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“You see me move back and forth between both, I’m trying to find a balance, I’m trying to build a balance “ Slug /Atmosphere – 2003

This is the first Principle in the list because it is the most important factor, by far. After close study of the human body, I have come to believe that everything is about balance. If you are trying to achieve a balance in terms of fat mass, you need to find balance everywhere else, factoring in everything that has an effect.  Most often, people tend to think something along the lines of “Oh I want to balance my fat mass so I’ll just balance my calories. ” Epic fail ensues. Instead of trying to balance the calories (which the body will do on its own when everything is working properly),  you must balance your body as a whole. To do that, sometimes you need to bring balance to literally everything in your life because all the elements interact. For instance, in order to bring balance to your sleeping patterns, you may have to first find balance in your eating patterns.

In all of my conversations with traditional health practitioners and even many everyday elders, one common theme emerged: we need to seek balance in all things. One comment in particular, stays in my mind. “There is no true ‘bad medicine’ or ‘good medicine.’  It’s not the properties of the item in question that makes it poisonous or beneficial; it is the dosage.” In other words, the quantity of an element is just as important as what it is. Even more important is how that amount works in relation to the body and how it changes the balance of one or more factors. That is the true key.

I began looking at everything closer with this in mind as I studied and quickly realized it was an important key no matter what little piece of the puzzle I was trying to figure out.  In my eyes, it is undeniably connected to obesity through all of the various mechanisms of the body working in unison to achieve balance. I think this concept was second nature to everyone in the past, but it seems as though it was forgotten as the modern way of life emerged. If you study many traditional bodies of knowledge all over the world, the notion of balance comes up often and everywhere, such as, for example, the yin and yang in Chinese philosophy.

Sometimes it can be illustrated in the extreme and it can make people confused, especially when the cultural elements are applied and people have trouble separating the meat from potatoes. For instance in the video below, Master Tu jin Sheng is bending a steel bar and then balancing his chi with a more delicate art afterwards.

YouTube Preview Image

Now, what Master Tu Jin is doing might seem odd to some but the effect this has in his brain as he is taking part in these activities is certainly part of his badassery. Homie is no joke, a legit badass in my book. He throws chopsticks through boards, pulls trucks with his “hammer” and teaches 70 year old men to dead-lift 300 pounds with their family jewels! You don’t need quite so dramatic a mastery of balance though to see its effect on your thoughts, skills, health, body conditioning, etc. Even without such extremes, cultivating balance builds vitality, and I encourage you to think of how you can apply it to your own life.  A less dramatic example from my day to day:  I might chop some wood, going hard and then “chill” in the hot tub as a “pimp your balance ” move. No need to do it while standing on eggs to have the effect. 🙂    

Some of these “foreign” ideas might seem strange at first if you are coming from a typical North American Eurocentric culture, but I stand behind their importance. Regaining balance can be transformative. Imagine you just had another heated quarrel with your spouse, but instead of the typical reaction to the situation (staying in the moment), you immediately take a 5 minute walk in a peaceful wooded area. Can you see in your mind the rebalancing effect it can have? It’s not just switching up your activity, but also involves interrupting your normal pattern and changing your approach to correct for excesses or deficiencies in everything. Couple that with popping a fukitol pill while in your peaceful natural setting and it just may have a domino effect on your weight loss goals if the arguments are the only thing holding you back.

That’s all for now. I wanted to get this introduction out to get you all thinking about how you might apply the principle of balance, and how it affects all elements of your life. Also, I want to get the ball rolling on the CHIEFROK PRINCIPLES so people who are new here can get a grasp on how “what I do” is more of a wholistic approach, and not just smashing buffets and fasting. It’s a lot more complex than meets the eyes.

We will be getting deep into the concept of balance as it relates to energy, sleep, fluids, sugars, stress, life, intestinal volume, as well as all kinds of other stuff. It all relates, so be patient. I want this blog to be one of your favorites and I aim to change lives.  If I can leave you with a closing thought, it’s this: Balance is the key to everything, but this simple premise is a complex affair. It’s almost never straight numbers, and it’s rarely 50/50 in all walks of life, so look closely.     PEACE


PS- If you haven’t taken the time to help out with the RANSOM NOTE, it would be appreciated. This way WE can make this thing benefit as many people as possible.


