I’m tempted to donate another $6.01 to get that amount to an even $2,100 (it’s 2,093.99 as of this post). I hate odd amounts. 🙂

      • chief says:

        lol I feel the same way I like things neat but the 99 cents on there makes me chuckle and remember why I set price points with the matrix in mind. I’m Mc lovin it right now.

  3. Bob Dean metal dude says:

    Being hungry for more information was more than enough incentive, but the answering questions, the diet nope shirt, and the jerky sound LEGIT SON. I just want to master the Fat proofing phenomenon and be able to help others along with health problems too. I haven’t been reading about food and shit since I was 16 for nothing!

    I like how you have fun with your vocabulary like I do. Defatassification for the win! Say no to fat fuck syndrome.

    What if a new comer is sort of confused about this website. Perhaps there should be a “sticky” to briefly summarize the whole shabang. I mean, you already did summarize stuff, but you know what I meeeean.

    • chief says:

      I totally know what you mean… We were just taking about a quick start guide to the blog yesterday in the brainstorming at the HQ. And an about page has been in the works for weeks I just don’t like giving people cheap stuff like a paragraph in about page. There will be much more to this incentive page people have donated things to the cause already.

  4. Matt Stone says:

    I’m feeling a need to sell those “dope” tees on my site with half the proceeds going to the RokSolid foundation. Especially the Diet Nope shirt.

    • CHIEF says:

      I’m 100% down with that idea. lets make it happen, I’ll even do a 180 degree special edition on one of the shirts. I’m almost done with the fuck diets shirt we could make duck fiets too for the subtle option. I’ll get something 2 you in 48 hours to look over. Thanks matt. that would be an Epiquin.

  5. Catherine says:

    Have learned quite a lot off this blog so it’s the least i can do. I will contribute more later when i have the means 🙂 For now i’m all about creating balance in my life!

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