smashed car

“My life a car crash on the side of the road, y’all slowin’ down to watch ”  Chino XL – 2001

I’m Feeling a little bit like Bruce Willis in unbreakable right about now.

I Didn’t figure it would take so long to do another post but Yea, I feel the need to express a few thoughts in regards to that and how it relates to the big picture and helping you all get some success and well, at the same time understand me a little better and why it goes slow at times lol.  I’ve got a crazy year going where you have just about everything but a martian invasion popping off. The day after I posted Hiatus Status part 1 I was talking to my Mama and found out her cancer is rearing it’s ugly head again after quite a nice long remission. These were the type of crazy things I thought were behind me when I wrote the Hiatus Status and it slowed me down in general. Then a week of intense Rez-olicious drama segued into an epic car crash!

Epic car crash you say?  Yep!  I was driving along heading into “uncivilization” late at night from the boonies in a little compact sedan that’s umm… not really designed for badasses. (my head literally rubs the ceiling when I drive). things were going fine until I got into an area near the river known for “out of nowhere” fog to occur. It was almost as if a creepy movie scene was about to unfold. Turning the corner as the wind blew the fog in my path just ahead of my headlights reach, I slowed down but still entered the fog like the Days of Thunder smoke scene.

Just a second later as I’m driving, the Fog clears to reveal a big ass bull moose just standing there straight statue-style! He was in the middle of the road just standing there like a cow eating grass on a farm or something. I instantly tensed up squeezing the steering wheel and pushing against it like I was making a world record bench press attempt. Holding my breath, I put everything I had into it. I only had a second to react so I quickly veered to the left clipping his feet out from under him in the process. He Rolled up to the hood and basically head-butted me through the windshield! Shattering all visibility and crushing the roof above my head till it was about 6 -8 inches lower than normal and pushing my head into my chest like a damn ninja turtle.

All the while I’m trying to keep it on the road using only memory and the side windows as reference points for the tree-line and ditch because at that point, the windshield looked like a wild horde from a zombie apocalypse had given it a serious beat down. I did Manage to avoid a telephone pole and falling into the deep ass ravine though. I got out, brushed the glass off of my face and clothes and took a moment to take in what just took place. Even if I had a cell phone it was such a desolate stretch of backroad, it would have done me no good. I made my way home completely high on adrenaline feeling like Bruce Willis in Unbreakable. Once I got home I was happy to be alive and did a lot of reflecting on life and it’s a little early to really tell but it seems to have had a huge effect on me like my last brush with death did. That one changed my whole focus in life. Anyhoo, I spent a week recovering from the crash in the hot tub feeling exactly like I did back in the day when I got in a fight with 6 guys. Insanely sore and unable to turn my head with a few good lumps in a few good places. Even with the pain, I’ve spent the last week and a few days with a huge smile on my face, making it a point to contact loved ones and reaching out to everyone in my circle to thank them for being in my life and make plans to hang out. I also thought alot about what I would leave behind if I passed and left some projects unfinished so I thought a lot about strategies to accomplish more things with less stress as I forge a path into an epic journey with my current goals.


What I’m trying to get at here is simple. Don’t wait until something major happens before you acknowledge your circle and show appreciation for those in your life. Living the good life requires people to be in it. Every one of you out there should take time out daily to get a “social work-out in”. I don’t mean hit em up on facebook. That’s about as effective as joggin’ on a treadmill for weight loss. We humans are a social animal and it’s a critical part of our well being. You need to strengthen that circle much in the same way you train muscles, a little bit at a time in preparation for the future. Don’t wait until you need to pull yourself to safety on a cliff to start the process of getting better at chin-ups, make it a way of life. Same goes for your social circle, take the time to really be in the moment with your friends and family, don’t think about work, your weight issue, your bad relationship waiting for you at home, your credit card debt, your leaky roof etc just love the moment and those who are in it with you…. ultimately it may be your last and if it is, those issues won’t matter all that much.

At this time I’d like to acknowledge those of you in my circle here on this blog. This is all from memory so I’ll look at the list with some data and see if I missed anyone that is supporting me in this endeavor. Anyway If your name is John O’, Rob A, Sue W, Alex C, Mike D, Graham, Bob the Metal Dude, Franz W, Aaron F, Cody F,  Corey, Brian, Corena, Troy,  Zach, Deb hag-n-dauz, Uncephalized,  I dredge on through this shit  for you my friends. You have made this blog worth doing even with all this chaos and negativity going on in my life.  Thank you! I still firmly believe as this circle grows WE can bring this Fatass to Badass thing to the masses and in the process change the world!!!


Special thanks to Sken:nen, my newly adopted puppy for not even letting the hooves go to waste from the moose I hit. It is a deep rooted cultural belief to respect life and the animals you kill. The main way you do this by showing compassion in the methods and techniques used to kill and harvest meat and secondly by not wasting a single piece of it when you do.

Sken:nen guarding a moose hoof.

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  1. Rob says:

    Homedog! I got the word from one of your people last week. I’m glad you came through in one piece.

    Take care of yourself. And let’s finally do the hanging out we’ve been talking about forever. Catch you soon, brother.

    • John says:

      Hey I was suppose to be first! 🙂

    • CHIEF says:

      I too am very thankful. I’m looking forward to the next few months travelin is a necessity for the fatass to badass thing. 😉

      • John says:

        I almost hit three moose one time…late night driving on the Kangamagus Highway in the White Mountains of NH. Three of them ran right in front of my car but I was lucky enough to brake and miss. As strong as I thought my 1983 Dodge van was (total chick magnet, FYI), the moose would have crushed it.

        • CHIEF says:

          I’ll be takin my 85 dodge (I converted it to run on alternative fuels) hunting this week 🙂 chick mag with the captain chairs fo shur….

          gonna chop a dodge van and a dodge truck and make a 4×4 jeep-trucksta-van hybrid for hunting. It’ll be like a zombie apocalypse vehicle to go in the bush. lol

          • John says:

            Dude I am just waiting for the zombie apocalypse…I just hope it’s the slow zombies and not the super fast ones like in World War Z or the 28 days/week films. I do miss the old Dodge thought…the Chrysler slant-6 engine rocked.

          • John says:

            Meant to ask…what’s the alternative fuel? I am personally obsessed with water (hydrogen) power. I think water harnesses all the energy we need when the technology catches us to it.

            • CHIEF says:

              hydrogen, methane, propane, carbon monoxide, or mixtures of any gas that has potential heat energy. I’m working on a system to get it to run on liquid fuels as well such as ethanol and waste veggie oil.

              I’m working on a gaseous fuel/liquid fuel/steam hybrid engine for vehicles and stationary engine for a generator that could even run on household garbage with no emissions.

            • mike d says:

              no emissions sounds pretty crazy. do you mean something so efficient it just spits out heat/water vapor?

              • CHIEF says:

                I meant emissions out the exhaust into the air. I don’t think anything could be absolutely 100% efficient. It’s just done in a way that everything normally harmful is dealt with not necessarily for motive force but for the sole purpose of rendering it’s effects neutral.

              • mike d says:

                That still sounds like a really hard thing to pull off. My uncle is involved with a guy who has a working prototype of this machine that can extract oil out of tires, oil drenched sand, etc… Its currently being held up in litigation due to the investors being dickheads.

  2. John says:

    Glad you turned this into a positive Chief! All good advice and glad to see you in one piece!

  3. John says:

    What breed of puppy is that? Any meaning to the name?

    • CHIEF says:

      Mom is pure malemute dad is 3/4 husky with 1/4 wolf http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alaskan_Malamute

      She is gonna be a badass, pulls me on a skateboard already.

      Sken:nen (prounounced SKah-nah) means peace in my lang and she’s real peaceful in nature. Also without protecting it, peace is nothing at all so she is gonna watch out for me and my peace and protect it. I plan on doing some sled doggin with her and go on some peaceful journeys. Already she has slept by my side in recovery.

      The name is also reminder for me because Peace is an important value and has historical significance through the great law and the peace maker. I need to keep peace in my mind as I do my daily tasks.

  4. Deb says:

    Cheif wow. I am in awe of you and your rocking badass spirit. Most would not have survived that moose noggin. You are a force for good shit so we still need you here ! Much love and SO glad you are alive and kicking ass for us and your family and the res. much love bro much gratitude for You!!! Xo deb

    • CHIEF says:

      Thanks Deb, I’m trying hard to be a major force for that good shit! trying to make every moment count.