  1. John says:

    Excellent post Chief. The mental part of all this is usually swept under the rug. Finding balance in most things is important. I strive to do this…I consider my daily walks in the woods part of it. It forces me out of my work seat and out into the world. I always come back feeling better.

    • CHIEF says:

      that is precisely what I was trying to illustrate. People need to take the time to analyze what they are doing be it, be it work, diet relationships. Ask themselves is a raw food diets or a low carb diet really going to maintain balance in the long run within their body if the whole premise is to go to an extreme ?

      • John says:

        Well said man. Just eat the damn food already and move on. 🙂

        • John says:

          I love reading my old comments. It allows me to see how much I have regressed in some instances. Granted, back then I was starved trying to gain the right way now I am trying to lose the right way.

        • Mike d says:

          Hell yea, man! Sometimes you just have to experience the other sode a bit to see where the middle is. I’m glad to hear you are doing so well! How have you been feeling? Have you noticed your personality changing at all?

  2. Derek says:

    Reminds me of a quote from Yoga of Eating – “you can’t change one thing without changing everything.”

  3. Corey says:

    You’re a fan of Atmosphere too? Cool – his music is great! I’ve had many inner upheavals over the years from the age of about 14, and each of these seems to bring about more balance in my life. After studying Gnosticism, I noticed that the adepts describe something known as “the corrosive waters”. They speak of adding a little bit of this in order to effect transformation. This seems to happen to me naturally, lol, particularly around the full moon.

    I noticed with each episode, my perspective growing and clarity of mind increasing. It’s almost as if I need to be shaken up from time to time in order to continue on my journey. This has not been by choice, but rather a chain of events over the years I have magnetically attracted to myself for whatever reason, and I’m glad for that. The most recent example would be your own articles and 180 Degree Health, although these have been lots of fun 😀

    My relationship with food has become more harmonious, and I have enjoyed reading and connecting with others in a similar metabolic condition. I feel I’ve regained my instinct to fight my inner battles harder, instead of complaining and not moving forward. I’ve also noticed my man juice on the increase. Women seem to look at me more, ha ha!

    I’ve spent the last few months really trying hard to minimize the stress in my life. I am self-employed, and with the economic situation the way it is currently in the world, I have been forced to make some changes to the way I do things. This situation is simply another way that life has taught me something about myself. In a nutshell, stress can bring about many positive and important changes if one chooses to put on their rose colored glasses.

    I’ve come to accept my love of the quiet life. As a guitarist once obsessed with finding fame and fortune, I am now comfortable in my own skin caring less every day about trivialities and the machinations of this modern world. I value my time, and am slowly sorting out what needs to be done from what I thought needs to be done (Two very different things).

    I’ve made the resolution to do what I love, which is writing; regardless of how much money I make or who likes it. I simply must do it, because it’s what I LOVE. Creativity can be the key to transformation and self-improvement.

    Sometimes reducing stress pisses people off. Cutting ties with negative people and activities can be so liberating. I accept the fact that I’m sensitive and try to cultivate as much solitude and personal space as possible. It’s amazing just how cleansing silence can be.

    Great article, Chief!

    • CHIEF says:

      This comment was almost a post Corey, but a good one it was. It probably shoulda been a post somewhere! I feel you on all levels with this one, especially the doing what you love just because you love it part.
      Before Slug was “famous” I seen him a few times and he was kind off performance wise/ out of it/ and or drunk or something or maybe it was just his style back then but yea I wasn’t into Atmosphere until I bumped into Slug a few times on the road backstage and what have you and he was odd/different and I figured I’d check him out ended up liking a few of his songs find a balance in, “modern mans hustle” and “be my woman tonight” in particular .

      • Rob says:

        ‘Yesterday’ is probably my favorite Atmosphere track. Man that shit is amazing; when you get to the end and immediately want to re-listen to the whole thing to see it in a new light.

        And we haven’t talked much about this Chief, but I am totally digging the hip hop quotes at the start of the articles.

