Make sure your girl is on the pill 😉

Just to stay alive a-yo I gotta say fuck it! ” : Cypress Hill 1991

One of the major tipping points for me in my quest to improve my health and lose weight was learning to let go. That’s where drugs come in. Fukitol is a wonder drug baby! Not giving a flying fuck about the outcome can actually help you lose weight. Let me explain.

I’ve said it before: diets suck and they don’t really work. People trying to lose weight go on diets and end up stressing about every bit of food they eat. “Will this make me fat?”, looking at labels… ”Oh shit! I just ate one of those and it has 400 calories from fat! … <sigh> … Well, I have to run to the gym now!!!” Maybe It’s any other number of diet related issues that weigh heavy on you and cause stress as well. Perhaps It’s worrying that you might not fit in that dress or look good enough to take your shirt of on the beach. Depending on your body transformation goals, how you see yourself succeeding or failing in that endeavor could easily cause unnecessary stress. It depends on how you see yourself in regards to the outcome.

Most likely my methods of weight loss were not the first opinion you sought in your journey. Your old habits of trying to control everything will most likely still be lingering even if you do try my methods with gusto. What I mean is, even if you are not taking the diet approach and opt for a solution like mine you will most likely stress about the food you eat anyways. It’s hard not to because the diet industry is huge and is making tons of money off of your fears, not to mention popular culture tends to weigh heavy on the status quo and how people approach the big “fat” issue. This all generates fear around food as well as making you think you need some type of magic product. The media has everyone and their momma worried they are getting fat. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Even the government gets in on the action, with recommended daily intakes and nutrition facts and portion sizes that make no sense and further confuse people.

Unless a person fully believes in my methods and the little nuances when they try my approach, they tend to stress about what they are eating, how much, whether they worked out enough, or their appearance. As they make progress they continue to ask me questions from the frame of mind of a dieter. They might say something like ”Ok Chief, So as I pig out, I should still avoid carbs to minimize the fat gain right?” or “Eat whatever I want, I can dig that… except fat right? Because it’s already fat it’ll just become fat once I eat it right?”. Somewhere in the process of it all they forget that calorie/carb/fat counting style eating and intuitive eating do not exist in the same universe. I tell em’ keep reading until it sinks in! Calories are meaningless in your quest for fat loss! I repeat: Calories do not matter for your weight loss success! Fat, carbs, flavor, number of bites or which hand you held the fork with have nothing to do with it.

All this worrying and stress increases the production of the hormone cortisol, which has been linked in more than a few studies to an increased percentage of fat in your illustrious beer belly. For the ladies out there, this translates to more of your friends asking if you have recently become pregnant. The effects of this stress far outweigh anything a Krispy Kreme donut will do to you. Just the thoughts of a gloomy future of being fat is enough to set your subconscious on a path to fat production.

Through the production of fat stores your body is protecting you from a future of uncertainty the only way it knows how: by a very certain survival in the face of the only real threat it knows, famine. More than anything food should be nutritious but not to the point where you hate eating it or can’t assimilate any of it. Deriving pleasure from eating is not a bad thing unless it is your only source of pleasure and you end up filling every void in your life with something to eat. Stop beating yourself up, take a dose of Fukitol and have a cheat day. Dodging carbs and fat or any other nutrient will just make you crave them eventually and in the meantime it’s a source of stress and an unhealthy relationship with food. Just like an unhealthy relationship with the opposite sex it can have a very negative impact on your well being. The stress involved in dieting is far more fattening in the long run than any food. Start thinking about how you interpret everything you do and all the interactions you have with others and try to pinpoint where you are deriving unnecessary (chronic) stress.