      One of my neighbors said almost the same thing after seeing the car. he said “some one my size woulda probably slid right out the car and died!”
      I’ve been working hard on the blog while I rest up too. XO to you too!! thanks for stoppin by.

  5. Cody says:

    I’m glad you’re OK. And I hope your Mom heals.

    You’re right on the social stuff. I’m in a position now where all I have is my mom and my daughter. Its time to find my tribe.

    Thanks for the inspiration Chief.

    • CHIEF says:

      Awesome Cody. find peace while your at it. 🙂 keep throwing love at em, even when they throw hate atcha. Eventually it’ll sink in for real , deep in their minds and it’ll come back to you with less and less stress and hate.

  6. mike d says:

    and to think i was just complaining this morning that my ear infection has been going on for over a month with no sign of getting better. gnarly.

    pretty bad ass you went back to the moose and roasted her up, though haha. i don’t know if i would consider that respect, or the ultimate fuck you. that’s not a way of thinking i’m accustomed to.

  7. FranzW says:

    Damn, you have a crazy life! I’m sure you can handle just about anything though. Make the best of what you get and turn something bad into something good! Your badassness is an inspiration 🙂

    I personally find it difficult at times with my family. We are a very close family and often together, but there is almost always a lot of stress in the house. We all have our issues and often the stress it turns into tension and arguments. It’s been like that forever. We have very good moments, but in general it’s just really difficult for me to get in a good rhythm/ flow there, making me sometimes hesitant to visit them.

    • CHIEF says:

      I know exactly what you mean Franz I went through quite a few years avoiding large family functions sort of like the movie 4 christmases. I don’t like the dynamic of my entire family together but as individuals things are usually alot less stressful. It’s hard to address deeply engrained behaviors within families but it can be done.

      I’m happy to be inspiring you guys, that is after all the primary goal of this blog.

  8. John says:


    Where is everybody?

  9. mike d says:

    For those of you focusing on the mental side of things like I am, some things I’ve discovered; many years ago I did a full assault on my brain using more traditional psychology methods and always hit a dead end. The next step I’ve found to be food and the rest aide of things, and in dealing with the production of a low stress mentality I discovered I was approaching things wrong.

    1. You can’t force an outcome.
    2. You CAN think too much. It seems being in a problem solving state of mind for too long is stressful.
    3. When identifying what is stressing me out mentally I find writing down what the first thing that pops in my head that I think is a source of problems, even if I don’t agree with it. More often than not there is something to it.
    4. When you identify what is stressing you out you should restructure your thoughts to where at the very least you accept it for what it is, but you don’t have to stick with it. The tactic in using at the moment, which may not be a good lng term solution, is to create a situation in my head to where there is a sort of mental parachute. For instance, money. I’m in a situation where I don’t have any savings and won’t for some months. How am I ok with that? By reducing my needs to as little as possible and being completely comfortable with it. If I need to sleep in my car I’m ok with that (and have). If I have to sleep on the streets in fine with that (came vaguely close once, but haven’t gotten around to trying it). On the flipside, I’m also building my skill sets up to where if one day I decide to not use money any more this will be an achievable goal (I’m really impressed chief managed to travel and not use money for a year. I think I know how he did it, though).
    5. Let the problems dictate your actions. Don’t solve issues that don’t exist yet. This may be obvious to some or most, but I’ve spent so long thinking for the sake of thinking I’ve completely lost touch on what is supposed to motivate a person naturally, at least what I assume is supposed to based on how I’ve been functioning lately.
    6. Throw out that fucking goal list of you find yourself thinking too much haha. Seriously, its ok to be “aimless”. That one actually took me over a week to finally accept.

    anyways I’m still figuring stuff out,

  10. SueW says:

    I can’t believe you walked away from a car that looks like this! But I’m very glad you did. Welcome back. Your dog looks cute. Dog energy is the best, keep her close! Did you know that Richard Dawkins says dogs are still wolves, the differences are all very superficial and unimportant? We should call them domestic wolves, he says (yes, even pekineses and chihuahuas). I do, even when people look at me strangely. And I’m glad the moose did not go to waste, right down to the hooves.

    • CHIEF says:

      thank you Sue! She has been very close, she sleeps right next to my bed and waits outside the bathroom for me lol She’s gonna be super-big. I cant wait to take her out in the snow this year. I would have to agree with Richard, I don’t even see much difference at all between malemutes and wolves.

  11. mike d says:

    You don’t have a post up about sex yet, and I figured this post could use a beefing up 🙂

    anywho, been messing around with no sex/masturbation/porn because well, I’m at a total loss at what the problems that are still holding me back could possibly be. Long story short, it seems that my porn hobby may be the culprit.

    now chief said when he goes into fat mode he avoids sex. Granted I’ve had sex very few times so there may he a difference, but I always equated it to sex in any form. I’ve been torn over whether sex is something that will makes us more stressed out if we avoid it. Is there such thing as too much or too little sex, or is that something that is normally left to our desires to dictate, much like everything else?

    anyone have some thoughts?

    • Bob Dean Metal Dude says:

      I have a thought. Who the fuck wouldn’t have sex for fear of being fat? That’s too much…I can’t have that on my conscious. Don’t do this to me…

      • Graham says:

        Sex doesn’t make you fat, it can help get you lean. It’s probably the best booster of testosterone that isn’t steroids (but without the negatives,) providing your body is getting enough nutrition/energy. Besides which, it’s a biological instinct, so good luck to anyone trying to cut it out for very long.

    • CHIEF says:

      Thats a whole big old can of worms mike lol. Um Ya I do avoid it not to monkish levels but to help put on the pounds its helpful.

    • mike d says:

      No bob, I’m more pointing to porn as a negative due to how it allows a person to reach unnatural levels of sexual stimulation. I’ve been reading about how porn related erectile dysfunction is becoming more and more prevalent, of which I have had major problems with for a couple years (ever gone limp mid sex with a 9? I have). I’m still early in my testing, but as of right now I can say something is up because my hunger has returned and I’m a lot more motivated and social than I have been in years. I’m sure sex with a person is much different.

      it may be a can of worms, but I’ve been seeing some dramatic improvements in just the past week.

      • Graham says:

        Keep it up (hahaha,) and let us know what else changes. There’s definite negatives to porn, the main one being that most people use it as a sort of release valve, and in doing so they avoid dealing with the stuff they should be facing, and their problems can go unaddressed for years. In fairness though, those negatives can apply to a lot of the artificial stimulation we have, light bulbs are probably the biggest that comes to mind.

      • mike d says:

        Oh absolutely. I’m reading a bit into the dopamine center lately and everrryyyyything we do activates it in some form it seems. Porn can be used to cover up issues, for sure, but the effects seem to be farther reaching than that and outright cause problems that weren’t there before, or at the very least exaggerate them. Believe me, I don’t waaant to he doing this haha, but no stone left unturned mother fucker!

      • Bob Dean Metal Dude says:

        Sorry Mike D I misinterpreted what you were saying! I would like to respond more in depth but I’m busy atm 😉 Everything you guys are talking about with the dopamine, porn and video games, I can totally relate to all of it. I commend you for your experimental efforts, everybody.

        I think I go into manic states researching, watching things sometimes too. But then I just fall asleep lol. Sometimes I will be hungry while doing this too and I keep reading or watching things avoiding other body signals. I thought it was more to do with a hunger for knowledge…or something like that =)

        • Graham says:

          Yeah, I normally go into that type of mode when researching, even when it gets exhausting mentally to keep reading. I’ve spent one day so far cutting down on the amount of electronic stimulation I use and the first thing that become obvious is I’m completely unmotivated by most things. I have no idea what to do with my time, my body seems to be telling my to just lie down and try to relax (different from why I needed to lie down a few months ago due to physical exhaustion,) but I mentally struggle with the concept.

          The second thing that has become obvious is that I no longer enjoy things that used to make me happy. Things like computer games, which I used to play most of the day when I was a kid/teen. I feel like I should enjoy them and so I’ve been trying to play them without noticing how tiring they were to me, but since cutting them out I realised that I have very little desire to play them outside of the fact that that’s what I used to do and all anyone would tell me when I was playing them was that all I did was lie about all day relaxing and doing nothing, the reality is that what they call nothing is actually a lot of exertion to me. I’ve been ignoring my body telling me to cut down on the expenditure because mentally I thought I was doing nothing, (this explains why me and my brother got stretch marks without getting very fat, too much energy going out for the body to cope and not enough going in.)

