December 31st, 2012


The last time I cried as a kid

It wasn’t when my dad beat my ass. I stopped doing that when I was little – but I do wonder whether he hit me harder because I stopped crying… I don’t know whether I was any more of a little badass than my brothers, but he must have thought so, because I was the one who got most – if not all – of his attention when it came to beat downs and I was always guilty until proven otherwise. Usually I was just proven beatdown. I was pretty headstrong and I think he saw a lot of himself in me, and so he pushed the limits of punishment out of self-hatred. When I’m talking about beatings I’m not talking about spankings I’m talking about the “can’t lift your legs to get up and move because you can’t even feel em” type of beatings. Bruised and aching, you just pass out on the floor from the exhaustion of the ordeal. (more…)


December 21st, 2012





This message has been prepared in advance for automatic publishing. If you are reading this, the (more…)

WTF Flame on

December 11th, 2012

someone on the internet is wrong

SASQUATCH: The James Bay Incident

December 9th, 2012


“Evidence of the aliens, footprints of the Sasquatch ”  Killa Priest – 2010

In the mid-nineties, I did a lot of travel for business purposes and for various hip hop related things I was into. On one such road trip, I was on my way to James Bay, driving a big 4×4 GMC pick-up truck, fresh off the lot. As was typical of me in those days, I was driving at night because, well, I didn’t understand circadian rhythms much at all and I thought I could dictate what my body did, not the other way around. Of course I was also driving fast, because I was still just a dumb ass young buck. It was already quite dark by the time I turned off route 117 onto route 113. As I was making my way up the 113 I was heading into a part of Quebec that’s really strange and (more…)

CODY LEGEBOKOFF : Accused Serial Killer

December 6th, 2012

Cody Alan Legebokoff


In an odd twist of fate (and perhaps by sheer coincidence), at least some of the loved ones who have lost someone along the Highway of Tears may finally get some closure, and at the same time, future abductions may be prevented. I was excited to learn that someone likely responsible for several of the murders in the Highway of Tears area was apprehended. This suspect, Cody Alan Legebokoff, has been arrested and charged with the murders of (more…)


December 4th, 2012


1.)  Balance is the key to everything.



(stay tuned I’m just getting started all the principles will have a more elaborated synopsis in time )


Reading the posts listed below will help you understand in greater detail how to apply balance and how it is the key to understanding everything in the human body as well as life  ( more post to come )