A great deal of stress is simply in your mind due to how you choose to cope with the situations you face. Work towards creating a better life that has less stress to begin with. It’s not worth it to deal with all the stress especially since most of it is as simple as adjusting your viewpoint and how you interpret things. Let’s say you can’t figure it out or reformat the thoughts you have in relation to your life that bring you stress. Let’s also assume eliminating the sources of stress is impossible. Then you still have one option that remains. Surprisingly enough this option is as powerful as it is simple. In order to achieve your goals, you are better off when all else fails, to simply overdose on Fukitol. Take a suicidal sized dose of it. drop it all cold where you stand. If you do not associate any importance to an issue it is powerless against you from the standpoint of stress. In the end you have the final say over weather a situation will stress you out or not. Fukitol is very powerful stuff. Just say… fuck it! , fuck them!, fuck this job!, fuck this relationship, fuck this, fuck that, and you’re cool ….fuck you I’m out.

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  1. John says:


    Glad I finally found your site (you were helping me on 180degreehealth.com). Question…do you offer paid consutling to people or just dole out the advice on your site? I’d love your help based on your last comments to me on the other site…not sure if I should just post questions here or if there is another more formal way you typically do it? Thanks!

    • chief says:

      YES, about 30% of my time is devoted to one one one consulting. I do, phone/email consulting, one on one sessions in the gym and home visits, full day “house call “sessions that revolve around observing people and helping them figure everything, to customize a personal approach as well as demonstrate things. Last but not least the oddly the most popular is the week long live in consultation with follow ups via phone. I guarantee results with these so people that have the means tend to go all out but I tell ya it ain’t cheap and …ehh hemm the boy can eat. lol
      I previously had information available for my consulting business but I was getting too much work so I yanked it lol Don’t get me wrong I love helping people. I’ not in this for the money but I’m hoping to teach some instructors and release my book this year to be able to help more people. I’ll be donating all the money I make from it to an important charity and an unorthodox obesity research facility. I’ve been revamping all of my sites for the past few months getting things ready for 2012. … kinda behind a bit lol I’ve had to cut back on my comment help.
      email me we can figure something out if you need alot of one on one help to get yourself on track.

      and stay tuned I’ll be starting the all you can eat buffet “diet” fat loss documentary thingy here on the blog the next week or so, as soon as I can go get my body fat tests done over again.

      • John says:

        Live in? The food bill for you might be more than the consulting fees. 🙂 Thanks for the info.

        “email me we can figure something out if you need alot of one on one help to get yourself on track.”

        To email you, do you mean just reply to this posting? I didn’t see a Contact Me type section on your site to contact you directly. So I will start off here in the meantime to save time. 🙂

        You replied to me on Matt’s site…I have lost 188lbs in just under a year doing the forced method…although I started off exercising lightly and just eating better (but not less), that morped into calorie restriction, 7x a week workouts, low card/Paelo eating, etc. Even though I never plateued I kept making my regime more and more strict, even though the weight loss was consistent no matter how strict I got. I know I have developed some light eating disorders as as result…like obessively thinking about food…midnight binges on cookies and other “forbidden” items.

        My main issue is…I am more or less at the weight I want to be at but I am scared about going into maintenance (eating more especiallly)…afraid of gaining weight back after all my efforts mostly. I am tired of feeling weak and light-headed all the time…of having to wear a jacket in work as I type this just to stay warm, etc. I recently junked the carbophobia and starting added fruits (bananas, raising and apples mostly) and healthy carbs into my diet (brown rice, more veggies like peas and beans, instant oatmeal, etc. It made me feel better off the bat, but am noticing now the dizzy spells coming back…not sure why.

        As for exercise, I now do 6x week…M, W, and F I do 20 minutes of resistance (2×10 min circuits) and T, R, and Sat I do 20 minutes of bike intevals (4 minute warmup, then 30 seconds fast, 90 seconds slow for 16 minutes).

        I feel run down all the time…never look forward to exercise, etc. To top it off, even when I do binge I am never full…when I eat one “bad” thing I can’t stop and it does from one cookie to the whole box…to something else…to something else. One last thing…I workout 6x a week at 5:30am (the only time I have to myself really), and do M-F 18-hour IF (no breakfast, but do eat lunch and dinner).