          The thing that I’m trying to figure out at the moment is how do I get the reward and pleasure responses working properly again, it can’t just be due to over stimulation because all I used to do was play computer games and stuff like that, with very little physical activity in comparison, especially when I was lean and healthy. I’ll keep the artificial stimulation low for the next few days and see what changes. Mike D, how long did it take for you to notice changes when you started cutting stuff out.

        • mike d says:

          Now I can’t comment a whole lot on your situation obviously, but it is entirely possible to have essentially worn yourself out over the years. When it comes to cutting out YouTube and such before I stopped porn, it really wasn’t that big of a difference. I cut out porn, much bigger difference, took a couple days. Stopped wacking it, noticed it by the end of the first day. Couldn’t go to sleep that early because of how euphoric I felt. Now I notice a bigger difference when I stop watching YouTube. Very similar to remembering how I felt back when I was a kid playing video games a lot and would take a break. My brain is screaming for something to do but not much really seems that interesting.

          its been roughly a week and I’m still seeing changes to how I feel physically and how my brain feels. Granted my situation is focusing more on sex, I’m just bringing it to all you guys attention because of the spillover in every aspect of our lives.

          Some dudes have to deal with this for upwards of 9 months. That’s 9 months of as little sexual stimulation as possible. The idea is that when the brain has become accustomed to “normal” levels of stimulation you will begin to have random erections and in the morning upon awakening. I don’t seem to be as bad as those dudes, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes a month or 2.

        • mike d says:

          And as far as a direct answer on how to reset your reward centers, everything seems to point to reducing the amount of mental stimulation as much as possible. On top of trying to disconnect yourself from shit like bills, you also need to minimize anything that is especially rewarding, like beer, sex, and pot. The goal is to live at baseline until you see signs that things are returning to “normal”.

  12. Graham says:

    Most of what I’ve read points to the fact that masturbation has basically the same effect as sex but on a much smaller level, you get a much bigger testosterone spike during sex for example, but that spike does still happen with masturbation. Bringing a partner into the mix bumps everything up a level hormonally.

    Sex/masturbation has some amazing benefits to a healthy body but if your body is convinced it needs to conserve energy, (fat storing mode) then you won’t see many of the benefits you’d normally get, as it’s trying to conserve energy expenditure in everything but vital processes, (say goodbye to your sex drive.) Leave it to your own intuition to tell you how much you should be having.

    If cutting it out seems to be improving your health, then I would guess that you’re not taking in enough energy, and there are a bunch of reasons why this could be the case but the quickest way to know for sure if this is an issue would be to look at your digestion. How much are you eating, probably not enough. Either that or you watch so much porn, all day, everyday, that you’ve been ignoring or repressing other things in your life that you’re now looking at instead. I think your probably just short on energy and cutting down on expenditure is closing the gap a bit.

    I’m interested to know if Chief consciously cuts down on sex to help get his body into fat storing mode, or if his sex drive plummets after getting into that state, I’m guessing the latter.

    • CHIEF says:

      All really good points Graham brining the partner into things is quite different.
      Your correct I do consciously cut down on sex to help get the fat storing mode going but also the Sex drive does go down as the body hits the upper point of “ballancable” weight gain and the protective effects of fat gain no longer keep up with the stress and added burden on the system. At that point the body has no choice but to cut alot of things out. you can however deal with the stress and balance everything out and have a pretty high sex drive as a fatass. At that point your just a highly metabolic fatass.

      • Graham says:

        Here’s a question I’ve been wondering about for a while. The human body can be healthy and active at a high body fat, so what causes it to allow the weight to come off? Clearly most of the bodies systems can be running well without the need for the body fat levels to decrease, so is it really down to addressing the emotional issues and long term stress that could be throwing certain parts of the body out like I think it is (burnt out adrenal glands I think are a major issue for most.) The body is a massive balancing act and lots of things interact to generate that balance, but from what I’ve seen the most definitive factor is how an individual perceives their environment and how they interact with it as a result.

        What big things do you change when going from fat storing to fat burning Chief?

        • CHIEF says:

          Hi graham. We will get to the ” how does the weight come off” part with the body weight set point series post and subsequent tricks of sustainable weight loss that ill be sharing with the video stuff.

          As far as the big things I change I go into a bit of detail here.


          If you use these ideas as a reference point I’m sure you can find more ideas thinking about your own life.

          • mike d says:

            True but you’ve said that some times its more convenient for the body to keep the body fat in some situations. I’ll assume this is the minority.

            • CHIEF says:

              If one respects the function of the body weight set point and all causal factors are accounted for and rectified it is a very very small minority that need coaxing for a shift in fat stores. Most see it shift while doing a half ass job with rectifying their lifestyle.

    • mike d says:

      No graham, I’m saying the lack of porn has been the problem due to an over stimulated reward center. Cooliage effect but kept going several times a week for years. I’m only avoiding masturbation to maximize results. Food tastes better, smells smell better, I’m in a better mood, I can eat more, etc… I’m not convinced its a good long term strategy, which is why it has taken me this long to take it seriously. Shit, even small things like putting on my clothes is more enjoyable. I’m fully expecting this to calm down once I level out, but this is unknown territory for me.

    • mike d says:

      I don’t watch porn all day, but it was several times a week. 4-5. Watch shit for a half hour to an hour, finish unsatisfyingly if I even had the desire to. I initially stopped looking at porn and my sex drive went crazy. I felt the urge to finish 2-3 times a day at least and was physically tired from it because the release was intense. After a week of neither its actually getting harder and harder to achieve erection, which is a common occurrence when giving heavy porn use a break. And about food, I was eating much as I could every day. I’ve lost a lot of muscle mass due to a loss of appetite. I’m definitely gaining it back, plus fat, but I feel 10x better. Like, its instant. Euphoria waves and such, and when I view porn for even a short while my brain feels cool and the euphoria subsides for a solid day or two. No, this isn’t mental bullshit where I secretly have guilt about it blahblahblah that shit is annoying to hear.

      • Graham says:

        Yeah, I never understood why anyone would feel guilty about watching porn, that boggles my mind. Interesting to hear about the senses getting better. I need to try cutting out artificial stimulation like laptops and stuff like that to see if that has any effect. I feel unmotivated a lot of the time (though not lethargic any more which is good) and when I reach for a laptop to surf the net I can feel my enthusiasm for being awake drop even lower. I’m starting to wonder if my feel good hormones aren’t very sensitive or something, that would explain why I’ve got computer games that I’ve never played that I can’t bring myself to play because I feel that they’ll be boring, and I used to play the same old games for years on end and the fun never diminished. It feels like there is an emotional wall when I’m doing things that should be enjoyable, it’s more like a chore to get through stuff like films and games.

      • mike d says:

        Yea its really interesting because its not just porn that is a problem. I remember feeling like this as a kid but never understood why just that I needed to take a break, but there comes a point where my mind is racing and I keep doing stuff but I’m not making any progress with what it is I’m toying with. Its generally videogames, but even research and watching YouTube videos can turn into this manic sort of thing where I’m looking looking looking but never satisfied. Kinda like porn, but with porn I can keep going a lot longer. With videogames I use lack of progress as an indicator to rest from it, but with YouTube boredom is the only real thing that motivates me to stop. Anyways, I’ve noticed beer quickly sets in the symptoms of lack of hunger and muscle loss, which makes sense because that is known to fuck with dopamine levels. Its starting to get a little rough in a sense, easier in others. There has definitely been an increase in stress in some regards and a large decrease in others.

      • mike d says:

        The reading I’ve been doing on dopamine is giving me some interesting ideas in figuring out the weight set point thing. Some dude I saw was quoted as saying that of there is some sort of “weight set point”, its probably more like a “pleasure set point” as everything in the body seems to affect the reward center to some extent. Wheat and milk are both known to have elements in it that cause it to affect the reward center more than other foods, but I believe all grains do so maybe that has nothing to do with it. Idk a lot to process, which is good because most of the day I am in a hyper aware kind of mood lately.

  13. Zach says:

    Glad to see youve returned!