        • Zach says:

          Where did you see Atmosphere, Chief? I have seen them twice, once in duluth, once the cities. You travel to MN at all?

          • CHIEF says:

            been to MN a lot in my day, the ladies are minnesota nice son! Its one of my favorite spots. I seen atmosphere in the cities on their home turf a few times, we were doing something at that place prince did purple rain once … um ..first avenue. I think it was a battle and rhyme sayers were playing in the club next door thats connected to it. I remember seeing a line of girls and thought to myself, maybe i’ll recheck atmosphere out if its underground and girls actually show up, whoa maybe they don’t suck!. I’m trying to think where else, scribble Jam quite a few years, I think montreal, don’t remember if it was them or just eyedea and them, brother Ali in Toronto and maybe elsewhere I remember seeing that guy a lot all over random style cuz he sticks out, Um some little turd club on the west coast somewhere I vaguely remember. Hung out with his old Dj Mr Dibs quite a bit all over on the scribble jam tour, he’s a badass for reals that dude.

            • Zach says:

              First Ave is great, have seen quite a few people there.

              If you are ever in MN again, let me know!

              • CHIEF says:

                I should be be there quite a bit in 2013, most likely at least for fatass to badass, I love this one pizza shop on hennepin.

                • Zach says:

                  Nice, run through Duluth on your way. I will treat you to the best 1lb burger around. Anchor Bar and Grill in Superior. Greasy, greasy stuff.

                  • CHIEF says:

                    ah, on the Wiscompton side. thats a bit out of the way from my routes but I’ll go for it. my next set of travels will be epic.

        • CHIEF says:

          Thanks Rob, The idea is hip hop an be a good teacher if you are able to think independently, and try to understand things from a different perspective. Sometimes its half joking too like cube in feva for the flava lol hip hop is probably my biggest frame of reference in life, I figure when I actually start promoting this site to my music fans it’ll open up some time for discussions on hip hop related stuff.

          • Rob says:

            For sure- there’s lots to learn from hip hop. Like anything, you have to separate the wheat from the chaff and all that, but as a form of cultural expression for a generation of people, its necessarily gonna have lots of wisdom embedded.

            And I can read between the lines: I’ll quite derailing the conversation with my meanderings about music. 😀

            • CHIEF says:

              whatever let the chips fall where they must. people can start another thread below.

            • Mike D says:

              Hiphop is one of the more unique American subcultures I have found. Gay people, too. They have been influencing culture a lot more obviously lately, but something about the more extreme examples of that culture I find very creative.

              Which makes me wonder about why blacks and gays seem to be among the most consistently creative groups. I suppose being suppressed has something to do with it. Homosexuals especially make me wonder, as there seem to be an increasing number of them (yes, i understand people being more open to it has something to do with it), if, much like heart attacks or diabetes, how much stress is playing a role.

              • CHIEF says:

                I think when you are not part of the ” in crowd” your desire to be part of something makes a group collectively create their own “in crowd”. Necessity is the mother of all creation. When your in the mainstream anywhere in the world laziness sets in because there is no need to innovate whith something that works.

          • John says:

            What will Gin and Juice teach me? Just kidding…I grew up with the old stuff…had all the Run DMC cassettes…those guys rocked. I still remember most of the lyrics to this day. Now if I can only erase the Vanilla Ice music…HAHA.

            • CHIEF says:

              Your comment made me think of an Ice T concert in montreal i went to a few years ago.There was this guy obviously in his late 30’s or early 40’s balding and he was rapping along verbatim and ice t gave him the mic. has I was a real little kid when hip hop started infecting my brain. RunDmc is easily in my top ten, a quote just hasn’t popped in my head yet to use. I loved em so much the very first thing i bought when i had any success with money was an adidas track suit because it symbolized what i could not afford growing up…. I have a run dmc tribute song coming out very soon.