        Help Chief! 🙂 I know there is a lot here…trying to summarize a year of torment in a few paragraphs. Let me know what else I can provide to help you help me.

        Thanks a ton.

        • John says:

          BTW…I know you are busy, etc., and I am willing to compenstate you for your time, etc. Just let me know.

        • chief says:

          Sorry John, I forgot we took the contact info down and have not replaced it yet. It was in the about button page.
          I was receiving like 400 emails a day for pills and porn and vacations and that’s not including comments.
          You can reach me at justaskchief (at) gmail.com for the time being. I’ll email you up in a few minutes.

          We will have a great deal more to discuss than your message here. Yours is a complicated situation, although not impossible just harder than starting from square one and I rarely get involved in a position like this without being able to meet in person but I really feel if you made that drastic of a change on your own you must be very tenacious. Secondly, I do not feel strongly that you will find the help you need anywhere else. I’ve yet to even find a book or blog post that mirrors my understanding of the bodyfat set point. You see you are technically still fat, only your body is receiving less than adequate calories to maintain the fat suit so your a skinny guy in a fat suit, you’ll have 2 battles to fight at the same time with this situation correcting eating issues/revving up your metabolism and removing the fat suit.
          if you have not read any of Matt’s books, In following his blog and knowing his experience with all kinds of diet mishaps I would think his diet recovery book may help I guess I’ll have to read it If I’m gonna recommend it lol I’m working on quite a few blog posts at the moment too that will surely help in the coming weeks with the mental shift that needs to take place.

          you might be shocked at what a live in trainer goes for even I cant eat that much lol yea Live in is my preference, it gets solid results, they see me eat in person and get alot out of it that you cant get any other way. Also I don’t have to deal with things like “I did the workout like you said” or “I never eat pork”, yet there’s a fridge full of bacon like this guy I do that primarily while on vacation and typically help a few others in the area at the same time.

          • John says:

            Thanks Chief…your input is appreciated. I just emailed you, so I guess as time allows we can continue this discussion on email? I appreciate – truly appreciate – you taking some time to work with me on this. I can tell you I don’t have bacon on hand…or any extended bacon fetish like that guy…HAHA.

        • John says:

          Damn man this was my first post to you…how times have changed. I can’t believe I was doing that to myself for almost a year. Funny how even though I was losing weight (like 4-5lbs a week back then) I kept finding ways to be more and more strict for no reason outside of loving to give myself self-imposing rules I guess ha.

          • Mike d says:

            Yea man, it’s almost a comfort, knowing you have all these rules to follow. Gives gou direction. The, do whatever you want, style chief is more hip on almost is too hard at first. I know it’s been years and I’m still fixing my mentality. Every couple months I break another mental wall and feel closer to who I’m supposed to be.

            Do you find that to be the case with you? What sort of mental humps that you identified as yourself, that turned out to not be true?

  2. John Delrio says:

    Awesome man, FUKITOL RULES!

  3. “The stress involved in dieting is far more fattening in the long run than any food.”

    What a great sentence… sure wish I’d known THAT 18 years, 70lbs and an eating disorder ago!

    • chief says:

      Thanks samantha
      It’s really difficult to drive that home to the people I train because stress is so ambiguous it can’t be counted like calories. More on stress, people minds and how that plays a large role and also posts on effective strategies to come very soon.

      hopefully you can turn all that around for yourself. keep a positive mind 🙂

  4. John says:


    I love this post and often read it over and over again. This is so true. For almost a year I was obsessed with WHAT I was eating, how much it WEIGHED, how many CALORIES were in it…even eating at EXACT times each day. Talk about developing bad habits and food disorders. At one point I would ask to go to the food store just so I could look at all the food in the aisles. Starving I was. This FUKITOL post really motivated me to change and thanks to you I am on my way. Never again will I submit to that diet mentality again!

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