    I have pretty much perfected my health as of late and have taken a long overdue departure from electronics. I will definitely keep in touch with this blog though.

    • CHIEF says:

      Thank you and I’m glad to hear your doing good! Taking a break from technology can do wonders.

    • mike d says:

      Yea, I think I’ve finally figured out what I need to have finally activated fat loss in my body, too. I’ll know for sure over the next month or two, but its a good feeling, I must say. Good job, Zach. Lucky bastard, beat me there! Lol

    • FranzW says:

      Cool guys! I’m also on the right track. I feel like I’m getting closer and closer to what seems to be freedom. Freedom from the little prison I made myself to wall everything out. At least that’s how it seems to me. Like almost everyone around me is in their own little prison, never really living. Not sure if that will make much sense to :P.
      Health wise things are also falling in place.

  14. Troy says:

    Great post, very inspiring. Thank you,

  15. Graham says:

    Chief, I’m curious to know if any of the people you work with regain their health without the need for what most would call, huge amounts of food. Do most of your clients end up eating similar amounts to yourself, or is that just something you’ve personally ended up leaning towards for optimal results, and is it possible to get good results without that much food?

    • mike d says:

      I’m curious, too. The most I’ve been able to consistently eat is 2 big plates and a small one with 2 giant glasses of pop. I haven’t been able to eat like that since I moved, though.

    • CHIEF says:

      This ones tricky to answer. i would say the vast majority of people in the world unknowingly diet or undereat to some degree especially those afflicted with obesity. most people i work with increase their eating at least to some degree, some in extreme amounts. Not everyone I work with goes on to shut down buffets nor is that a prerequisite for success. However there are alot of that do and without exception they all achieve a point of unrestricted eating. Once this is achieved it can vary drastically from person to person in terms of total calorie intake. It’s not the calorie count that counts it only needs to be unrestricted and dictated by the subconscious. Forcefully Eating “big” can be a ” switch” of sorts but I wouldn’t recommend shooting for a calorie goal for any prolonged period of time if it’s unforced then let it rip though.

      I would be surprised to see someone 5ft3 and 145 pounds that chills out in their parents basement all day watching movies go through as much food as me. Keep this in mind when your trying to figure things out: I’m a big guy and probably eat more than most people do. I think it would be good to show some other people’s eating habits in the documentary to give the smaller folks a ” hero” or role model for inspiration.

  16. mike d says:

    Is there ever a point where one’s body produces little to no odor and one cam safely go without deodorant? I’ve tested this out in the past but its hard to gauge as people typically are too unwilling to say anything. I’m always looking at where that line of what I can get away with in the “matrix”.

    recently found out wearing the same 2 outfits is entirely possible so long as you are dressed well but not especially so, and that you can wash clothes far less often than you think. Socks can be worn two days unless you were sweating heavily, shorts 3-4 days, pants a week or more, etc…

    • Graham says:

      The thing I find funny with smell is that everyone’s perception is completely different so you can never really say that someone smells of something, because someone else will say they smell differently. I don’t wear deodorant, and I’ve had different responses every time it ever comes up. Some people have said it’s a strong smell as if I’d just finished working out (I don’t exercise, lol,) someone once (only once) said it smells like strong bo, and others say I don’t smell of anything at all, my brothers say I smell faintly of mint, so that’s responses all across the board. Some women I’ve met even seem to like it, in the past at gigs where I took my shirt off (I was incredibly hot and sweaty,) women have come straight up to the front of the stage on my side, I wasn’t in incredible physical shape either, skinny, but not great.

      What I’ve found is that if you produce a potent odor, some people will love it and others will hate it. Women in particular will vary in their perception, nothing throws off the sense of smell like birth control pills. I’ve just realised typing this that most of the women that have come up to me in the past have been fairly new mothers. That explains that, no birth control pills throwing off the sense of smell. The people that have said anything negative, and never quite to my face, have normally been people who really didn’t like me, but wouldn’t say, so they would take shots at things like that, in which case I can sort of ignore their comments based on the fact that they seemed to be not very nice people to put it mildly.

      And as for what I think of my odor, I smell like me while sat in the bath, my smell doesn’t go away for trying to wash it off. A few years back I went a year without bathing to see how that would affect the smell and I had a side by side comparison with my little brother after he went 3 days without showering. He said I smelt almost of nothing and he stunk of bo. This was the time when women were approaching me the most often, seriously, people never believe me when I say that either, I wonder why, lol.

      Anyway, you will always have a smell so don’t worry about it too much, deodorants don’t even get rid of it, they just sort of sit on top (that’s the main reason I don’t use them, can’t stand the taste/smell of them on the air.) But the best way to ensure you smell better is to improve your immune system, but people will still respond to it in a negative manner based on what they perceive, it’s all really subconscious stuff going on that you shouldn’t really worry about, it’s all the matrix with it’s false ideas of health that people assume is important that lead to the creation of deodorant, I’m certain of that.

      PS – Don’t grow long hair if you’re concerned about smell. People will blame you for smells that aren’t even remotely yours, I overheard one guy stood in front of an open toilet door in a pub saying to his friend that I smelt like piss when I was 6 feet away, lol. Like most of people’s perception, smell is affected heavily by other factors, long hair doesn’t fit with the social norm, so you must smell as well, haha.

      • mike d says:

        Oh yea, I’ve done the whole not showering thing, too. And my hair was decently long the whole time I did it haha. Went roughly a year, too. Maybe a little less. And tea, my body odor has changed quite a bit in it’s intensity, but I don’t know of something magical happens after a certain level of help is achieved. I will also say that when I was doing the whole no showering and deodorant thing women seemed more drawn to me, as well. I still only shower with soap maybe once per week. The big thing that has changed is at one point my health was so poor I got the comment a lot that I smelled like an old person. There was some musty smell, particularly from my head. Somewhat of a smell from my pits, but my head was just gross. I had real bad dundruff and as that has gone away I’ve smelled better and better. My dad doesn’t wear deodorant or anything like that and he is more or less odorless, too.

  17. FranzW says:

    I think I voted for liquid calories last a while back. But at the moment I’d find some more information about fuckitol very interesting. It’s whats mostly been on my mind lately, letting go of things. I’m guessing what you mean goes under many different names and is a focus in many spiritual practices. Death awareness seems like a good way to get in contact with the absolute futility of things, and when you see that everything is in essence futile, saying fuckitol becomes pretty easy :).

    • mike d says:

      Youre going beyond the scope of my thoughts lately, but now that you bring it up i have been forced to deal with the thought that God may very well not exist, that the only motivator for being a “good person” is purely made up. Lately ive been coming to terms with some issues that i drew conclusions from a while ago, but am healed enough to were i can look just one layer deeper to find a more accurate way of expressing myself. I dont think its a huge issue, but definitely one that needs to be dealt with eventually in order to achieve a balance.

      • FranzW says:

        Sounds like the same thing I’m trying to do, looking a layer deeper and resolving conflicting beliefs that I have. I’ve noticed doing so give me better mental clarity and peace of mind.

  18. Graham says:

    Hey Chief, how do you deal with different types of hormonal resistances in the body (leptin, insulin, ect ect.) The best I can come up with at the moment is Fuckitol combined with cutting down on things that spike those hormones, one main example being cutting down on processed sugar to avoid spiking insulin. But the problem I’ve got with that is that it seems more like a patch for a deeper issue, and seems too much like a diet. I know you don’t recommend restricting anything (other than a few choice food types,) but I can’t figure out how to get my body to be more responsive to these hormones without first taking the stress away (like the insulin spike from sugar,) and allowing it to recover first. How do you go about addressing these issues, or do you even worry about them in the grand scheme of things?


    • mike d says:

      Any time what i am experiencing goes against what ive seen chief mention, it has usually meant i am missing something that hasnt been talked about yet. If you are cutting back on something like sugar due to insulin spikes and not because your body is giving you signs that sugar is not wanted via taste and hunger for it, then i would think the root of your problem lies elsewhere. Any time ive experienced what i would label an insulin spike its a good thing. Describe your insulin spikes. How do you know? How do you feel?

      • Graham says:

        Nah, I’m not cutting down on sugar, just wondering in theory what goes on to decrease stress in the body and get hormone levels from dealing with stress to just running optimally. I am craving less sugar recently though, at least when I’m not doing stuff that pisses me off, and when I’ve got enough of everything else available.

