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Friday, November 30th, 2012

going from fatass to badass

GET FAT, Lose It, Film It, Teach It …Edutainment Style

Let’s face it: the way to reach the masses is through entertainment…but that does not mean it can’t be educational and thought-provoking.

I’m not  kidding here, people.  I’ll show you how to lose 100 pounds eating buffet style, literally.  What I plan to do is (more…)


Thursday, November 29th, 2012


Somehow???? people misunderstood me, so let me be absolutely clear about that ransom note! I do NOT require any money whatsoever to release the epic posts and I’m Not  selling anybody anything. I don’t personally want anything money can buy, I’m not going to monetize my blog, no amount of money would make my life any more free than it already is. I’m free baby!!!

All I want is (more…)


Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

I have your diet free obesity solution… 

Yep you got that right. I’ve conquered obesity and I did it in ways that go against most of what you have read, watched or tried.

1.) I never counted a single calorie… EVER!

2.) I eat as much as I want of all types of food… actually  going as far as piledriving buffets and still lost weight!   SEE HERE 

3.) I spent less than 20 minutes in the gym a week to go from FATass to BADass.

4.) Plus over the years, I’ve repeatedly taught people how to do the exact same thing!!!!

I have a “works every time” solution and I’m holding it for ransom! Well sort of…  I’m prepared to give it away for free actually. I don’t want  (more…)

1001 ways in action

Monday, November 26th, 2012

I did a post recently about how people can help change the world, end the obesity epidemic, help the youth and other awesome stuff. Anyone that sends me a link in the comments describing something they did to help, I will put the best of the best into this ongoing blog post of awesomeness, it’ll inspire others, do it now!


1.)   Who done it ??         CHIEFROK

  What was it ??   As per # 9 on the 1001 list,  I officially challenged Stephan Guyenet to (more…)

1001 Ways You Can Help Me Change The World

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

I have a goal to raise 1 million dollars for a nonprofit project. Here are some of the way you can help me.  Feel free to share your ideas and links to some of the crazy things you have done in support of this revolution. I’ll be awarding exclusive and very personal prizes to the epic ones.

1.) Donate …NOW  I know you have  at lest one dolla dolla succka !

2.) Add me on Facebook

3.) Tweet something about the ransom note or my blog in general.

4.) Add me to twitter.

5.) Add my foundation on Facebook

6.) Bumrush every blog you know and shamelessly promote the ransom note in the comment section, I’m kidding make it interesting and engaging.

7.) Challenge every single trainer and obesity expert you know to debunk my methods ( do it now, I’ve been waiting.)

8.) make a youtube video about this blog or the ransom note.

9.) write a blog post of your own to tell your readers about this. If you don’t have a blog but follow someone else’s convince him or her to do a post.

10.) Get directly involved with these projects :

11.) Turn to everyone in your office and say you need to check this shit out now, son!

12.) Get your friends and family involved with conversation about the Roksolid project or at minimum about how they can achieve Defatassification with a buffet.

13.) Write a personal message ( not just a lazy ass forwarded email ) directly to your friends though email or Facebook because your status updates are now censored.

14.) I’ll be working on a poster to print off coming soon…

 I’ll add some more as I think them up….  



Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

I have put a lot of work into community driven projects over the years and I developed a few nonprofit projects of my own as well. I decided to group them all under one foundation to make it easier to promote the ideas, share some of the operational costs and production efforts, and to streamline function. I call this The ROKSOLID Foundation. These are my solutions to issues that I’m really passionate about and that I feel I can do something about when I look out my window. Unlike other such funds I will be posting for all to see online where every penny goes on this project. I hope this synopsis helps put what I’m doing into perspective.

Here is a quick synopsis of what ROKSOLID is all about. (more…)