              • John says:

                Man Chief I’d pay to see you in an Adidas track suit! 🙂

                Peter Piper was the bomb…

                “Now Peter Piper picked peppers but Run rocked rhymes
                Humpty Dumpty fell down that’s his hard time
                Jack B. Nimble what nimble and he was quick
                But Jam Master cut faster Jack’s on Jay’s dick
                Now Little Bo Peep cold lost her sheep
                And Rip van Winkle fell the hell asleep
                And Alice chillin somewhere in Wonderland
                Jack’s servin Jill a bucket in his hand
                And Jam Master Jay’s making out our sound
                The turntables might wobble but they don’t fall down”

      • Corey says:

        Yeah, he sings about hooch A LOT, lol. I also enjoy Sage Francis and Immortal Technique – that dude scares me, lol.

        • Rob says:

          I like Sage Francis a bunch too. My all time dreamtime collaboration was Sage Francis with the ‘Orphanage’- Slug, Eyedea, Blueprint, Illogic, Brother Ali. they did an hour long freestyle on KFAi radio that was awesome.

          I’ve seen all those dudes, minus Illogic, in NYC at various points. But it’s been a while.

          Immortal Technique I don’t dig too much these days. I respect his tenacity, but he comes off a little ‘one note’ for me, and at the risk of sounding like a damn hippie, a little too negative, with not enough focus on building for my tastes.

    • Rob says:

      Great thoughts Corey. Thanks for sharing. I’ve studied a little bit of gnosticism and esoteric Christianity. I dig it in my pluralist way.

      The idea of a little bit of something to rebalance is also central to homeopathy, and by proxy to things like biodynamic agriculture. It doesn’t exactly make sense chemically that a pill or fluid with no trace of it’s original component can have an impact, let alone an increased impact the more dilute it becomes. And yet, many people swear by it and report great success. I used to live with a dog, and she responded to a homeopathic treatment course after responding to nothing else. I became fascinated with the field, though I’ve not gone to a practitioner or made much use of it.

      All of which is to say,there is much we do not fully understand, but that doesn’t mean it has no merit.

      • Corey says:

        I agree. There is so much cool stuff yet to be discovered in this crazy universe 😀

        • John says:

          Yeah great post man. You have many years over me on this, but even my brief year long stint really opened my eyes about things and made me loosen up a bit. I think back at some of the extremes I did and now wonder why.

          • CHIEF says:

            extremes usually spiral out of control you were very close there, john very close.

            • John says:

              Seriouslyt man…I get angry at myself for how I went about it. Not sure why I thought it was OK to almost pass out everytime I stood up. I was blind, but now I see…thanks to you Chief!

              • Bob Dean metal dude says:

                Don’t get mad at yourself John. You are now stronger, wiser, more aware of yourself and your actions now. You’re enlightened and you learned from your mistake and that’s the most important thing.

                You could turn it around and say damn, look at how shitty I felt, but how much I kept going. The determination is astounding. With the proper knowledge that drive can be used for OWNAGE SHIT pardon me, beautiful accomplishments etc…

                • John says:

                  HAHA. Thanks Bob. Always love your posts. Like Chief, you have a unique way of putting things and have some great experience yourself. Yes, I do fell better and have learned a ton, so in that sense, it certainly wasn’t a waste.

              • Zach says:

                You arent the only one.

                Thats the funny thing about diet guru’s. No matter what they are selling, they are all convincing.

                Yep paleo is they way, wait no that didnt work, how about primal. Shit i feel worse, must be the carbs, how bout carnivore. Fuck im dying, i bet fruitarians were right all along. Well i feel better but cold as hell! <- me before i found Matt and Chief.

  4. Zach says:

    Was pretty excited to find a new blog post about the principles, good stuff!

    I am going to really think about this and figure out where i can add balance in my life. I know i tend to have a obsessive compulsive type personality where its either all or nothing. Definitely need to work on that.

    Hey Chief, this post got me thinking, will you ever do a in depth About page on yourself. One thing that is weird about you is aside from a new pics on facebook and what you write, we know very little about you as a person. I like your music and am interested in that and also other stuff you got going on. Thats one of the reasons i like the Rezfit series since it shows the real you and not just the nutritional side. Anyway, food for thought. Im sure the documentary will help a lot.

    • CHIEF says:

      thanks Zach. I have a dead link on the button About in the top bar, as soon as it’s done that will take you to a badass about page.
      I’ll be blogging about everything in my life really. People can choose to read it or not.