  19. mike d says:

    holy shit, the blog is back up. looks like posts were lost, though. i could just be remembering things wrong.

    i suggest everyone here look into The Gabriel Method. I think it’s basically what chief does, only I’m thinking chief has taken his understanding a step further with the fasting and such.

  20. Graham says:

    Woah, the blog is back. How’s everyone been.

    • mike d says:

      Doing great. Still plugging away at the whole health thing, of course. Made a couple really important realizations concerning mindset and internet use. Getting ready to move back to New York City in September.

    • mike d says:

      And what about yourself?

      • Graham says:

        I’m doing really well. I’ve just recently checked out
        Jon Gabriel’s work as well. I liked the part of the interview I watched where he said he didn’t really want to talk about protein, flaxseed oil blah, blah, blah, when you’re body wants to be healthy it all happens automatically. Really good stuff. I think I’m starting to lose weight on top of everything else. Biggest issue at the moment is finding out why I get acid now, and how to get rid of it, can’t have everything I guess, haha.

        How come you’re moving back?

      • mike d says:

        Acid? We talking lsd or reflux haha. I have seen a couple of interviews with gabriel aswell. Makes me kick myself a little for not taking him seriously. chiefs a better salesman.

        well, i should say moving back to the states with NYC being the next big move. Ultimately i’ve accomplished what i wanted from Taiwan. The details to that, however, is that i am not satisfied here and am ready to tackle what i’ve been building up towards doing for years now; try being a stand up comedian. We will see. I may postpone the move if i feel i am close to weightloss just so i can finally know that i have turned that corner. You know, be boring and just focus on friends amd family.

        • Graham says:

          Sorry for the late reply man, been busy. I’m glad to hear that Taiwan was successful for you, I hope New York goes as well, and fairplay for moving into being a standup comedian. The entertainment industry is a pain in the ass but it’s good fun, I imagine you’ll get lots of both of those sides of the coin in a place as big as New York.

          I think I’ve moved into weight loss mode, it’s not much but the wide part of my waist is measuring about a half an inch/inch less in the past few weeks. By all accounts it starts fucking slow when it’s not diet induced, not surprising really. According to Gabriel’s stuff it gets quicker as it goes, and the hormonal info I’ve got supports that as well, (he mentioned that the stubborn body fat came off at 5 pounds a week when he was losing.)

        • mike d says:

          Its all good, man. I really hope you are losing weight, because that means you are on your way with being done with this health shit. As much as it warms my penis to know that anyone who frequents here has a better understanding of my body than 99% of everyone ever, it would nice if at least one person has crossed over and is actually doing what they want, living their life rather than constantly analysing what they may or may not be doing that is causing problem Y.

          I have stopped trying to guess if i am losing weight. I always disappoint myself lol. i think i finally achieved and have been working on maintaining a more neutral, in the moment mindset. my body is giving me a lot of signs that i hit a large vein of issues. The only thing i dont like about finding a large sources of issues is that its always extremely uncomfortable for a few weeks. my skin feels itchy, i cant sleep, i couldnt give a shit about sex one moment and intensely turned on the next, feel like i am about to cry for no reason, sweets and bread tastes sooo good, etc.. A lot of my issues seem to result in premature aging rather than weight gain, although i am a bit genuinely fat right now. How has this compared to your signs that your health is improving?

          • Graham says:

            I know what you mean with all the health shit man, I’m still a young man (23) but when I think of all the years I’ve spent analysing this stuff and learning about it all, it stops me in my tracks, and that’s not counting the years just spent tired and fatigued with no drive and no answers, that’s why I started learning about this stuff, because I wasn’t always like that. Still, I don’t think I’d have it any other way in the grand scheme of things, I know better than to do things that intuitively just don’t seem right now, and it will never happen again, in any capacity. When I think of how much time and energy that’s likely to save me in the future, the world looks pretty fucking good.

            I’m definitely no longer in the mode of analysing everything that might be causing problems in my body. If there isn’t a physical reason for weight gain (that’s a very short list,) then it’s most likely down to some form of chronic stress nuking the adrenal glands. If there isn’t a physical cause of someone’s weight gain then plain and simply, their body feels that they will survive better by being fat and lethargic, instead of lean and active. When put in these terms, there isn’t any question about why I gained weight in the first place, it looks crystal clear, so any wondering about what’s causing result Y has stopped entirely, (and all the stress that goes with it.) I wouldn’t say that I’m doing exactly what I want, but I am actively participating in my life now and I feel as if I’m in control again, which is a huge difference from 6 months ago, where it was just feeling like waiting for a famine to end.

            I’m well aware of what emotional issues caused me to gain weight but I’ve long since dealt with the cause of them, so they don’t affect me in the way you’ve described. At this point I think that being fat and lethargic is just a behaviour that I’ve had for so long, that I’m having to unlearn it to get my health back. About 6 months back I looked at my old teddy bear of all things (I’ve had it since I was 1) and that reminded me that I really did use to be healthy and happy, and not give a fuck about things that caused me stress. It obviously unblocked something in me, because my health has improved since then and is still improving. I could tell something was drastically different because I craved vegetables and fruit for the first time in years, (I use to eat them all the time before the weight gain.) I’ve started to relax more, and the anxiety has dropped drastically (basically non existent, though it does still switch on on occasion.) I’ve also started to feel like doing some form of activity every now and then, but the idea of an organised exercise regime makes me feel sick mentally, so I just jump around like a kid or sprint on the spot whenever the feeling strikes until I feel done. At the moment I feel like I need more sunlight, not quite sure why, but I’m attempting to get out in my back garden more, even though I still feel largely rooted to my couch. I also have stopped craving much chocolate and junk food, it can make me feel pretty shitty if I eat it out of convenience when I know I want something else. I still eat lots of the stuff, but I get cravings for veg and potatoes, or chicken and liver a lot more often than chocolate. I actually bought a lettuce and started eating it straight without anything else the other day, that was a weird craving, haha.

            As for weight, I don’t really check my scales much, but my weight seems to be stable at the moment, maybe a pound or two lighter, (hard to tell.) But the wide part of my waist is about 3/4 inch smaller than a month ago. I am expecting it to start slow and then speed up though, and I imagine that the weight will come off in chunks at a time as far as the scale is concerned, that’s how it seems to happen. The emotional changes are drastic though and I take that as a sign that physical changes are happening (which they are, my arms are getting more vascular and my abs are getting clearer again.) The weight itself doesn’t bother me because it’s important I think to think of it as armour, it’s there for your protection, nothing more or less, it’ll go when it’s not needed.

            I don’t know what advice I would give you in your situation other than checking out some more of Jon Gabriel, that guy has got the whole weight thing down in my opinion, and I find his view point puts weight and health in very straightforward terms which takes a lot of the stress away from trying to deal with it. That and eat more sea salt. Most agricultural foods are missing lots of nutrients due to the way they’re farmed and eating sea food brings those back. Sea Salt is an easy way to get more into your system without changing anything else in your lifestyle. My stretch marks healed more in 2 weeks of eating chips with sea salt everyday than they did in 3 months without it, and that’s when my energy levels started coming back as well.

            • mike d says:

              and don’t worry about giving me advice, you and i got this haha. i figured out what was going on a couple days before i rediscovered john gabriel. i don’t always agree with how he puts things, but i do find it helpful nonetheless.

              interesting thing about sea salt. i’ve read many wonderful and negative things about seasalt. i’ll have to try it out again and see how i feel.

          • mike d says:

            i’m glad to hear that you feel you have your issues solved. i also feel i am staring in the face of the last of my issues. mine has been a mindset i’ve had for most of my life now that i’m reflecting upon it; a scarcity mindset but applied to nearly every aspect of life. it’s been a tough 2 weeks trying to retrain myself, and i’ll probably need at least another couple more before i’ve finally settle in.

            in your experience, what has made the entertainment industry a pain in the ass? is it booking gigs, building notoriety, everything, etc…? you’ve talked about the payoffs of being a musician before, but are the things that prevent you from feeling that way all the time something one can mentally overcome? i would assume so, but i’ve never dealt with that world before.

