Merry Merry, Why ya buggin?!!

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  1. John says:

    Love RUN DMC! Music I grew up to!

    • CHIEF says:

      Absolutely love RUNDMC From years of DJin, last time I counted I had over 5000 records, a 2TB hard drive of just music, I Keep 2 160 gb iPods in the truck at all times but if I had to spend rest of my life on a deserted island and only bring a 1gb MP3 player ….. RUNDMC would easily make the cut. One of my Top ten favorite hip hop groups.

      • John says:

        Their debut 1984 album is easily a top 5 for me. I remember other groups like the Fat Boys, Slick Rick, etc. Good times man.

      • Mike D says:

        It’s Tricky and My Addidas are some of my favorite tracks from the Golden Era. That whole album is fantastic.

        Damn, I thought my one buddy was crazy with his collection of hundreds of LPs

        Been listening to Biggie lately. Great stuff.

        • CHIEF says:

          My older brother gave me a few tapes, raising hell and fat boys were two of them. at the time I had been living/doing hip hop for a number of years. It’s just what we did, Never saw a video or album cover, I had more recordings of my own stuff than I did of anyone else’s material. I just had a few tapes of tapes of tape recordings. I couldn’t even comprehend why he did it or what it meant at the time when he put them in my hands and said here. They were the first official non duplicated anything I had. We didn’t have much at all growing up so I was so shocked I looked at him like is this a joke? No way. Life changing

          Raising hell is one of the few works that stand the test of time. Their debut was great and I love it but I give the slight edge to raising hell due to it’s influence on so many and it being the pinnacle of rundmc’s sound and rhyme style and the subject matter and song writing is more in depth. The unique contribution of their debut was bringing the true “b-boy vibe ” that pretty much ended the old school. They brought what cold crush and all them were doing in the street to the mainstream a massively important accomplishment when most people only knew of the disco inspired flavor of rappers delight. Night and day contrast with sucker mcs. If they did nothing else they would be legends in my book.

          I can say from back stage conversations ive had with many well known rappers Raising hell comes up countless times. Naughty by nature even said it was a main influence and that’s another of my favorites. Think maybe I’ll write a few hip hop inspired blogs.

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