      I was actual was just working on a post about my weight loss journey and it goes really in deep into my life and my struggles growing up it will go up this week next week at the latest. I have new music coming out all through 2013. It takes a lot of time to get everything right on the rejects I’m doing with this blog and elsewhere. It’ll be pretty clear. I plan on making my life an open book because I think it will help people. To understand the plan you must understand the man. There isn’t a whole lot out “on me” because I wasn’t into myself as much as I was into my music and I would always just let it peak for itself but I realize it is important if I want to achieve my goals so I’m going to bite the bullet and bare all.

      Oh and it’s not as hard as you think. Just by my nature I tend to focus very deeply and be all in most of the time, you can still go hard and have balance.

    • CHIEF says:

      Oh yea I just thought of this zach, I will be trying to do at least 1 maybe 2 posts per week on the principles themselves and the rest of the time various other cool stuff depending on the voting and my vibe.

  5. FranzW says:

    Jup, in order to balance one thing you need to balance the whole system. But it´s difficult not to get lost in the details and forget the bigger picture, especially at times when you´re not doing too good.

  6. Mike D says:

    I recently have been wrangling with myself mentally and found that time is a big issue. I always feel like I don’t have enough time, especially when it pertains to work. Well, yesterday I decided to stop giving a shit about how long I’m taking to do something or how much time I have left, to just concentrate on doing it. Within 10 minutes I felt oddly at peace. It’s held, too. Things that I thought were perhaps the real issue behind my mental stress haven’t been bothering me and I’ve been able to handle them better.

    • Zach says:

      Good comment. I do that a lot, thinking about how long something will take me. Its little things like that that can make all the difference but for some reason are not easy to think of.

    • CHIEF says:

      Realizing you control your world is a huge step and it has a lot of potential for personal growth.Time is your most valuable asset but if the work you do causes you to perceive time as something that is ticking away instead of fulfilling your happiness as time passes then it’s time to quit or at least find balance elsewhere to get by for whatever reason drives you to continue be it family, debts or whatever. A lot of time the sole difference is in perception or the control of your thoughts.

      • Bob Dean metal dude says:

        My job is not always the greatest but I am thankful that I do have one and I now realize that besides some of the dangers involved it’s pretty kick ass if you look at it a certain way. If I was full of energy at all times and never felt uncomfortable I wouldn’t have any problems at work whatsoever.

        I get to be outside the whole time and that can suck but I think it’s much better for me than anything else I’ve ever done. Doing what I do keeps me sturdy, a lot more agile, resilient etc… than most occupations.

        Just from my perspective with my job, most problems concerning stress or disliking what I do in general boils down to energy and feeling comfortable. To me that’s all that matters. If my feet aren’t frozen, if sweat isn’t burning my eyes, if I don’t feel like dragging my feet, if the time isn’t at a stand still, if my Boss isn’t a fucking Douchebag (oh boy can he be for no reason..poor guy lol) if I don’t feel like passing out from hypoglycemia, if I don’t have IBS, if I’m not sunburnt, if I don’t have an ingrown toe nail from wearing inproper footwear, if my feet aren’t killing me or my heels are bleeding because I’m “breaking” in a new pair of boots etc…

        I have dealt with all of these things and much more in the past couple years (only regarding metal recycling) and I think I’ve handled it pretty well but I feel with each passing day it has the potential to get better. With my drive to solve problems with uncomfortableness, energy, fat stores, etc…I believe I am really getting somewhere. If reading blogs and blog comments gave you a six pack I’d be down to bare muscle (I’m far from a six pack let me tell you lawlz). If only I could remember everything I read damn it… =)

        None other than Matt Stone and Chief themselves have helped me tremendously in the Energy and Stress department and those things lead to everything else so thank you very much and I hope other people continue to improve their lives and situations with all of the available advice. That’s fucking FREE.

        Feeling shitty and time passing slow is just terrible, and stresses me the fuck out. I have been trying for a long time to manage my stressors properly and learn to let go of things etc…and I’ve gotten a lot better.