            • Graham says:

              The biggest issue I’ve had is that the people paying us don’t agree with the audience, and that used to happen most of the time and meant that we didn’t get many gigs. Me and my brothers have never had a problem getting an audience to have a good time, we’re quite skilled at that, but landlords would think that it was terrible. I remember my cousin overhearing the barman at one gig saying that the fact that people were all up and dancing meant that you couldn’t see the band, like it was a bad fucking thing, haha. It took a while to realise that the people paying us aren’t judging anything technical or practical as a problem (like profit made or people’s enjoyment of the band.) Something about our mentality, the raw vibe people would get off of us, made the people paying us think it was crap. It’s amazing to see different people respond completely different just based on out perception of them. There’s definitely drastically more going on in the world than just what appears on the surface.

              I think the root of this problem is a mental/emotional issue being projected by most of my family, (I don’t have things like that happen when it’s just me gigging.) My older brother, who is the one I gig with the most, had this issue in spades up until very recently. He’s a very intelligent person and he was aware of what might be causing this at the core, but he just couldn’t let up and let it go, he was always trying to force an answer with his behaviour, (at least in my opinion,) but that’s adrenal burnout for you, it makes everything look like it needs huge effort and makes you feel like you’re doomed all the time. That combined with my dad’s attitude of, everything is fucked and wrong, and they’re all out to get me, (this is one of the reasons I gained weight in the first place,) means that at the moment I don’t actively pursue playing with my family in bands, which is a shame on the one hand, but until I’m capable of sitting in that environment and still retaining my own identity without being affected by all the crap, it’s just not worth playing like that, I can always go back to it later. I have to earn some kind of a living at some point, which I seem to be doing by dissociating with all of that and just sitting about playing computer games and waiting for gigs, I’m the busiest I’ve every been. So much for needing to try/work harder, haha.

              All of that crap combined with my own dwindling health over the years has meant that even though I’ve been playing for nearly 10 years, and gigging most of that, I’ve never been in a situation where I could really get behind what I was doing to try and push it any further in financial or professional terms. Money, as far as I’m concerned has a set point like body fat, that people will basically conform to, and changing that set point mentally has definite real effects on the world around you, I’ve seen it time and time again.

              One thing I found helped with the scarcity mindset, which I had in spades when I was saving money, (it’s definitely not tied to anything physical that causes that mindset, in most cases,) was stop keeping track of exactly how much money I have. I keep a ball park figure but that’s it, it’s way too much stress tracking every pound spent and I’ve felt way more relaxed about spending money without knowing how much closer to 0 I am after. It’s a silly trick and not very practical for most people, but I genuinely don’t worry about money anymore, it takes care of itself in my own life as far as I’m concerned. I will be interested in seeing how far I can take that mentality once I’ve got my energy levels ideal though, I can’t imagine it will change too drastically, just the amounts of money I’ll be dealing with.

              But yeah, all the technical details like booking gigs, getting well known, blah blah blah, they happen on auto pilot as far as I’m concerned when you’ve got the right mindset for it and enjoy what you do. I don’t think of those things as work per say, they’re just things that go with doing what I want to do, playing. They’re not chores, they can be quite enjoyable, but not when you’re thinking in the back of your head that someone is going to fuck you over for trying. It really comes down to the mindset and your own emotional state, you attract so many different opportunities and circumstances without changing anything else in your behaviour, it’s a head trip to see it happen in reality like that. If your head is in the right place nothing will phase you, you still encounter failures and stuff but they don’t stop you in your tracks. I think the biggest reason why people aren’t more successful is that they think that just because it’s occurred to them that they might want success from something like music, doesn’t mean that they really do, I know that I don’t want it yet, I haven’t really tried even though it’s been a huge effort over the past few years. Effort is not the same as progress, and effort for efforts sake just makes you ill. So yeah, I definitely think that all the set backs I’ve encountered can be mentally overcome, they all start with a mental blockage anyway.

            • mike d says:

              Interesting. I agree with basically everything you wrote. Especially the part about money weight set point. I have seen that happen a lot, too, especially once i started looking into successful people and how they got that way if it wasnt handed to them. The whole reason i am even trying out being a comedian is precisely because it’s been something i’ve wanted to try for yeeeeeears. It’s that last “check” on my list of things that i would be disappointed with myself for not at least attempting. I am open to the fact that it will take time and it may not be something i like in the end. Thats ok, i at least need to try.

              yea, my mom’s side of the family is very much like how you are describing your family. Most are alcoholics, drug addicts or are diagnosed with some mental disorder like bipolar or schitzophrenia. Fun.

              • Graham says:

                If you want to do it, just do it, you can regret it later if it doesn’t pan out, and it’ll be more life experience for you to help filter out what you don’t want out of life, and it’ll help you narrow down what you do want.

                My family doesn’t have anything in it like alcoholism or drug addiction, and as far as I’m aware there are no mental disorders, but most of my dad’s side of the family are very down regulated people from a physical standpoint, and they’re mostly quite heavy (not obese, but packing some weight.) Addictions and even mental disorders I think are a way of coping with the world, but I think my family mostly just don’t let as much energy through them and are less stressed as a result than what’s required to bring out that side of people, even though they are relatively very stressed, (hope that makes sense.) Best example I can give is my dad hates it when people get expressive around him, or slightly louder, he can only take so much energy. He gives the impression that he thinks feeling strong emotion means you don’t have the intelligence to not do so, it’s not unheard of for him to just walk off calling me a fucking idiot because I’ve said something he doesn’t agree with, (sounds more extreme than it is in reality.) Everything is very black and white with him. This sort of background mentality made self expression very hard, which combined with the chronic stress he provided me when I started learning guitar from him at 14 (as fun as it was, it was stressful when it didn’t have to be, for way too fucking long and way too fucking often,) I forgot the mentality I had as a child of not being stressed. I’ve had a paunch, a wide face and a double chin ever since then. I was rail thin before then, looking at the pictures only a year apart between the age of 14 and 15 stuns me that something that for so long seemed like just everyday life made such a drastic physical difference. It was only when I got some of the symptoms of Cushings Syndrome after experimenting with dieting (stretch marks on my armpits, biceps and love handles,) that I really took notice of what had changed, I needed that shock to reassess my mentality, it was that ingrained by then just because the people around me were like it and I didn’t notice the damage because it was so normal.

                Unhealthy mental habits are hard to break man, especially when the mental habits are those that everyone around you has.

              • mike d says:

                That’s what I’m talkin’ about, nigga! Jus’ do it, and if it ain’t kosher, s’all guuud.

                yea, I’ve been having a hell of a time altering my mindset. It’s generally one area of my life I am used to changing, but now I’m focusing on the entirety of my outlook and it’s been rough. I realized last night that it’s probably going to take longer than a couple weeks before I’m “settled in”. Anyways, long story short, moving here is Taiwan took a lot out of me, and ultimately I moved back a notch or two towards what I had achieved and continued to work towards with what I had in America and I am now surrounded again with people that are dragging me down. Good news is I now have the chance to stop the loop.

                Any sort of plans to get out of your parents place for good? Actually, how do you even few your situation now.

                • Graham says:

                  I swear to god I’m getting round to answering this question, things have seemed very busy recently. Energy levels have jumped up, that’s a good sign.

                • mike d says:

                  Its ok haha. We are all turning into chief with the whole, planning to get it done but never do until months later thing. I also have been making progress, unfortunately it has come with me feeling like shit (my best guess is that it has something to do with my brain physically changing. Its always the same cycle).

  21. mike d says:

    Chief, how you doing, bud?

  22. mike d says:

    feel like updating on where i am at, partly because i am curious where everyone is at on their journey, partly because i want to keep this site going at least some what lol. i hope everyone is doing dandy.

    major improvements lately have come from taking a break from the internet (using the internet maybe an hour a day as opposed to 5+, which the 5+ was still a cutback from my previous 10+) which i feel comes from the lack of constant new information that i find interesting. the Cooladge Effect seems to apply to any new stimulus, not just sexually. Problem with youtube and the like is that now information is almost too accessible, and i’ve noticed my brain can keep on trudging through new information regardless of how hungry or sleepy i previously was.

    been noticing my health has improved enough that i can actually do the whole fasting thing muuuuch better. in fact, at this point, i’ve been experimenting with not eating so late. up until recently i would be eating up until i feel asleep almost, have been for a while, though. a while ago it was from legit hunger (caused by mental stress it seems) my sleep and remembering problems have continued to persist, and eating no later than 8 seems to help a LOT. toying with that specific time at the moment because chief randomly mentioned it to one of the posters here.

    getting ready for the move back to America. have everything i need ready and planned out for the most part, mostly just a waiting game. only thing i’m nervous about the New York City move is finding a decent enough job to meet my low standards of living. i’m shooting for odd jobs that i am expecting to have lower than average competition. i am trying to work on my spanish as i know that will greatly increase the odds of me finding a job, but my learning problems stop that from happening. the no eating late thing seems to really be helping, so maybe it will turn around soon enough?

    how is everyone doing. BOB, i am talking to you, too haha. is there any reading everyone has been doing that i should check out?

