New Mini-blog Feature

August 6th, 2016

Hello friends,

There’s a lot of new features coming to the website in the very near future.

I think your gonna love em all but first off :

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July 18th, 2016


“The Good Things Come To Those Who Wait ”         Heinz Ketchup 

CHIEFROK IS BACK!!!!!!!!!           

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October 10th, 2013

smashed car

“My life a car crash on the side of the road, y’all slowin’ down to watch ”  Chino XL – 2001

I’m Feeling a little bit like Bruce Willis in unbreakable right about now.

I Didn’t figure it would take so long to do another post but Yea, I feel the need to express a few thoughts in regards to that and how it relates to the big picture and helping you all get some success and well, at the same time understand me a little better and why it goes slow at times lol.  I’ve got a crazy year going where you have just about everything but a martian invasion popping off. The day after I posted Hiatus Status part 1 I was talking to my Mama and found out her cancer is rearing it’s ugly head again after quite a nice long remission. These were the type of crazy things I thought were behind me when I wrote the Hiatus Status and it slowed me down in general. Then a week of intense Rez-olicious drama segued into an epic car crash!

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August 8th, 2013




I’ve tried to get back to the blog grind but I have had a lot on my plate and something just made me walk away from the computer before finishing every time. I had to root down and focus on essentials for a while but I’m ready to give it another focused go again. I’m really exited to see participation going on without me good job peoples!. Now let’s see how many post I can pop out before anything major prevents future work from getting done in a timely manner. Perhaps with your help I’ll get em’ all done and  together we can change the world! I’m sending this post out instead of one of the many 90% finished ones that some of you may be waiting. I’m doing this in order to ” burn my boats” and get started and hold myself to another go without editing getting in the way. I can drop a captain’s log and flush without feeling the need to get it perfect ya’ know what I mean.

Alot has transpired in the past few months, One of my brothers ended up in a coma ( he’s out ), another one mauled by a pack of rez dogs and had to get like 20 stitches in the face in order to keep from developing a serious penchant for menacingly saying ” Why Sooo.. Serious ??” If that wasn’t enough due to uncontrollable circumstances I almost lost my life’s work and myself in the process. A lot of stuff I cant even get into right now piled on top of  all that. I even had to cancel a few weeks of REZFIT. Whoa! It’s been a real rough road but what doesn’t kill ya only makes you stronger…right?

Don’t feel bad like I ditched ya, I didn’t even call my momma in months because I simply couldn’t. She was about to send  my brothers out looking for me in the bush again. lol sorry Ma! I answered like 4 emails in 4 months and for the most part I was only in front of a computer a handful of times. I’ll have to explain all that in a post on rooting down soon enough.

anyhoo I have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT that I’ll be droppin’ so stay tuned and just understand if I don’t have time to answer any emails or comments for a little while,I’m workin’ hard elsewhere. I’ll barely get to the posts keep with me it’ll go better the more you get involved. I’ll get to everything when I can and I always keep my word, it’s just late sometimes. Like my friends say, There’s being on indian time and then there’s chief time. I’ve been working on something really important for all of you out there on this planet, lets do it epic mode!

I’ll be updating the status of all of the ROKSOLID projects and upgrading the Ransom and maybe hitting the comments up a bit and maybe throw up a fat pic for all the naysayers.




December 31st, 2012


The last time I cried as a kid

It wasn’t when my dad beat my ass. I stopped doing that when I was little – but I do wonder whether he hit me harder because I stopped crying… I don’t know whether I was any more of a little badass than my brothers, but he must have thought so, because I was the one who got most – if not all – of his attention when it came to beat downs and I was always guilty until proven otherwise. Usually I was just proven beatdown. I was pretty headstrong and I think he saw a lot of himself in me, and so he pushed the limits of punishment out of self-hatred. When I’m talking about beatings I’m not talking about spankings I’m talking about the “can’t lift your legs to get up and move because you can’t even feel em” type of beatings. Bruised and aching, you just pass out on the floor from the exhaustion of the ordeal. Read the rest of this entry »


December 21st, 2012





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