        Somewhat related to Mike D’s time comment, I have now been trying to not look at what time it is whatsoever and stay focused on what I’m doing. It makes the quality of the day so much better, and work seems to fly by sometimes. I’ve even changed my phones clock to analog so if I glance I still don’t know.

        Only problem is there are certain things that occur at certain times and it is impossible for me not to have a general idea, especially if the sun is out. But anywhozer, CARBS, CARBING UP, trying to become a GLYCOGEN MASTER, has helped sooo much with all of these things. Don’t get me wrong, I have a long way to go, my days aren’t perfect, my life isn’t perfect, it never will be, but I am so much more at peace with stuff.

        Sleeping as much as I want would solve a whole lot, and I’m getting better at managing my time and what not but as far as how I feel on a day to do basis, smashing food even if it means gaining weight, including muscle, feels sooo much better than restrictions given that you move your body in someway etc…I’m not talkin chuggin pizza and sittin all day even though thats what some people need.

        So basically, IF I am well rested, well fed from the previous day (carbed the fuck up to be simplistic), and comfortable, I have no complaints. I like to sing to myself, talk to myself occasionally, be really goofy, man handle shit, burst brute some shit (if that makes sense haha, imagine like flinging auto rotors or drums or cast aluminum grill tops into a pile like you’re an olympian, key word like) be really nice etc…If I feel good. and these things I have mentioned and some other ones seem to be occuring much much more frequently now.

        The flinging of metal materials would be ten times more impressive if both my wrists weren’t sprained (I believe this occured from doing what I do at work while being unhealthy and fairly fragile from low carbing, drinking too much water (alcohol too lol) or not eating enough in general in the beginning. Hell I ripped a pectoral once from just flexing my chest really hard a few years ago or some shit I believe I was in pretty bad shape then. Thinner maybe, but from the wrong ways.

        I loved dragonball z growing up, and shit I don’t have any tattoos and probably won’t have any for a really long time but I’d get one of a super saiyan without any regrets, EVER, and some Carl Sagan quotes too, but in that show there is something called the hyperbolic time chamber. You can go into this infinite white space and “train” for a year, and come outside and it’s only been a day. I wish I could use that chamber sometimes so I could have the time to express myself to all of you, to get better at stuff faster, and to have the time to read all of everyones fascinating comments not to mention everything else I’m interested in.

        Twitter could consume my life in and of itself because one article, video, documentary whatever leads to another. Anyway, I know I haven’t been contributing a lot to comments and what have you, so I thought I’d lay down some thoughts while I have time. Hope it helped somebody, I know it helped me get some things out of my head.

        Donate and comment people this shit is crazy!

        Chief make a video of yourself or pictures donation incentive rofl

        • Mike D says:

          chief gets the benefit of getting blog posts within the comments of his blog posts 😉

          also, dragon ballz and sailor moon were what got me into anime. love those shows so much.

        • Corey says:

          Cool post, Bob. I’ve noticed an increase in assertiveness and ‘fukitol’ attitude since adopting a carb-heavy diet. I’m mostly mild-mannered and soft to be honest, but some days I feel like Godzilla or something, ha ha. Eating more definitely benefits men in that way, I think. I hardly drink booze anymore (the occasional beer), and feel more of a man now for slaying a pizza with some ginger beer or other soft drink, lol.

          Something else that’s been on my mind of late (way off topic, but anyway….), is children. I’m 35 now and still not married, nor do I have any kids. From time to time I wonder why, and it gets a little depressing. However, since finding the 180° health website and Chief’s posts, it occurred to me that maybe the universe wanted me to wait and reach a better level of health before I did any of that. Sorry if this sounds a little new age or hippy, but it really does seem to make sense, considering all the weird and wonderful dietary tangents I’ve gone on over the years, which have only been detrimental to my health and manhood. I truly believe that the next few years will be a period of revitalisation and strengthening. I’d like to think that this process will place me in the most appropriate and healthful position to settle down and father children.

          Finding Matt and Chief has been a godsend for me. I was at my wits end a few months ago, incredibly frustrated with all my dietary restrictions. But since embarking on the overfeeding way of things, I can finally see a light at the end of it the tunnel. This in itself has virtually destroyed the stress in my life.