    • franz says:

      Hey mike, I also notice big improvements from cutting “screen time” (internet, games, tv etc). In the last few years I also went from about 10 hours of screen time a day to 1-3 hours. At the moment I’m taking a month off from screen time for fun, so I only do stuff behind a screen thats productive/ usefull. Kinda feels like trying to kick an addiction :P.

  23. Mike d says:

    It has been over one year since chief posted anything. Isure hope everything is going ok for him and everyone else who has posted here.

  24. Mike d says:

    Yep, it sure is 🙂 Still doing the WOOFFing thing? I arrived back in the US mid September,. Currently living in NYC trying to find a job or two.

    • FranzW says:

      The WOOFFing was a good experience, but I didn’t want to be away from my girlfriend for too long so I didn’t keep it up that long.

      At the moment I’m also trying to find a job and doing some volunteering work on a farm where mentally handicapped people live. In addition I’m working on a book (long term project) and working on my health through the use of hair mineral analysis which seems to be a very promising approach for me and possibly the missing link I needed.

      • FranzW says:

        I wonder if chief is still working on his documentary. Anyway, I’ll continue to check this blog every now and than. Hopefully chief will suprise me with new activity here sometime 🙂

        PS. do you know 180degreehealth? If you’re looking for good health advice because this blog has been inactive I can highly recommend 180D 😉

      • mike d says:

        I do. Found out about Chief there after following for a couple years. In my opinion Matt is behind what I currently feel to be true, although looking at his recent blog format revival has certainly learned a lot. I’ll probably always keep an eye on him, but he can be a little silly about things, some times. I feel Chief is much more realistic and therefor useful, potentially may truly understand this stuff better than anyone in North America. I would love to get Matt, Chief, and Scott Abel in the same room.

      • mike d says:

        To clarify he is putting toouch emphasis on the physical side of things, still. For the past several months i’ve grasped hard onto the notion that my problems are entirely from my mindset. I’ve made tremendous progress. The cool thing is this new process i’ve adopted even explains some physical things. For example, this is the first time where i spontaneously stopped desiring, and therefor drinking, alcohol. My desire for sugar is all but gone and now i can finally eat “too much” sugar, a feeling i havent experienced since my teens. There are still physical factors, but they may be linked to my mindset more than i think. Another example, when i stopped drinking my insomnia came back hard. As far as i can tell the drinking helped cover up the mental stress i was having and by eliminating booze and allowing my body to reach homestasis without something that was hitting my dopamine center hard and making the percieved stress less, i’m allowing myself to feel the actual stress i’m feeling. This allows me then to begin the process of adjusting my mindset to eliminate this mental stress. Something like that. The insomnia still around but seems to be getting better. Not too long ago it stopped getting worse. I take that as a good sign at least.

        • FranzW says:

          It’s interesting how you feel about the mind-body interactions. You’re gaining insight in how you mind effects your body and how a lot of physical factors have a strong mental component. While for me it’s been more of the opposite. My parents are psychologists and I’ve studies psychology myself so I had a strong bias towards looking at the psychological factors. For me Matt Stone’s insights were very clarifying.

          I’m seeing how many psychological “disorders” such as depression or neuroticism can have a big physical component and can often even be fixed with a purely physical approach.

          At the moment I am a client with Garrett Smith from 180D. He’s working with me on my mineral balance and I must say that supplementing magnesium and potassium has helped me tremendously.

          It’s always intersting to look at how the mind and the body both contribute to one’s wellbeing. The way I approach my problems is by adressing both, like untying a knot with one “mental cord”and one “physical cord” totally entwined.

        • Mike dmike d says:

          What sort of improvements have you noted? Pretty much every time I started supplementing I soon after would cause an imbalance in my body that would cause me to become very ill for a couple days.

        • mike d says:

          what kind of benefits? every time i tried any sort of supplementation, magnesium included, i got extremely ill.

          • FranzW says:

            Better sleep, less stress, less pressure on my head from my sinus infection.

            The thing is, you need to know what you’re doing with supplement because they can also do harm.

            As far as I know, almost anyone will benefit from magnesium (thoguh you could test for it with a hair mineral analysis). However, it would have to be the right kind of magnesium supplement. Magnesium oxide is bad. Magnesium citrate is ok but tends to cause diarrea more often than other Mg sopplements (Mg attracts water -> diarrea/ loose stools). A good magnesium supplement is Magnesium Glycinate.

            It is also important to know that sometimes you can feel worse because of a supplement even tough it is beneficial. My mother felt really tired and sluggish from supplementing Mg and quit because of it. That was actually the stress system shutting down. Stress hormones have an energizing effect. When it is time to rest and recover the body shuts the stress system down and you feel tired and sluggish. That would be a good thing but my mom couldn’t see that.

  25. mike d says:

    I agree completely there is a physical and mental side of the equation. Or years i was very focused on the mental side but never made much progress. Now, this may be more to do with how i interpreted what i read rther than the information itself, but most texts give off this vibe that you can “force” a mental change. Like, force yourself not to be afraid of something. After that hit a wall, i moved on to the physical side of things with diet. i made tremendous progress but then hit another wall. I thought for the longest time that as long as i was giving my body everything i needed it would be fine, but after a certain point i stopped seeing progress. Eventually when i started eliminating things that seemed to give me more desire to do ANYTHING, between chief and the conclusions i was coming to with my self I decided, as an experiment, to latch on to the mental side of things BUT using the skills i had acquired to explore the situation as best i could.

    What i try to do now is focus where in my brain that i can feel tired or focused on something (i focus so hard that yes, i can literally feel it in my head. I would assume everyone feels it but i’ve gotten so used to forcing myself to constantly think that i had forgotten what it’s like to not think lol), and then do my best to relax it as much as possible then when i feel that i am over focusing on not focusing to switch to the a more open, flowing state of mind. More of a mindless, act not think, mode. Everything from food choices to when i’m hungry to how i react to things i just try to put it on autopilot as much as possible. It seems to cycle, where i’ll have periods where i will feel hunger but no matter what i eat i’m not satisfied and in general i’m just looking for satisfaction but i’m not finding it anywhere and many times it makes me feel worse, that lets me know i need to do this whole process again. Every time i come out of this i feel more relaxed, more capable, my memory improves, and in general feel less stressed.

    • FranzW says:

      Hm, what you describe seems like an interesting excercise. I’ll try it sometime. There is definately something to the ‘autopilot’mode. Something about letting go of things, to stop trying to force things or to let go of your grip on things/ your desire to control things.

    • mike d says:

      the way i described it to my friend is I’m using the power of LETTING GO and ACCEPTANCE. There may be more to it, but that’s the best I’ve come up with when trying to break down what it is I’m ultimately doing. This is in response to stress, btw. I’ve been using this with things that happen between people and I (in the past few years I’ve been very short with people) as well as when I feel a physical stress response like late night hunger. I’m talking 11pm and I’m physically full but nothing is satisfying me. Then I try to focus on the hunger and let go of the feelings, trying to accept that I’m probably not really hungry just stressed. 9/10 times I feel myself relax eventually and I feel better as well as the hunger goes away.

      • FranzW says:

        Sounds a lot like mindfulness actually. I’ve done that for some time, back when I was feeling really awful. I found it helpful but at the same time too difficult to keep up. I practiced it for almost 2 years I guess. I’ve kept some aspects of it but in the end I preferred distraction when I was feeling really bad instead of going through the attention, acceptance, letting go cycle.
        I felt like it helped me cope with my troubles but didn’t help enough in fixing them. Instead I focussed on recovering physically while just waiting for better times by finding distraction in games, tv series and fantasy books. And better times are coming, slowly. I already feel MUCH better than I used to though it’s still not where I want it to be.

