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Hello friends,

There’s a lot of new features coming to the website in the very near future.

I think your gonna love em all but first off :


This is a section of the blog devoted to a bunch of mini-blogs of sorts, or if you prefer, user created blogs within this blog that allow users to document their experiences, stats, pictures in their quest to Fat-proof themselves. Every member of the site will have the option make a posts in their profile. It will contain a set format to facilitate continuity and ease of use in hopes of promoting exchange of information between users with the goal of creating a support network and increased participation. I do not care to be involved in certain things on the internet, and these sorts of things are now becoming rampant, such as trolls, bullies, over-commercialized conversations and the general cynical nature of society these days. Therefore to prevent limit all of that, this feature will only be available to registered users and will not even be publicly available to read for non members. An exclusive perk and a more positive productive environment and tools for discussions. Personally I can’t wait to see what some of you do.


The code monkeez are working the bugs out as we speak, hopefully we’re days away. No way to predict it. In the meantime I’ll be getting the ball rolling by putting a few posts up, this first one’s main objective is to introduce a group of  local enthusiasts that have signed up to partake in my program that I’m providing at my gym. you can follow along with their Quest. I sent a call out for people that might be interested in participating in my course/training program. In exchange for receiving hands on training absolutely free from me, they maintain an active mini-blog during their fat loss journey, documenting it for the site. Because they are all adult participants, In exchange for using the gym, they’ll make donations/contributions to my Rez-Fit program that goes towards equipment, activities and operational costs. ( Rez fit is free for ages 12-19)

I didn’t hand pick any of these people, Some inquired, some were part of an open call done a few weeks back. The only filtering was for people that have alcohol or substance abuse problems, complicated medical issues that prevent success, scheduling conflicts or inability to meet program commitments.

In the interest of transparency, I have to mention all of the following. I’m not paying or coercing them to sugar-coat the experience or censoring them. I want ’em to give it to ya raw! I’m putting my reputation on the line and doing this whole thing in real time. they have officially started, they are 1 week into it their transformations. its just about to get interesting. I also want you to know that as it turned out, I did know personally know these participants outside of my gym because its a very close knit area with an extremely low population. I just lucked out they are all in walking distance. It is a possibility a few more participants may start soon, as another group but I’m waiting on some responses. I really would like to get some online participants and maybe a few other locals from different walks of life.

The thing that makes this interesting is I can’t edit out any undesirable results like you typically see in the diet industry and obesity research industry where they show you the 1% of their past participants that had good results. On top of that those results weren’t by any measure typical or even a good representation of what one could expect using their idea/concept, product or service. I want this to be a good representation of what to expect. I dare Weight Watchers or Nutri-System to show you 100% of their current participants’ results at any given moment. I’m giving you the good bad and the ugly because I’m confident they will succeed. Every single person I’ve ever trained in my gym has achieved their goals, provided they stuck with it. A few gave up, and didn’t give me a chance to teach them but all in all, it’s still a low number. I’m not going through all this trouble to convince you to buy anything, I do however want to sell you on the Idea of participating, learning, contributing and helping others do the same and in the process helping me change the world……so without further adieu, here are the participants for group 1.


Young C
Young C





Hello everyone, I am known as Young C and I am doing this to get back to my high school weight. I’ve tried many weight loss diets that haven’t worked or had minimum results but gained back the weight again after stopping each of the diets, such as nothing but water and 2 meals a day, cutting down my portion sizes or fasting. Being over weight has limited the amount of things I can do in each day, I want to be able to get my tasks done without 1-2 hour long breaks, I have knee issues and liver issues from being over weight and after this program I’m hoping it will be gone and done with so I don’t have to see so many specialist and constant X-rays and ct scans. At my biggest weight, I was 280lb and since then I’ve lost 30lbs on my own but my weight has been the same for 6-7 months, Ive been playing soccer and training but still I’m kind of stuck at a plateau. I’ve been teased about my weight by family and friends and it has bothered me a lot, that’s why I want to change my weight so bad.