          Increasing carbohydrate intake has certainly improved my ability to adapt to and deal with stress. Like everybody else, I still have my bad days, but at least now I possess the strength to march onward with optimism and trust. I just figure things will work out, eventually.

          I really enjoy the community around this blog and the 180° health website. Knowing that I am not alone in my struggles is very reassuring and strengthening to my spirit.

          • CHIEF says:

            Thank you for the comment Corey. It kicks ass big time to see how much I have impacted people’s lives for the better and it’s rewarding to see so many people doing well because of freely spreading ideas. sleep and the right mindset combined with ample food particularly carbs after essential protein and fats are accounted for crushes stress and makes all the difference. I’m going to try to post a shit load more and hopefully find the sticking point of knowledge that prevent so many others from getting past their hurdles.

          • John says:

            Great post. I was like you. I found Matt first on his 180degree blog. There was this guy who would post on their very sporadically but he always interjected himself into the discussion with great points. Some guy named CHIEK ROK? I bet he’s a punk. 🙂 Anyway that’s how I met Chief, who took me in when I was at my weakest from forced starvation and over-exercising. Still learing and progressing, but my whole outlook has changed…and not just around diet and exercise. I am talking about LIFE in general. Once you know the matrix exists, it ceases to exist.

            • Corey says:

              That’s cool, man. I expect the road to recovery to be long, weird, hard at times, but ultimately rewarding. Currently I’m going through lots of intense inner changes as well as my food thing, so there ain’t too many dull moments!

              The hardest thing for me is developing trust in myself and the forces at work in my life, but I’m trying really hard and I think life just has a way of gradually bringing you round, ya know?

              As I might have mentioned before, my life has been a series of creative destructive experiences, lol – if that makes sense. I NEED adversity to keep the journey interesting. After each meltdown, I’m like a phoenix rising up out of the ashes. It’s just the way it is for me.

              • John says:

                “The hardest thing for me is developing trust in myself …”

                This is so true. When you diet for a long time you live by the diets rules…which in a way makes things easier but removes the thinking from yourself. It took me a long time but I am finally approaching the “listening to your body” aspect of this. As you mentioned, it’s an interesting journey!

  7. Andrea says:


    What you write is true. Extreme thinking only leads to trouble. I come from an alcoholic family and I have noticed that extreme thinking (for example, things will never change; things will never get better) is a big part of the problem. I’ve done some extreme thinking of my own but fortunately I have learned that it can be reigned in with time and effort, and, uh, lots of food.

    • CHIEF says:

      Oh, the worst thing about extremes is people go an inch towards something and then slowly end up a mile a way with more room to still go farther like it feeds itself. When I get to alcoholism I think you’ll get me right away, I too have that background, I’m like a walking stereotype, got diabetes like crazy in my family too.

      • Mike D says:

        I’ve run into that problem with several substances, but thankfully every time i do i eventually go, “OK time to fix this shit”. that attitude is what got me into fixing myself AND doing shit like drinking booze every day has actually helped me quit drinking booze lol. go full force i say, but be reasonable in the end.

      • Bob Dean metal dude says:

        My mom had something black on her foot, and it fell off and now it’s infected. She is diabetic and I’m thinking that has something to do with this. She’s mentally ill and sleeps every other day and when she is up doesn’t do much and isn’t up for very long. She is very big but can still walk thank god but barley. She also had a hernia a year and a half ago, and the wound is still somewhat opened and to this day is infected. She also has had hidradenitus forever which I believe is a chronic infection of the pores. It’s a serious fucking problem. She’s been falling apart ever since I can remember and can’t help herself because she is sucked into the pharmaceutical perspective and can’t think for herself anymore because the pills for her mental disabilities has rendered her post toasted I like to call it. She can hardly retain new information either. She can still drive, but barely, and has a hard time using a digital cable box. How do you fix that? I just keep tryin to be as nice as I can…It’s actually a lot worse than described at times. But I won’t get deep, and I don’t want anyones pitty either. I’m just wonderin if any guru’s such as yourself Chief think that someone like this can be saved. She just turned 50.

  8. mike d says:

    example of balance; pulling out when youre not wearing a rubber. da dum tiss 😉

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