      • mike d says:

        i see. well, i only use that whole process when stress pops up. the rest of the time i’m just trying to float through life without giving things too much forced thought. i end up forcing myself to do things that seems to do something with not feeling safe or content. however, who knows if i’m really understanding what my issue(s) are/is lol. best hypothesis i can come up with at the moment for you is that you just haven’t discovered the specific thing or cluster of things that is giving you the most trouble.

  26. Graham says:

    Hey guys, only just checked this place recently to see if anyone had commented on here because I figured Chief is gonna be gone for a quite a while with everything that seemed to be going on, my guess is he’s off in the woods.

    Nice to see some comments on here semi recently, I miss being able to nerd out about health with people. How’s life been for everyone?

    • mike d says:

      things are going pretty good. I finally made huge progress on the mental side of things. i feel a peace within me that i take as a good sign. there has been some weight loss and other cool things going on so i think i’ve finally turned that corner. we’ll see. otherwise i’m living in New York City working a job and getting financially set up. stand up comedy will be my big focus right after the new year as i’m still getting situated with the new job.

      what’s new with you? move out? how are you feeling these days?

    • FranzW says:

      Slow but steady progress for me. Though I’m still not where I want to be.
      Additionally I really need to get a suitable job because I’m pretty broke :/

      Also, I’m working on a book. A longterm project. It’s about a systematic approach to wellbeing I’m creating. I still have a good deal of finetuning and fleshing out to do though. But with it I aim to create a clear map of what wellbeing is and how you can go about improving it. I think it looks quite promising 🙂

      I’m wondering, Graham, are you also making progress in your life and if so, how?

      • Graham says:

        I’ve made lots of progress in my main areas of interest, the main one worth mentioning here is that I’ve finally gotten to the end of all of my obesity studying over the years and have finally stopped studying it and started really applying it.

        In short I’ve finally switched off the stress response I’ve had for years (nearly 10 now I think,) and started recovering my health, and weight loss has been one of the most noticeable of the side effects. I’ve lost somewhere between a stone/a stone and a half, closer to a stone and a half, in 2 months, and for 2 of the weeks in the second month I got stressed out and stopped losing weight, my old mental habits kicked back in, seems like very fast weight lose to me, and I think it’s only going to get quicker. The upside of the 2 weeks being stressed meant that I had to shut down the stress response again, and I now have an excellent idea on exactly what causes weight gain in the vast majority of people, rather than just a general idea that it’s something to do with stress. There’s loads of other things that I could go on about with the health stuff, but it would end up being a massive list, the main point is it’s all good.

        Glad to hear things are going well mike d, strange how we’ve sort of started losing weight at the same time after all these years. Good luck with the comedy, it’s a feeling like no other to be able to make money doing something you love, (though I don’t earn enough to support myself fully yet, for now it’s a good enough amount.)

        Any progress is progress FranzW, we’ll get where we want to be eventually. The book sounds very interesting, sounds like something I’d enjoy reading, keep us posted on that. I’ve started writing a book as well, mine’s about general health, focusing on the body weight set point, I’ve been studying all of this health stuff for far too long to not try to make some form of a living from it, also I think that there needs to be more information out there like Chief’s and Jon Gabriel’s. Jon’s info is the only info I’ve seen that really covers this stuff in it’s entirety and is actually easy to get a hold of for the general public, but it’s one voice next to millions shouting about calorie counting, how lazy/overindulgent fat people are, or whatever diet is hip at the moment. I’m not a massive fan of the amount of emphasis he places on fruits and veg and salady type food though, but then I’ve started craving more food like that since I switched the stress response off, so I don’t think I can hold it against him, haha.

        • FranzW says:

          Wow, that’s pretty impressive Graham! Weightloss without restriction 😀 I don’t think I have such a good handle on obesity or weight gain/loss yet. My body doesn’t respond to stress with weight gain so I never had to look into it. Instead I have always focussed on feeling better, just that.

          What would be your advice to a girl (my girlfriend) who wants to lose a bit of weight? I’ve always told her that she looks good but still she wants to lose her bellyfat. She generally eats quality food with me with no cheap vegetable oils. I talked to her a lot about my approach to health, and what she does now is just to try and sleep good and to eat a good amount of fresh fruit (no calorie restriction). In addition the only food she doesn’t eat is chips because she felt she was addicted to it. She has a good deal of mental stressors (like most people I guess) but dealing with those isn’t going to be easy…

          Cool that you’re also writing a book. How far are you with it? I also wan’t to make a living with this. I really want to start my own practice, helping people to feel better physically and mentally :). But so far I haven’t made the jump. I still feel like I need to get some basics in order for myself. Otherwise I’d feel like a fraud.

          • Graham says:

            Not everyone responds the same way to stress, it’s all based on your own experiences and perceptions, however in general if it’s a chronic stress that you can’t avoid and it goes on long enough that it starts to mess with your endocrine system, it tends to send a signal to the body to store up and get bigger. There’s a million reasons why this happens and they’re down to the individual and what they perceive will get them away from the stressors they’re suffering, everything the body does is about survival. Focusing on feeling better was how I started to trigger my weight loss, I had to practise until I could finally just switch off being chronically stressed, took a lot of getting around too though.

            I take it with your girlfriend you mean the lower belly sticks out a bit compared to the rest. A disproportionate fat distribution in the lower abdomen indicates chronically elevated cortisol levels. There’s a lot of factors that I’d need to be aware of to really give any advice worth giving, but typically this fat distribution indicates that somewhere in the chain there are stressors causing the body to want to hold on to some weight just to be on the safe side, and if there is a fair amount of weight overall that your girlfriend wants to lose, then there really isn’t a quick fix, everything needs to be taken care of, all physical, mental and emotional factors need to be taken into account as they all end up having a physical impact on the way the body functions.

            Having said that, meditation is probably the most powerful tool you can use, and it can really help reduce the stress response. It gets your mind out of the Beta brainwave state where you’re worried and anxious and trying to fix everything all the time, and into the lower frequency states, and this is where the healing happens. To me, being in these states more often takes most of the power out of the things stressing you and allows your body’s physical processes to realine themselves in a more healthy manner. I’d highly recommend Jon Gabriel’s night time meditation cd, I found it on the net somewhere and started using it just before I started losing weight, it’s a damn effective meditation cd.

            I’m really right at the start of attempting to write a book, I’m basically just trying to keep track of everything that I’ve been through, and trying to organise all of my info into neat different areas that would make up the chapters. I want to lose all of the weight first though, just wouldn’t feel right trying to tell people this stuff without reaching my own goals first.

            • FranzW says:

              Yeah, your advice is kinda what I also figured is important with her (and yep it’s her lower belly sticking out that she dislikes). But I’m not sure she is ready to really invest the effort and attention needed to address the root cause of her stress. I’ve always focussen on feeling better and I’m trying to get her to see the importance of that too. She’s still pretty focussed on ‘doing stuff’, whether that is doing active fun stuff for feeling better or doing productive stuff to achieve things.

              Maybe I’ll give her John Gabriels book. Although I hope she won’t take it the wrong way. Relaxation excersises are also an interesting though, maybe she will be interested in that. At least it kinda falls under the ‘doing stuff’ category :P.

              PS. Sorry for the late reply, I got distracted in my life and kinda forgot about this for a few weeks.

      • mike d says:

        haven’t weighed myself in over a month, so no idea how weight loss has been going for me, but i have had to tighten up my belt one notch recently, and shirt’s where the neck was super tight when i buttoned the top button is noticeably looser, so something good is going on. yes, it is a bit peculiar we seem to be losing weight at roughly the same time, but honestly we’ve been talking about our perspectives and ideas on this subject so much these past few months i’m not super surprised we are pretty close together in our journey. i’m glad because if either one of us ever really has a question about something, there is someone else to bounce thoughts of off who’s in the same ball park of understanding, rather than the some times cryptic messages of chief lol.

        the stress that is making me fat is still there i’m just able to chip away at it now. getting to the mentality i had took years of ignoring my body’s signals to create, it’s going to take probably a few months at least to fully decompress. i’m not eating very much, but yes, much like you i’ve noticed the food i’m naturally gravitating towards is salads and other real/whole/whatever foods. other foods, for instance bread, leave me full but unsatisfied. been drinking a lot more juice, too, and a lot less soda. coconut milk had been amazingly delicious, lately.

        glad to hear you’re doing well! i hope 2015 is as good a year for you and everyone else here as i feel it will be for me.

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