I’ve chosen to do Chief’s program to make a difference in my life, and I have heard and seen of the results from his last few participants and one of them was a close friend that was turned from a skinny little guy to a bruce lee type figure, I’m very excited and feel lucky to be in this weight loss with Chief because he doesn’t just train anyone. I heard from a few friends that this program is very challenging but it has the best results out there right now, that I’ve seen. I am a soccer player and have been in soccer for 15 of my 25 year life span so far. I am also a jack of all trades and I’m not scared to take on new challenges. I’m a single dad so above all I’m doing this to set a good example and be there for my son for the long haul.

now if your reading this I hope to hear from you all. 🙂  Young C out.

Jake the Danger Noodle
Danger Noodle





Hi, I am jake the danger noodle, I’ve always been over weight and teased about my weight ever since I can remember,  as a kid, I was sick with asthma and was skinny but soon as I grew out of it I gained the weight and it has always been there no matter what I tried to lose it.

I am a volunteer fire fighter and I want to improve how I do my firefighting tasks by losing weight, and in losing weight it should also improve my soccer skills. I’m also a musician, I play the guitar and have written a few original danger noodle songs.

I started training with someone that was a previous student in Chief’s general weightlifting class, and I got some pointers on how to weight lift properly from this person, but I decided to go straight to the source and already in the first session I can see there was a lot of different techniques that were left out.

my main goal in all of this is that I want to look good naked! lol

meaning I’m hoping to actually see good muscle tone in my arms, abs and legs etc. We will soon see.

Thanks, yours truly,

Jake the Danger Noodle






Currently I weigh around 300 my goal weight is about 220. I gained a lot of my weight from drinking alcohol, I went from 220lb to 260lb within a month of when I first started drinking, since then it increased and stayed.  I quit drinking but I’ve struggled trying to lose the weight. I tried jogging for a while and I realized that jogging wasn’t giving me the best results I wanted. The 2 main things I’ve tried up until now for dieting is cutting off the junk food, the 2nd thing I tried is I substituted everything I drank that contained sugar for plain water and ya, I got nowhere.

There’s also a lot of heavy people in my family. As a estimate, I’d say around 75% of my family is over weight. I would like to be more active and this weight is holding me back from partaking in some activities. I didn’t realize after the first day working with chief that I’d be so sore, I couldn’t believe how out of shape I was. I totally though I was prepared for much more. This time I know it will work because I have my friends doing it too, giving more support behind me doing this program. Most of my life I’ve been heavy, my side goal is to beat my personal weight lifting goals from high school. I’m gonna seize the moment, an opportunity doesn’t come up like this very often. I knew Chief would help me achieve my goals and push me more then any other trainer has in the past, because I’ve seen previous gym participant results. I’m seeing what kind of trainer he is already after day 1. I had a lot of fun.

Bye for now JBJ



There ya have it folks, Let me know what you think, your friend, on a major life changing mission.



6 Responses to “New Mini-blog Feature”

  1. JohnnyG says:

    very cool

  2. JohnnyG says:

    i’ll be interested to see how young c’s soccer game is affected

    • CHIEF says:

      Me too, my predictions For Young C are as follows, His speed will increase, his stamina will increase, his balance and agility during footwork will improve,longer/harder overhead throws-ins, all these running related improvements will be achieved with very little relatively speaking in the way of running during the training period. I also expect subtle changes that are harder to measure such as an increase in concentration, less general laziness, reversing the liver issue and possibly sleep and recovery improvements.

    • Mike D says:

      Any updates on the boys? I’m curious what has happened in the past month.

  3. Mike D says:

    Awesome first step, guys!

    Young C: Out of all the guys, it sounds like you have the most going on with having a child and legit internal organ issues. The most awesome thing to me is that whatever it is you’ll learn from Chief about being in better health you’ll be able to pass on to your little one, and seriously change how their life will start in comparison to yours, and how they’ll be able to skip any lessons you had to learn. I hope your liver issues improve! That sounds not fun.

    Jake the Danger Noodle: Awesome being a volunteer firefighter! That’s pretty cool. Every firefighter I’ve met has a strong sense of community, so I imagine you are fairly involved with yours. Best of luck, bud!

    JBJ: Great job quitting drinking! Even though you’re sore, think of all the awesome shit you’re gonna learn about yourself 🙂 Go hard and you’ll learn so much about yourself in the process!

  4. Deb says:

    Chief!!!!! How are you?! Long time no post and I’m thinking about you. Hope this idea works well for you and the boys !
    Love deb

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